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Finding the best rated car wax seems to be an exercise in futility at times; so many voices, so many choices. As an auto detailing professional, I know that when it comes to finding the best auto wax, we don't get everything in one product. As a professional, I must keep multiple car wax types on hand in order to have the perfect car wax for the moment! Each moment requires me to make the best selection for the specific car I am working on, and this selection process can only be done with years of first hand experience! And it is my years of experience that you stand to benefit from, for it is an overwhelming proposition to know which product is going to represent the "winning combination" of benefits for you!

Finding the Winning Combination

The winning combination is only something you can decide when shopping for the best automotive wax. It will be the product that can deliver the most benefits as per you and your needs, not somebody else! Finding the best rated car wax will be the winning combination of the following:

best rated car wax
  • Durability
  • Visual Performance
  • Ease of Use
  • Price Point

Car Waxing Made Simple

what is the best rated car wax

I realize there are a certain number of people out there who enjoy being jerked around by fancy labeling and slick marketing; to all of you all I can say is good luck! You will quickly learn there are a limitless number of car waxes that will soon have you chasing your tail indefinitely. I also know that there are many more of you who would like to simplify your life and find products that work and do what they say. But finding a quality car wax is only half the battle as you will still be left deciding upon the most appropriate wax for the job; different wax types offer different benefits. Just to let you know as a professional and car enthusiast, I keep all (3) types of car waxes available in my arsenal of best rated car waxes. And for this reason I have split this page into specific categories to help you narrow down your choices. But with that said, I offer my simplified approach to finding the best rated car wax and to me, offers the winning combination.

Darren's Note: I cannot stress enough how critical it is to prepare the paint surface first, prior to any application of wax or sealant, with a quality choice in detailing clay/clay bar. Do not underestimate the necessity of this very important beginning step. Not only will the wax or sealant perform better, but your end result will be superior!

Stop Chasing Your Tail

If you enjoy endless car wax reviews then by all means continue the quest. But if you are looking to cut to the chase with products proven to perform without breaking the bank, then use my samples below that I personally use at a professional level.

Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax
  • Use this paste wax from Meguiar's as a durable foundation.
  • Excellent visual results including superior hiding capabilities on dark's and blacks.
  • Easy to apply, easy to remove.
  • Can be use in direct sunlight.
  • One of my top picks in car waxes and a product I use professionally.
  • Apply every 4-6 months as a foundational base coat of car wax.

Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax

Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax
  • Use as often as you like.
  • Extends the life of the base coat of wax.
  • Create that just waxed look in a fraction of the time.
  • Can be used on all exterior surfaces including black trim.
  • Can be used in direct sunlight.
  • As easy to use as any product you will ever find.
  • One of my personal and professional favorites.
  • Covering and hiding capabilities comparable to quality paste waxes.
  • I use weekly on my own personal black cars.

Darren's Professional Tips

If I had to live with only two car wax products from here on out, I would be more than happy with the (2) products above from Meguiar's. When you consider the winning combination of benefits that rival any of the more expensive alternatives, these two products certainly represent a winning combination as the best rated car wax.

Best Wax for Black Cars

If you are a "nothing but premium" kind of person then I will add my selection for those of you with a discriminating taste for the next level of performance.

best rated car wax

When it comes to black and other dark colored cars, I am constantly asked what is the best wax for black cars, and the simple answer is a quality paste wax. Nothing will create depth and shine quite like a premium grade paste wax like the one below from Pinnacle. The trade off with using a paste wax over traditional paste or liquid car wax products is time and effort. If you apply a base coat of paste wax, then use the spray waxes also shown here, you can maintain, rejuvenate, and add additional layers of wax in a fraction of the time as applying/removing a paste wax. Simply reapply the paste wax every 4-6 months while continue using the spray wax in between paste applications.

Anyone with an overly critical eye working on a black or dark colored car's will want to opt for a quality paste wax like the one from Meguiar's above, or the following Premium or enthusiasts grade from Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax

Pinnacle Souveran  Paste Wax

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray

  • For those looking for the next level of performance.
  • Enthusiast/Premium grade experience.
  • Easy on, easy off.
  • No white residue.
  • Use the paste as your base coat, and the spray as often as you are willing to extend the base coat and for that just waxed look.

Darren's Professional Tip: Premium grade products are not for everyone; some of us simply lack the budget for it! But for those with discerning tastes for what only premium grade products can deliver, nothing delivers the overall experience with this choice as the best rated car wax for black cars.
Make sure you also get the spray detailer/wax to add additional levels of protection after car washings and to create that just detailed look in fraction of time!

Best Car Paint Sealant

best rated car wax audi

There is much confusion when it comes to what people might call the best rated car wax and paint sealants. The difference between a car wax and sealant is strictly about ingredients; sealants are made using synthetic polymers. If you are looking to do the bare minimum with regards to proper car paint protection then a paint sealant is the way to go since they offer the best in durability and protection. You will compromise visual perfection as liquid polymers will not be able to match the visual perfection that can be obtained with a quality paste wax; or even the spray wax from the top of this list. If you are dealing with a dark colored car then this might be a problem for you. But if you have a light colored car or if your ultimate goal is protection and durability, then a sealant might be your best bet!

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant  <font color=red>3.0</font>

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant

  • The molecular bonds created by synthetics are stronger than the bonds created by natural carnauba car waxes.
  • For the car owner looking to wax less often, rather than more often!
  • Use liquid as your base coat and spray detailer as in-between enhancement.

Darren's Professional Tip: Both these products are excellent choices when it comes to the best rated car wax sealants. (Yes, that statement is a misnomer as sealants we have learned contain no natural wax ingredients) Use the liquid as your initial base coat after using a quality clay bar first, then use the spray detail sealant to add additional layers of protection and to create that just waxed look after regular car washings!

Best Rated Car Wax Summary

I hope I have helped you to not only become an informed consumer, but also helped you to decide on the appropriate product with laser like accuracy!

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You can shop for quality detail supplies that feature secure online ordering and great customer service! Use any of the image links below.