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Detailing boats is a specialized area of auto detailing. Boat Detailing Orange County is your choice in experience! Just because a guy in the car detailing business can do a car detail, doesn't mean he is qualified to work on boats.

boat detailing orange countyBoats, RV's, or watercraft are unique and come with different needs than do cars. Traditional auto detailing products and techniques will not always do the trick.You have paid a small fortune for your toys of various sorts...I suggest you act accordingly and find someone qualified to deal with the many specialized needs of boats.

Boats are not Cars!

This is what I call the elusive obvious. Clearly, boats are not cars, and yet time and time again, many people make the assumption that since a guy can detail a car, he is automatically qualified to be detail boats.

boat detailing orange county

Boats don't come cheap and trying to save a buck with your choice in detailing services is probably not going to be very prudent in the moment. Think about all the many materials and variables that make up your boat:

  • Gelcoat
  • Decals in the many forms
  • Carpeting
  • Textured vinyl interiors
  • Ski towers/booms
  • Paint/powder coated surfaces
  • Etc., etc.

Boats are made up of so many different types of materials; all of which require specific products and techniques for optimum results. For truly professional boat detailing results, years of experience is a requirement. Auto Fetish Detail brings twenty-plus years of boat detailing in Orange County to the table!

Boat Detailing Orange County

Getting the Details Right!

Just like boats, boat owners come with many variations. Each person is going to have different needs and wants from the next person; for this reason communication is king! In order for me to deliver professional results to you, I must assess your particular situation with regards to what you value most with boat detailing Orange County.

boat detailing orange county

If you are looking for a "one size fits all" type of boat detailing quote, then perhaps I am not the mobile detailing service for you. I cater to people looking to get maximum value for their money when it comes to having their boats detailed.

Hiring Boat Detailing Orange County

boat detailing orange countyThere is very little that is basic when it comes to having your boat detailed. Because of this I will have to ask numerous questions when you call for some mobile boat detailing Orange County service.

boat detailing orange countyAs a standard rule, when we are performing our detail service to your boat, we will be removing all removable interior pieces and cleaning very thoroughly underneath and all around.

boat detailing orange countyDetailing is just that; detailing. From the cup holders to the storage compartments, we have the patience developed from years of boat detailing experience to see the job through to completion!

Gel Coat is not Car Paint

Once again, while this may seem obvious to many, the differences can be dramatic depending on the detail services we are providing.boat detailing orange county Boat washing and waxing can be pretty straight forward, but boat polishing and gel coat restoration is dramatically different than working on car paint. We will use 10 times as much product and effort when trying to remove oxidation from your boats gel coat. And for truly professional gel coat oxidation removal, experience is required. It is one thing to take a car buffer to the gel coat and make it shine in the moment, but an entirely different matter to be able to remove the oxidation 100% and have a polish job that lasts indefinitely!

Boat Detailing Orange County- Experience is the Difference!

boat detailing orange countyWe have done hundreds of boats throughout the years. From ski boats sitting on trailers, to motor yachts sitting in the harbors. I have done work from San Diego Harbor, to Dana Point Harbor, to Newport Harbor.

I have developed processes to get the kinds of results that are uncommon in the world of boats, motorhomes, and personal water craft. If you are frustrated by the current results you have been getting, then give me a call and I can show you a difference first hand.

Boat Detailing Orange County Pricing

General Boat Detailing
$10.00 - $15.00 per foot

Once again, boats represent many variables with regards to condition and construction configurations. For example, a closed bow versus an open bow boat is one of many variables, just as a deep-V hull versus a low hull ski-boat.

  • Washing of boat and trailer.
  • Clay bar gel coat.
  • Application of marine grade sealant to boat, trailer, out-drive.
  • Complete shampooing of interior seating, underneath seating, carpeting, vacuuming including all storage bins.
  • Detailing dash components including gauges and surrounding gel coat.
  • Cleaning of wheels.
  • Dressing trailer tires.

Fiberglass Boat Scratch and Rub-Mark Removal

Most boats have their share of miscellaneous scratches and transfer marks from docks, fender/bumper guards, other boats, etc. We can do much to remove these various forms of scratches and transfer marks during the boat detailing process. This is where experience really helps in determining the best solution based on the specifics of the moment. Many inexperienced car detailers will simply take an aggressive compound to your boat, along with a high-speed buffer as a fix-all solution. Many times more mild forms of treatment can be a better alternative. Experience will dictate the best solution based on both effective and efficient techniques and product choice. This can be added to your boat detailing requests and will be priced fairly based on specifics of you and your boat.

Fiberglass/Gel Coat Polishing Restoration

This is an area that can complicate things quickly when trying to price. You can figure an additional charge of $85.00 per hour if oxidation removal is necessary. Usually we price separately as many customers request limited areas of oxidation removal in conjunction with normal detailing of boat. An additional $150-$350.00 is normal for many boat owners looking to rejuvenate the top surfaces of their boat through polishing. Of course boats come in so many lengths and configurations so these are merely examples based on many years of experience.

