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Welcome to my auto detailing tips with something for everyone! Anyone looking to maintain the value of their car, enhance its beauty, or looking to add additional curb appeal to their car for resale will benefit from the many pages within this site.

I have taken 30+ years of car detailing experience, and consolidated them into specific pages that take a deep dive into the many areas of cosmetic car care.

auto detailing tips for beginners

Follow any of the links below to educate yourself in any of the areas you are seeking greater understanding and knowledge. Unlike many of the other car detailing sites, the tips within the pages of this site come straight from the real world experience of professional auto detailing.

Basic Auto Detailing Tips

DIY auto detailing tips

Free Detailing Tips
A great place to start for anyone looking to find the straight forward necessary steps of proper car paint care, including the actual products I use and recommend professionally.

How to detail a car engine
Learn just how simple cleaning and detailing a car engine can be despite all the bad press this area of auto detailing receives.

Car Detailing Instructions
Simplify your world with the bare minimum of proper car paint care, as well as learning what the Expert recommends and uses professional by reading his auto detailing tips.

Super Clean Degreaser
See how you can replace the many dedicated detail cleaning products with an all-purpose cleaner

Professional Car Care Products
Darren teaches you the difference and when you can buy retail and when you should buy professional.

Essential Car Care Tips
Darren teaches you how basic car care tips can keep your car looking brand new for decades.

Micro Fiber Detail Cloths
Want to know what the best cloth for detailing really us? Are you still stuck using outdated types of cloths for your detailing tasks. Still think baby diapers are the best detailing cloth? Time to read up on what I call the 9th wonder of the world!

Exterior Auto Detailing Tips

auto detailing tips for exterior

Buff A Car Like A Rock Star
Darren shows you how a complete beginner can choose the best buffer to safely and effectively buff a car for the very fist time.

Mr Clean Auto Dry car wash kit
Let me show you the way to spot-free washing along with my added tools for success.

Mothers Paint Chip Repair
Darren reviews a paint scratch repair kit that is a better alternative to the outdated repair kit by Mothers.

No 7 Rubbing Compound
See how this popular product can help restore the love affair with your car in dealing with life's bumps and grinds.

Best Car Wax
See what Darren recommends as his choice in the best car wax

Additional Auto Detailing Tips

Cosmetic Winter Car Care
Unique cosmetic car care tips designed around winter months.

Classic Car Care
Tips designed for all you hot rod and classic fans.

Auto Detailing Tips Summary

expert mobile car detailing BMW m4

I hope the links on this page offer you not only better advice, but do so without the hype that seems to be such a big part of this "Digital Age" that we now live it!

The unfortunate thing with the Internet is that now, anyone with an opinion (which means everyone) has a free platform in which to broadcast their reviews regardless of experience or real-world credibility.

I speak from experience and hope that my painful learning curves can be avoided by you.

Thanks for tuning in and I wish you much success in your auto detailing efforts!


Darren Priest

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