Winter Car Care
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Your paint can survive Winter with a few Winter Car Care tips from the auto detailing "Expert". Regardless of where you live; winter happens! And with winter, comes the following:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sleet

and more rain! Things are not exactly friendly for your paint. Here in California we have it pretty easy. Our weather consists of 3 months of sporadic rain and we live in chronic drought mode as a rule.

It's a Jungle Out There

But even in Southern California with relatively mild winters, nobody likes to live with a dirty car. There are a few main problems to worry about when it comes to car detailing and your winter car care:

  • Acid rain- Just a glorified way of saying that all that pollution in the air, mixes with the rain water to create damaging effects.
  • Dirt, salt, road grime- This is the most damaging to your cars finish as anything that lays, falls, or is on the ground, will now mix with water and/or snow, and be kicked up onto your cars paint.

  • Winter Car Care Tips

    When it comes to winter car care tips, it is pretty simple:


    You still need to apply the same strategies of paint care during the winter; you just need to do it more often.

    My Two (2) Secret Tips for Paint Care:

    1.) The Clay Bar- This is officially know as a surface prep bar. It is like a chunk of "Playdoh" that you rub your cleaned paint with to remove surface contaminates, that become permanent over time, that normal washing and waxing are unable to remove. Your paint will take on a texture to it that can be felt with your hand after it has been washed; this grit, or texture, is the tiny specs of pollution attached to your paint. (Insider clay bar tips can be read here)

    2.) Spray Wax- Waxes are not created equal. Because of modern chemical engineering, waxes of today are far superior to waxes of yesterday. Application is far easier and quicker than ever before. It is now possible to use a spray wax that has superior protective ingredients, won't leave white residue powder, and won't stain black trim; not only do you use the wax for your paint, but you can use it directly on all exterior materials. (follow this best rated car wax link to see what this Expert uses personally)

    Some Additional Winter Car Care Tips

    The main point I am trying to make is two things:

    • Consistency
    • Frequency

    The dirtier your car gets, the more harmful this dirt is to your paint, so the more often you will have to apply these techniques. And remember, consistency is king when it comes to most strategies.

    Let me summarize a few additional points for you:

    porsche winter car care
    • Regular washing- I wash ever week during summer months. During winter, I wash after every storm to remove all the harmful effects. I will wash immediately after any storm of any kind. In climates of extended periods of snow, wash as often as permitted.
    • Clay bar the paint- Smooth is good, texture is bad. Use the clay bar to remove harmful paint contaminates that do not come off with regular washing and waxing.
    • Wax is for both protection and appearance- Due to advances in chemical engineering, we now have wax products that make the chore of waxing much less painless than ever. It is completely realistic to wax your car every month with these easy to use waxes; like the Meguiars spray wax to the right. During winter, waxing is necessary more for the protection aspect, while during the summer months, I find waxing necessary more for the appearance factor.
    • There is no "wonder product"- No wax or sealer product will last forever. Yes, there may be some products advertised as such, but they all lose effectiveness over time and conditions. Without having to research every product out there, you can simplify the moment by knowing this: Synthetic products made with polymers will outlast any of the natural products made with carnauba waxes. It doesn't matter which form you choose: paste, liquid, or spray. If protection and durability is your first priority, always shop for a 100% synthetic polymer product. The two polymer products in the right hand column are a perfect place to start and the actual products I use in my professional business.
    • Do not hose off car- Do not think you will be doing yourself or your car a favor by hosing your car off with city water from the garden hose, and letting drip dry. I know you will get frustrated by a dirty car as weather system after weather system rolls in and out of the area. Your car will get worse and worse and you will want to do something about it in the moment. But this is not the answer as you will create hard water spots that can become permanent and be more problematic than the dirt itself.
    • Winter windshield Tips-Looking for some winter car care windshield tips? The experts at Glass Logic provide some specific tips for winter care of windshields.

    I hope you are able to defend you and your car better with these winter car care tips. I have made is as simple and straightforward as possible in hopes that you will not be overwhelmed by the idea of proper winter car care.

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