Car Leather Interiors:
A topic full of bad and outdated info

Car leather interiors is a subject like so many other subjects of detailing and car care filled with not just outdated information, but misleading and false information.

Information repeated endlessly by the countless so-called experts that can be found with a few mouse-clicks away on the this thing called the Internet.

While every industry has its share of hype and misleading marketing, cosmetic car care is no exception. But if you are willing and motivated enough, I will teach you information abut the leather of your cars interior that is not only updated information, but based on real-world experience I have taken from my decades of professional auto detailing world.

My goal as always is to help you become a more informed consumer and car owner so you can achieve the same professional level results that I deliver to my own customers.

car leather interiors

Darren's Note: If you are interested in "learning" some of the bad and outdated information regarding your car leather interiors you can see some of the really bad information put out by these so-called experts at the following resources:

Car Upholstery Conditioners

Car leather Care

Car Leather Interiors:
Car Leather Care Made Simple

  • How to clean automotive leather interiors
  • Are car leather conditioners necessary
  • What is the best car leather cleaner

Due to misleading advertising and marketing, experience has proven that people are truly misinformed as to proper cleaning and protecting of this natural material that is quickly becoming increasingly popular! Follow along as I dissect this much confused area of car care to show you exactly what works and what doesn't. The good news is that cleaning and conditioning your car leather is surprisingly easy once you know what works and what doesn't!

Car Leather Basics

ferrari car leather interior

Understanding the basics is always a good place to start. From understanding the fundamentals of auto leather to some tips to selling your car, to the car leather repair process.

Leather Car Upholstery
Many false notions exist when it comes to car leather; read what the Expert has to say that your not going to hear elsewhere.

Auto Leather Repair
Go behind the scenes of the auto leather repair process and learn things you won't be hearing anywhere else.

Car Leather Cleaning

porsche car leather interiors

Many people overlook the more important step of cleaning car leather before they condition their car leather. Keeping the leather clean in your car doesn't have to be as difficult as many have been lead to believe. Learn what auto leather cleaners work with recommended leather interior cleaning tips.

Car Leather Cleaner
Learn why your current car leather cleaner is ineffective and what you can do about it.

Auto Leather Conditioner

mercedes car leather interiors

Many people will become fixated on leather conditioning at the expense of proper leather cleaning. Follow this comprehensive Q. and A. session to become an informed consumer with regards to your car leather interiors.

Car leather conditioner
Before you buy, become an educated consumer and learn tips when choosing a quality car leather conditioner.

Car Leather Interiors

cleaning brushes for car leather interiors

Car leather is a subject of detailing and cosmetic car care that is filled with so much bad and outdated information! Most of this is continually repeated by the countless online blogs and forums that are built and written by people who have zero to little real world experience.

In most cases, these websites and blogs simply exist to sell you "more of the same".  More of the same car leather cleaners and conditioners for your car leather interiors that simply want to keep peddling the same outdated products to a very ignorant consumer base.

My goal has always been to help you become more informed so you can make better decisions when it comes to your world and your car. This can only be done as a byproduct of myself actually living and operating a detailing business in the real world of car care. And having done so for over 3 decades at a professional level.

Most other websites and blogs that represent themselves as expert advice, simply are not expert advice, but people and companies representing themselves as experts with the sole purpose of selling you "stuff", rather than educating you before you go buying more "stuff".

I hope I have helped with the numerous links on this page dealing with many of the aspects of your car leather interiors.


Darren Priest

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