RV Decal Removal
Orange County

RV Decal Removal Orange County

Removing the decals from your RV is a decision that must not be taken lightly as there are many variables to consider. Having been in the professional auto detailing business for over two decades, my experience covers not only every area of auto detailing, but working on boats, planes, and RV's. For many RV owners, the decals on their RV's present a love/hate relationship; after just a few years it ends up being mostly "hate"!

rv decal removal orange county

Many RV Owners love the visual enhancement these vinyl graphics offer, but frustration sets in quickly as the vinyl decals age and weather very quickly and create an adverse effect visually.
Unfortunately removing the vinyl graphics or decals from your RV years down the road after the decals have begun to fade and crack is entirely different than making the decision to remove the decals from the beginning, when your RV is first new. As a professional who has removed the decals from boats, cars, and RV's, there is much to consider when making this decision. Let me help you break down the process so you can make an informed decision.

RV Decal Removal Orange County

The most common reasons people decide to remove the decals from their RV's can be reduced to (3) basic reasons:

  1. People want the "unbusy" look of an RV with no vinyl decals.
  2. People have experienced the frustration of aging and fading decals and are looking to eliminate this frustration from the beginning.
  3. People have gone through the hassle of removing the RV decals and replacing them with factory issued decals as a factory warranty issue, only to find themselves in the same position a year down the road.

RV Decal Removal Orange County
The "Cleaner" Look

rv decal removal orange county

For the same reason people choose to have their cars debadged, many people prefer what is considered the uncluttered, or "cleaner" appearance their RV takes on with all decals and other factory labels removed as the picture above shows. In order for you to make an informed decision, we need to get you informed first!

First Things First

The best advice I can offer is to have the decals removed, whether this be all of them or some of them, from the beginning. The longer the decals remain prior to removal, the more "Issues" you will be dealing with. Let's break these down one at time and discuss them individually.

Decal Shadow Effect

The shadow effect can come in (2) forms:

  1. Fading or discoloration of the gel coat/fiberglass around the decal that will show up once the decal has been removed.
  2. Discoloration of the gel coat/fiberglass underneath the decal, from the decal itself.

Fading Around Your Decal

This is the most obvious problem when people think about the shadow effect with regards to the unforeseen consequences of removing the decals form your RV, boat, or car. As your RV is exposed to natural sunlight, the gel coat/fiberglass will begin to oxidize and discolor from the original bright white it began life with, to an off white, discoloration. This becomes painfully apparent once the decals have been removed. The longer you allow the decals to remain, the more of an issue this type of shadow effect will be. I will go into possible solutions to this later down this page.

Discoloration Under the Decals

This is a problem that is a case by case, or a situational issue as all decals are not created equal, and I do not know the exact reason this happens. Experience has shown that the darker the decal is, the more of a shadow is created, or actually, the more discoloration of the underlying gel coat/fiberglass is created by the decal. My thought is that due to darker colors absorbing more heat from the sun, this causes the gel coat/fiberglass underneath to heat up and therefore subject to discoloration that seems unique to only dark colored decals. Typically, decals will be multiple colors made up of stripes and designs in varying degrees. Once the decals have been removed, it is interesting to see that the exact shadow or discoloration has been created only underneath the dark colored decals; or the darker parts of a single decal itself. Unlike the shadow effect as described above, this discoloration shows up as a yellowish-tinge.

Removing Decal Adhesive from your RV

rv decal removal orange countyRemoving decals form your RV is a process made up of multiple steps. The first step is the removal of the top layer of decal itself, while the second step is the removal of residual adhesive underneath the decal.
The picture to the right shows the residual adhesive that must be removed after the top layer has been removed.
This is an area where professional decal removers and Do-it-yourselfers alike get sloppy and lazy. Once again, there are many variables when removing the decals from your RV or anything for that matter. Material, colors of decals, age of decals, sun exposure, etc., will all have an effect on the removal process as well as the end result. Regardless of any of those variables, there will always be residual adhesive to be removed once the top layer of the decal has been removed.

To Do, or Not To Do?

I realize for many I have probably complicated a decision that seemed rather straight forward at a casual observation. But there are things to consider before looking to have the decals removed from your RV. I will take you through a checklist that will hopefully help you in the decision making process:

How Old is Your RV

Anything older than a year, and you will definitely be dealing with permanent discoloration and shadowing.

