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Welcome to starting a auto detailing business where this expert is going to lead you towards your own career in the exciting world of car detailing! Having been in the business now for over twenty years, things are vastly different today than when I first started out. Back then I didn't have the luxury of online training courses, or forums where people share ideas and information; most of my training was simply a matter of trial and error. Of course that option still exists, but is certainly an option I don't recommend. But those days are gone and now anyone looking to start a auto detailing business has many options. The biggest problem today is not having a place to go, or information to buy, it is more about singling out a reliable and trusted source for direction. Just because I had to learn things the hard way doesn't mean you have to go about this alone.

Information Overload!

Today you will be faced with almost the exact opposite problem that I faced when trying to build my own auto detailing business. I was faced with a shortage of resources and information, while you on the other hand are faced with too many choices! If you have spent any amount of time searching on the Internet for "starting a auto detailing business", you will have come to a conclusion that there are many directions you can go, ranging from free information, to very expensive training courses. I will be the first one to tell you that only you can decide which route makes sense in your world. What I offer may very well be the missing ingredient you have been looking for; that perfect combination of benefits that fits into your world, at a price that also fits into your world.

You Don't Even Know Enough to Ask the Right Questions

starting a auto detailing businessWeekly I receive many e-mails and phone calls from guys (and the occasional girl) from all over the world inquiring about training to start their own auto detailing business. (yes, world! Yesterday I just got a call from a guy in Kenya Africa wanting to start a car detailing business; there of all places!) Experience has shown me that most guys looking to start their own car detailing business don't even have enough information to ask the right questions! Having been there myself over twenty years ago, I can empathize with this discouraging position. Most guys oversimplify it and think that because they like working on cars and have been doing it for awhile on their own or even their neighbors cars, that simply printing up some business cards and getting the correct license will be all that is needed.

You Will Fail!

I hate to sound harsh, but most guys will fail!

They will fail because they will be unwilling to make a minimal investment in themselves to gain the necessary information that will prove the difference between failure and success. The minimal $40.00 I charge for this course to "Starting a auto detailing business" is so minimal, that when I guy tells me he is unwilling to even invest this amount, I am actually insulted!

Let me tell you why...

You see, I was starting out at ground zero and found myself chasing my tail just trying to figure out which products to use and how to use them; I literally spent hundreds of dollars on products alone the very first month out! Everyone was telling me to try this product or that product, as it is the best product to use for this or that. At the end of the month I had a shelf full of products that had cost a small fortune!

And I still didn't know what I was doing!

Of course I knew the basic steps to detailing a car; or so I thought. I realized my biggest problem was I lacked specific steps and critical information. Information that would have gotten me through the learning curve in weeks, instead of years!

I literally had to learn everything on my own!

  • Do I need a license?
  • What kind of license do I even need?
  • Is it realistic to think I can start out part time and work up from there?
  • How much can I expect to make?
  • How much should I even be charging?
  • How the heck am I even going to get customers?

Sooooo Many Questions!!!

The good news is that you don't have to go about starting a auto detailing business on your own. And of course there are numerous detailing courses you can attend in person if you are willing to invest thousands of dollars and have the ability to attend. That might even be the best option for you if you have that kind of time and money. My experience has shown that most guys don't. My experience has shown that for most guys, that course of action isn't actually necessary.

Sure, we would all love someone to step in and hold our hand, and do it for us. But for most of us, this is not realistic based on the time and money required for that route. After all, if you had that kind of money you wouldn't be reading this, you would be looking for an auto detailing business to buy, not start!

So once again I repeat myself: if a guy is unwilling to even invest $40.00 (actually $39.00) in themselves and their future with this course to "Starting a auto detailing business", then I am of the opinion that they might as well accept defeat now, and save themselves the $40.00!

My Actual Mobile Car Detailing Business

starting a auto detailing businessYes, this an actual picture of my rolling mobile car detailing operation. An operation I have been doing successfully for over twenty years and continue doing it today. One of the coolest things about starting your own car detailing business, is the ability to build it to fit your exact needs and wants.

Go Big; Go Small

I actually started doing my very first detailing jobs working out of the back end of my 1972 Datsun 280Z. Most of you reading this not only don't know what kind of car that is, but don't even recognize what a Datsun is! (now it is called Nissan...see how old I am!)

I realize this is kind of funny, but it represents the point I am trying to make; that you can start out big or small. It all depends on what you want and the factors of your world. Some of you are working on a shoe-string budget, and some of you have a little money saved up; either way, you have options. As time went on, I grew to having a fixed location detailing shop in which we did retail and wholesale detailing out of. I also had 4 mobile crews going out all over Orange County doing details on location, with 2 full time detailers simply trying to keep up with the work load at the shop.

The Many Specialties of a Auto Detailing Business

starting a auto detailing businessStarting a auto detailing business is appealing to many guys for many reasons. For me, it was things like this:

  • Working on cool cars!
  • Becoming your own boss!
  • Firing your current boss!
  • Every day is a different experience!

I think most of us can fantasize about becoming our own boss and calling the shots. I remember driving around town seeing all the other mobile car detailers working outdoors on all these really nice cars; I wanted desperately to be one of them some day! While the obvious reasons exist as to why we would want to go into the car detailing business, most guys don't realize just how many areas of specialties you can specialize in based on your interest and needs, when it comes to a detailing business:

  • New car maintenance programs
  • Paint correction expert
  • Over-spray removal specialist
  • Motorhome/RV cleaning and detailing
  • Motorcycle detailing
  • Boat cleaning and detailing
  • Car paint touch-up
  • Retail or wholesale; or both!

Starting a Auto Detailing Business

So quit sitting on the fence and pull the trigger! See how this "Starting a auto detailing business" course can short cut you from where you currently are, to where you so desperately want to be! You won't be sorry!

”Serving Orange County, California for Over Twenty Years”

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