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Welcome to car wax reviews where you can read reviews based on the real world of professional auto detailing! Today is a world unlike ever before due to this thing called the internet.

it is what I call "information overload"!

Free opinions from so-called experts parading around on the Internet as people speaking from real world experience when in fact that are simply repeating bad information they got from another website or blog that is also repeating unverified and bad information!

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This is a viscous cycle that continues to grow making it hard of r a person like yourself to find real-world reviews in your quest for the best car wax for your ride.

Top Rated Automotive Wax Reviews

Owning and operating a successful auto detailing business in the infamous O.C. is no easy task! While we happen to be the car capital of the world, we also happen to be a group of people with an over developed sense of entitlement and high expectations and demands.

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This makes operating a business based on visual perfection a daunting task at best! But the good news for you is your ability to gain from my experience.

Within the pages of this website I bring you my personal experience based on the harsh and sometimes cruel world of professional auto detailing!

Performing to a level of performance and perfection that I have continued to develop over my 30+ year history as a professional detailer.

What works in the controlled environment of a manufacturers warehouse is very different than what car wax, car polish, or paint sealant does out in real-world environmental conditions.

Car Wax Reviews:
So many voices, so many choices...

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I have written many pages contained in this website bringing you the latest reviews of the most popular car wax products. I haven't stopped at just doing car wax reviews, but also provide many other product and tool reviews from the world of cosmetic car care and professional detailing, all so you can become a more informed car owner and consumer.

The good news is that there are more choices than ever!

But having so many choices also has a downside. Having so many choices renders many people into a state of inaction due to mental overload of so many choices and options.

Finding the best car wax or best car polish can becomes very daunting, very quickly for many car owners!  This expansive world of cosmetic car care and the endless car wax reviews is often filled with opinions that prove to be nothing more than regurgitated information by "non-professionals".

The unfortunate reality of the Internet. Now anyone with an opinion (I have yet to meet a person who doesn't have an opinion) has a platform in which to express their opinion regardless of their experience.

Car Wax Reviews:
More to your car than just a good wax

Chemical Guys clay bar before car waxing

Yes, believe it or not, there is more to life than just a great car wax! So often people race to find the best car wax without deeper understanding of the bigger picture.

Creating a show car shine is more than just shopping for the next shiny object in the form of the next car wax! Manufacturer's go to great lengths to separate you from your money with brightly colored packaging, highly scented car waxes, and rich colored formulations all with a goal of getting their latest wax, into your hands.

But the last thing you need is another car wax product collecting dust on the shelf of your garage! And one of the key reasons I decided to develop this topic and provide my car wax reviews.

Now I can go through the aggravation of disappointment, so you don't have to. What many people often neglect or simply don't understand is that life is more than just a great car wax.

Sure, a good car wax will provide some protection and visual enhancement, but there are additional steps and requirements needed that will not only make your car look better, but deliver better results regardless of the car wax of your choice.

Auto Surface Preparation Bar
Looking to create silky smooth paint? Applying the best car wax in the world is not enough if your paint is covered n bonded contaminants. Take a deep dive into why it is so important to decontaminate your car paint using detailing clay prior to using a car wax or car polish.

Turtle Wax scratch Repair Kit
Life is a jungle out there, so you better act accordingly. Take a deep dive into car paint scratches and why the Turtle Wax repair kit is so effective and why every car owner needs this kit. When you realize that the best wax in the world is not going to cover up those unwanted scratches on your car and you decide it is time to do something about them.

Car Wax Reviews

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The Best Rated Wax
Looking to simplify your world and see what Darren recommends as the best rated car wax. Make the right selection based on you and your situation, not the self-interest of some big car wax company.

The Best RV Wax
Does the best RV wax really exist; and is it really a wax at all? read what the expert has to say.

Teflon Car Wax
read first hand regarding this controversial topic of the car care world and see what the Expert has to say regarding the science behind Teflon and synthetic polymers.

Ice Wax
One of the most recognizable names in the car care world, but does this newest member in the Turtle Wax line up stack up to the competition?

NuFinish Car Polish
See what the Expert has to say about the car polish that isn't!

Meguiars Polymer Sealant
The Meguair's polymer sealant is a very good product, but see what Darren recommends as better alternatives to the durability provided by synthetic polymers.

Meguiars Quik Detail
Find out how to go from really good, to really great with the same amount of effort.

Zaino Car Wax Review
Zaino car wax is a popular wax product. Darren offers up alternatives to this popular car wax that he thinks represents the better "winning balance" of features and benefits.

Mr Clean Car Wash System
Read Darren's review on a unique and versatile tool to help take the drudgery out of the car wash experience.

Car Wax Reviews Summary

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This page has many links that will take you to pages on very specific topics when it comes to all things car wax related. If you are willing to spend the time educating and becoming an informed car owner on my site, you have the ability to walk away being more of an expert than most professional detailers I come across in my travels.

I hope the information on this site will help you get professional level results in your world and do so in a more easier and simpler way!


Darren Priest

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