Misc. Boat Detail Pricing

The following are additional charges to be added to basic boat detail pricing:

  • Engine detailing/degreasing.
  • Decal removal
  • Painted lettering removal.
  • Out drive detailing/polishing.
  • Water-scum/water spot removal.
  • Prop polishing and/or water deposit removal.
  • Excessive dirt within interior.
  • Excessive dirt removal from vinyl seating.

Boat Detailing of Orange County

boat detailing service of orange county

I realize this may get overwhelming when trying to figure out pricing; but no need to stress! Simply call us directly and we promise to be both knowledgeable and candid in helping you come to a conclusion that works for you and your world; whether you choose us for your boat detailing needs or not!

If you are interested in Gel Coat/fiberglass Boat Restoration, then visit by using that link for more information and pricing.

Things to Consider When Pricing Boat Detailing Services

  • Do you want everything detailed: outside, inside and trailer?
  • Does the gel coat need polishing or just waxing?
  • Is the boat coming straight back from two weeks of "the River", or has it been sitting in-doors collecting dust?
  • Perhaps the boat only needs waxing, but the ski tower needs polishing and waxing?
  • Do you want each and every storage bin emptied and vacuumed, or are you looking for less comprehensive detailing?

boat detailing orange county

See how quickly I can complicate things for you? Don't get too stressed out just yet, simply give me a call and together we can assess your particular situation, budget, and needs. I promise I am both friendly and knowledgeable, and conduct business in a straightforward and honest manner.

”Serving Orange County, California for Over Twenty Years”

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What People are Saying

You did an amazing job with our RV. I honestly cannot believe how great it looks. Seriously; it just looks so good!
Thank you!

Eddie L.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Darren took my 9 year old Acura MDX and made it spectacular! I believe his knowledge and attention to "detail" goes above and beyond!
Thank you!

Craig Leitch
Foothill Ranch, CA

I'm somewhat of a car nut. Always have been and I don't mind it a bit. I also thought I had the very best detailer out there but boy did I blow that one. My son insisted I try Darren at Auto Fetish and I succumbed to the pressure and did. I did not realize what perfection looked like until Darren announced my car was completed. The depth of the shine, the attention to detail and the thoroughness of the work were well beyond any past experience. No question Darren really takes his work seriously and the customer reaps an enormous benefit. If you take pride in your wheels, Darren's the man!!
Larry T.
Huntington Beach, CA

Darren - Thank you for an honest quote over the phone, early arrival, and most importantly an outstanding detail job which restored my car back to excellent condition. The paint touch up looks great and my leather seats are super clean and sport a "new" conditioned look. Keep up the good work!
Bill C.
Fullerton, CA

Darren - I just got a call from my mom and she is really, really happy with her car! This is the reason I referred you as you are professional in all you do, so thank you. That car means more to her than her children; you have a customer for life!
Thank you again!

Placentia, CA

Darren - the scratch you fixed on my Mustang Cobra looks really, really good! Unless you are a professional car buyer you would not even notice it. It looks so much better than before; thank you!
Dennis A.
Anaheim Hills, CA

I spent considerable time looking for the right person to detail my 2007 Porsche Cayman-S (Black). I was impressed with the recommendations and accolades Darren received on his website including the samples of cars he had detailed. I was even more delighted after he finished detailing my car. It looked amazing; inside, outside, the wheels, everything. I will be using Darren for my detailing needs and will recommend him to the folks in my Porsche club.
J. Adorante
Irvine, CA

I have been using Darren’s professional detail services, Auto Fetish Detail, for close to 15 years now and continue to do so. Darren has taught me and my staff just what real detailing is. Darren is incredibly meticulous and attentive to details. Whenever I have a customer who demands the best, I tell them to call Darren at Auto Fetish. I can always tell when Darren has detailed a car because the level of quality is like no other! He is not the cheapest guy in town, but you can’t beat the quality!
Ron Erickson
President, Exclusive Motors
Placentia, CA

I have known and used Darren's services for 20+ years. I own Xlnt Tint of Anaheim inc. and see many cars every day. When we have a particular customer that needs top notch service, there is nobody else I would trust but Darren! He is very meticulous, and knowledgeable. If you are in need of someone who will take their time but most importantly bring over 20 years of hands on knowledge, this is the company for you.
Mike Schuch
President, Xlnt Tint
Anaheim, CA

"Wow! Now that is what my car paint is supposed to look like; I can't believe what a difference you made! This is exactly what needed to be done, thank you!"
Mike N.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"I took a leap of faith by picking someone on the Internet to detail my bosses boat! I wasn't disappointed! Darren was professional, punctual, and very easy to deal with, and best of all, he did a FANTASTIC JOB! I couldn't have been happier. We will definitely be a repeat customer!!"
Maxim Security Systems
Corona, CA