What is Your Budget

I realize that not only do RV's come in many shapes and sizes, but that the decals themselves vary as widely as RV configurations themselves. And since there are so many variables in dealing with the decal removal process, I cannot quote exact prices over the phone, but simply charge an hourly rate of $75.00 to $100.00 an hour for decal removal. This includes removal of the top layer and complete removal of any residual adhesive. This does not include polishing or waxing of the RV itself. Any other services will be quoted separately, or you can refer to my detailed RV Detailing page for descriptions and prices of various RV washing and detailing.

Why such a spread in pricing?

The simple answer is due to the endless variables that I come up against when performing RV decal removal. It is very labor intensive and there is a "healthy" amount of product cost involved with the numerous ways and processes involved with removal. One must also consider the cost associated with hiring the wrong company who lacks experience and proper techniques that results in damage that either cannot be fixed, or is costly to fix. As the saying goes, "It is always cheaper to pay to have it done right the first time, then to pay twice."

RV Polishing and Waxing

Many people will naturally be asking as to whether the shadow or discoloration can be polished away once the decals have been removed. The answer is a big frustrating yes and no. This once again depends on numerous factors; the biggest one being how much money are you willing to spend, and how critical of an eye do you have. Most people are willing to live with a certain level of shadow effect or discoloration for the benefit of having the decals removed. Polishing will certainly improve the effect left behind, but sanding the gel coat/fiberglass to remove the discolored layer would be necessary for a more thorough removal of any discoloration and shadow effect. Once enough material has been sanded away, then polishing will be the next step to remove sanding marks and to restore complete shine of the areas. For most people, this becomes unrealistic due to cost, and most people live with a certain level of shadow or discoloration. The good news is that this shadow or discoloration can usually only be seen in certain lighting which is the exception rather than the rule, and most people would have to be looking for it to recognize it. Any white fiberglass RV is rather blinding to look at in the direct sunlight to begin with.

RV Decal Removal Orange County

Before and After

rv decal removal orange countyrv decal removal orange county

The above pictures highlight the before and after front section of this RV decal removal job. The front end required extensive polishing to restore the shine and to lose as much of the shadowing effect as possible. As you can see from the picture, the shadow left behind cannot even be seen in this exact lighting and is the case with most of the lighting that your RV will be looked at.

RV Decal Removal Done Right

A big part of any detail job including RV decal removal is patience. Many Do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike lack the patience to see a job through and to get the details right. Many times RV's are decaled-up before complete assembly of vents, windows, door frames, etc. This means that assembly adhesives and caulking will be used to seal these various areas after the decals are already in place. So caution, care, and lots of patience is necessary when dealing with these sensitive areas of the decal removal process,. The pictures below highlight one such case.

rv decal removal orange countyrv decal removal orange county

The caulking needs to be carefully cut away for complete removal of decal, while at the same time leaving enough caulking behind to keep area sealed for weather tightness.

RV Decal Removal Orange County Pricing

As I said prior, due to so many variables with regards to decals, I work on a hourly basis of $75.00 to $100.00 per hour. I will ask you the following questions over the phone in order to assess you and your particular situation to see if it is realistic and appropriate to consider. As a frame of reference, the above 5th wheel was a 7 hour job start to finish that included the following:

  • Removal of all decals and factory labels.
  • Removal of all underlying adhesive.
  • Polishing and waxing both front and back ends.
  • Washing sides down to remove adhesive remover.

In this case, due to the RV being relatively new, the process only took 7 hours and cost $525.00, and the roof had not been washed, or the sides had not been polished or waxed. But hey, the RV does look pretty amazing and the customer was very happy despite some residual shadowing left behind.

rv decal removal orange county

If you look close enough, you can see some of the shadow effect left behind down the sides where the darker decals had been. But overall, the finished result looks terrific and certainly "cleans-up" this once busy looking design of decals!

Darren's Note

I no longer perform any gelcoat reforestation on these RV's either before or after the decals have been removed. I can blend in the areas pretty well using special cleaners and scrub pads, but the chore of restoring the gelcoat through extensive polishing and/or sanding is something I have chosen to no longer take on. I still perform the RV decal removal, but you can source out the polishing to another service if you decide to go down that road. I do have a professional opinion that might surprise you if you decide you want to investigate the alternatives and a simple phone call to me will answer any of your questions.
Years of experience has brought me to conclusions that I think are the winning balance between what is possible, and what is appropriate for these various types of RV's.
My phone number is at the top of every page in located in the header.

”Serving Orange County, California for Over Twenty Years”

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