Porsche Cayenne Turbo Detail

Today I am bringing you this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail. This is a rocket of a SUV that also has a factory GTS body package.

I showed up to do my car detailing, not knowing exactly what was in store for me. To my pleasant surprise was this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail awaiting me.

I am sure I speak for the masses when I say I have been fond of any of the Porsche's for as long as I can remember; but I must add that my personal opinion of the Cayenne has been less than enthusiastic. I felt like they looked like an egg on wheels and were rather lack luster. That has all changed with the Cayenne Turbo; and specifically the version I had the pleasure of doing today.

It is a Cayenne Turbo with the GTS body kit done by the factory. The dealership simply ordered the Turbo with the GTS body kit; I didn't know this was possible. Now this has become my newest favorite mid-sized SUV that I get to see in my auto detailing travels.

The rocket-Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Admittedly, the pictures doesn't do this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail justice. I hope that with the combination of shots I am going to show you, a true appreciation for this amazing piece of engineering wonder, will develop for yourself. I will highlight the GTS body modifications for you first, before I take you through the interior and engine.

A shot of the ominous front end that looks like it swallow anything in its path

How is this for a massive air induction system? Talk about a massive amount of air flow that is possible with this front intake that feeds an enormous amount of air right into the radiator. The front end looks almost threatening in the way of design of the massive intakes. If you take some time and really check out the many elements of design that the front end has been engineered with. Notice the full sized headlamp assembly at the top of the front nose, which is only the beginning of the many light elements at play here. As your eye follows down, you can see the horizontally placed white lights contain within the massive intakes at the sides. Then at the bottom are yet another set of fog/driving lights. Not officially fog lights as these are white, which I will add that I prefer the look of all white lights on this front end. You can also take note from this shot the different body modifications of the GTS package, from the lower side skirts along the rocker panels, to the lower chin spoiler at the front. Lets have a look close up of the wheels and front corner on this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail.

Enhanced photo of the Porsche wheel

I like the way this picture came out during this Porsche Cayenne Turbo car detail; yes, I did add some enhancement to this shot. All I really did is add a haze to the edges. I don't "photoshop" any of my pictures to remove blemishes, etc. These are huge 21 inch wheels front and back. If you look closely you will see that these wheels have been meticulously detailed deep within as I like to do. You can also get a small glimpse of the massive powder coated calipers, that squeeze massive cross drilled, and vented rotors when you need to stop on that "dime". The way this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail has been done in a monochromatic (one color) paint scheme, is reminiscent of the 80's when this became very popular. Back then we called it "blacked" or "Whited" out. This has become popular once again in the form of all black, or partially black wheels. In the case of this Cayenne, I think it plays out really nicely. As you look down the sides of this car, you can see the dimensions of the subtle side skirts, and the subtle fender lip add-ons. I want to show you the back end so you can see some other features that are hard to decipher when looking at these other shots. (the white spots on the rear window is reflections, not dirt of some unknown origin)

A shot of the back-end highlighting the GTS package

Here you can see the details of the lower rear valance of this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail. There is the single piece that encases the exhaust tips and the added piece that hang even further below. One of my favorite touches is the added "scoops" (for lack of a better description) that are positioned on the top of the rear deck lid/roof. You will have to look closely to see the full details of this body enhancement. This is a nice touch of sportiness to the overall look.

The next shots will take you within to the interior of this engineering wonder. Porsche has always been a leader in the use of high grade quality materials with excellent fit and finish. There are reasons that Porsche is among the leaders in such high resale value.

The drivers control area

Check out the materials and the fit in finish as we go inside. Porsche still remains a bit understated when compared to some of their competition. There are a few "unique" features that can be seen within this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail. In this particular case, you should take note of the "utility handles", or handicap bars as we joke about in the field. These are those handles that are located in the middle of the console on either side of the shifter. These are strictly for aesthetic purposes and serve no other purpose; at least no other purpose that involves driving.[sic]

>br/>The clean lines of the door panel

Once again, the interior is simple and efficient; sporty and straight forward. Nice use of materials without having the look of being overly busy and redundant.

The dash layout

Here is a shot of the center console so you can really see the layout of this Porsche Cayenne Turbo detail. Now you can see the "handles" from a different angle. One of my favorite elements of the dash is the instrument cluster. The designers at Porsche have added their unique touch to this area that makes it look artistic while maintaining functionality. It is no wonder that Porsche maintains one of the highest resale values to their cars. I will finish up with a look under the hood at one of the coolest stock engines out there.

The amazing power plant of the Porsche

Is this a cool looking engine or what? It looks tight, clean and perfect. And let me tell you, these cars get up and move. There are not too many other things on the road that can touch these Turbo editions. I love them and I nominate this Cayenne as my newest favorite.

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