"We have seen the work of other detailers in removing various forms of vinyl car decals and vehicle wraps. Often we have to spend additional hours due to the incomplete removal of old graphics, before we can apply new graphics. Save yourself time and aggravation by calling Darren first and have it done right the first time around; this is the way it should be done!"
Tim Cecil
President, Sign Pros
Brea, CA

"Good job, good service, good follow-up!"
H. Barstow
Anaheim Hills, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. You are a true professional and I find it very comforting to know that there are still people out there that take pride in what they do. "
M. Poris
Playa Del Rey, CA

My initial conversation with Darren at Auto Fetish Detail consisted of what his services would provide. Darren did exactly what he described to me and more. Darren detailed parts of the car that never crossed my mind to clean. Darren was promptly at the time, place and date we had agreed upon. Darren’s professional service and meticulous efforts made my car look better than the day I took delivery from the dealer. It was a great experience to deal with Darren and his professional service and work ethics.
Ron Marquez
President, Aquarian Drumheads
Anaheim Hills, CA

"Darren-you have and do continue to produce AMAZING results time and time again, over the last 17 years or so that you have been doing our cars we have never once been disappointed in the least bit. Thank you for always being consistent and reliable!"
Chandler E.
Yorba Linda, CA

"Darren- just wanted to let you know how great my Escalade looks each time you service it. Of course I love the convenience of your services, but what I really love is the quality of work! My husband and I have used other detail services in the past, but none of them spent the time you do on our cars. My husband has a critical eye and has remarked on numerous occasions regarding the quality of your work. With two teenagers and a regular carpool schedule, it is amazing how great the Escalade keeps on looking thanks to you!"
M. Goerlitz
Laguna Beach, CA

"Darren-you treat my cars as though they were yours; thank you!"
Tanya B.
Yorba Linda, CA

"Detail day is my favorite day of the month-I just love the way you make my cars look Darren!"
Theresa D.
Newport Coast, CA

I have generally used other mobile detail services in the past and continue to do so for what I call a normal detail job. But I met Darren through Exclusive Motors as we share the same building. My wife uses the Suburban to run our 3 kids around and it gets very dirty in the process. The carpeting and seating was extremely bad and I thought I was going to have to replace both the carpeting and seating. I told Darren the other detailers in the past were not able to get the carpet and leather very clean. I was floored when I saw the results Darren was able to get! I tell people all the time that I have never paid so much for a detail, but that I have never had such an amazing job either! I send Darren to all my customers who simply demand the best, as Darren is the best!
Craig Haller
President, Exclusive SUV
Placentia, CA

"Darren-your service makes this one area of my life stress free; you do what you say and do so consistently!"
Mike B.
Anaheim Hills, CA

"Darren- whether I send you to my
house or business, I know I can trust
you to take care of business-
thank you!"

David K.
San Clemente, CA

"I swear my Ferrari has never look better; you do amazing work!"
Brian S.
Corona Del Mar, CA

"I wish I could afford you
every week; the cars look so good
when you have done them!"

Griffin W.
Placentia, CA

"My house cleaners don't do
as good a job as you Darren-
will you teach them what clean really is."

Maurice O.
Anaheim Hills, CA

My Mustang has never looked better; you did a fabulous job!
My daughter noticed how much time you spent detailing the Mustang today (something she normally would never be aware of) and asked how much it costs, I told her it is expensive and said I use Darren because he is the best detailer I have ever used.
Darren you do exactly what you say you are going to do, and do so every time!
I use you Darren because you conduct business exactly as I do!
Thanks again! "

D. Reilly
President - CSBA
Orange, CA

"Thank you Darren....
you saved me a "bucket" of money by removing and not replacing
those deteriorated side moldings on my 2005 Chevy truck
and my truck looks new again!"

Steve G.
Anaheim, CA

Darren- I just wanted to call and let you know what a terrific job you did on my motorhome. I really appreciate the effort you put into all the many details of the job! It looks better than the day I picked it up brand new!
J.R. Maurer
Vice Chairman, Thompson National Properties, LLC
Irvine, CA

"I asked Darren to detail my boat like it was his own, and he definitely did! Fantastic job Darren, the boat looks great! I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks for the fast and great service."
Yale Smith
President-Maxim Security Systems
Corona, CA

"The Teton looks fabulous. Thanks for being so responsive and for the great job! Looking forward to seeing you when it's detail time on the cars."
D. Dukes
CEO-Simon Foundation for Education and Housing
Newport Beach, CA

Darren - Thanks again for the beautiful detailing... we appreciate your service
V. Minamyer
Irvine, CA

I used Darren to take off a vehicle wrap on a Ford Econoline van of ours. Darren showed up on time and did a great job removing not only the decals but all the residue that was left from the glue. If you need a vehicle wrap taken off, give Darren a call.
Jake Duehring
Marketing/Product Development
Felt Bicycles
Irvine, CA