Armor All Multi Purpose Cleaner
What does the Expert use instead

Armor All multi purpose cleaner is a good product. When it comes to all-purpose cleaners most people don't have high expectations or standards when it comes down to it.

Perhaps the real question is more about choosing a multi purpose cleaner that is dedicated to cleaning your car as opposed to a more "generic" type of all-purpose cleaner.

As people, we have endless choices when it comes to a basic all-purpose cleaner. But once a company comes out with a product that is labeled and packaged specifically for an area of life, then suddenly we find ourselves tempted to go the safe route.

Armor All Multi Purpose Cleaner
The safe route

Surely a multi-purpose cleaner that is available from a company that specializes in car care products would be a better choice than a cleaner from a company that does not specialize in cars!

Armor All Car Cleaner Spray Bottle, Cleaner for Cars, Truck, Motorcycle, Multi-Purpose, 16 Oz, 14881B

  • Your basic multi-surface, multi-purpose, or all-purpose cleaner
  • From a company best known for their original protectant

Darren's Tips: Searching for a multi-purpose cleaner will deliver up a brain melting amount of choices. Which then leads many people to go in search of a multi-purpose cleaner developed specifically for cars.

I get this logic. But just because it is sound logic does not necessarily make t the better choice.

Is Armor All Multi Purpose Cleaner Good

Yes. It is good enough for most people with little expectations and little experience.

If you tend to be one of those people that believe labeling and marketing, and play by the rules in every area of life, then this Armor All product is the safe choice for you.

How Do You Use Armor All Multi Purpose Cleaner

Since this is what is called a ready to use (RTU) product, you don't have to overthink much. It comes in a dedicated sprayer and you are ready to start cleaning all the materials in your car right out of the gate.

No mixing, no diluting. As simple as simple can get.

What is the Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This depends on who you ask. You will get a different answer delivered to you every time you are willing to ask.

If you want to know what I consider a better alternative and what I use professionally then you have come to the right place.

The "Better" Multi Purpose Cleaner

The car industry (like every other industry) wants you to buy stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Like every other industry, the car industry (more specifically, the detail industry) has a dedicated product fr every part of your, for every surface of your car, for every color of your car.

armor all multi purpose cleaner vs Simple Green

They have a product dedicated to every nuance of your car so they can sell you more stuff, not less stuff.

And this strategy works on many people just like yourself. But I am here to expand your mind a bit and suggest a better alternative to Armor All multi purpose cleaner that I consider an even more "safer" way to clean.

  • My "go-to" all purpose cleaner
  • As safe as safe can get
  • Environmentally safe
  • Concentrate makes this incredibly economical
  • Custom blend based on cleaning duties

Darren's Tips: I discovered Simple Green decades ago. I had literally grown up in the same area this company was founded and headquartered. (Orange County, CA)

Except I grew up using it around the house, not in my car. Once I learned how the car care industry wants to sell you specialized products that are often glorified samples that can be found within other industries, I began to experiment.

I not only fond this product to very effective, but due to its "green" formulation, no more inhaling bad chemical fumes that make my lungs burn and my nose hairs fall out!

And these uses don't stop in your car or garage but can handle virtually any cleaning task you throw its way!

This is a concentrate that allows you to use it full-strength, or dilute it down to serve your cleaning needs.

What Can You Clean With Simple Green

Anything least just about anything.

I would seriously have a very difficult time trying to come up with any material or surface I couldn't clean with Simple Green based on directed dilution ratios. (My "go-to" dilution ratio is 10:1 for general cleaning of all things car related)

  • Safe for virtually any surface or material in or out of your car
  • Coated car leather (virtually every car that has leather is finished with a clear protective coating, which is referred to as coated car leather)
  • Velour, carpeting, cloth car upholstery
  • Dashboards, vinyl door panels, plastic door threshold plates
  • Tire sidewalls
  • Wheel wells
  • Car wheels
  • Car paint (this would mostly be spot cleaning as this product would naturally remove any car wax you may have on your car)
  • Steering wheel
  • Headliner
  • Etc., etc., etc.

As noted, I use a dilution mix of 10:1. This means for every one part concentrate, you mix with 10 equal parts of water (like adding 1 oz. of concentrate to 10 oz. of water)

The tougher the grime and grease, the stronger you can mix the cleaner. This product is so versatile, effective, and economical!

Way better than the Armor All multi purpose cleaner in significant ways!

Armor All Multi Purpose Cleaner Summary

If you have made it this far then you get a gold star! Most people don't have the patience and desire to dig in and become a truly informed car owner or consumer.

You can tag yourself as one of the few!

I hope I have helped expand your mind and provide a solution to getting better results in your world.

I wish you much success in your detailing efforts!


Darren Priest