Car Badge and Emblem Removal/Replacement
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Looking to have car badges, emblems or decals removed from your car, truck, or commercial equipment?

  • Car badge removal
  • Car emblem replacement
  • Car badge delete
  • Truck emblem removal
  • Truck badge replacement
  • Truck decal removal

debadging chevy truck services

Trying to decide whether to learn how to remove car emblems or badges yourself or hire an expert like myself?

  • Experience is KING! (I have been doing these emblem removal jobs since early 90's)
  • No, the car dealership will not be a good alternative (Yes, I realize you have been told that the mechanics are factory trained and this makes for a compelling case. But detailers are not mechanics and mechanics are not detailers. I have fixed many dealership mistakes)
  • You might be a "do-it-yourselfer" and think you can take this job on yourself... but is this the time to test your skill set?
  • I come with a very high-degree of patience, along with a very critical eye.

Important Message About
Car or Truck Debadging:

Virtually every debadging/emblem removal job is unique. This list will help you understand what is factored into cost:

  • How many total emblems/badges to be removed?
  • How many total emblems to be replaced?
  • Will replacement emblems be aftermarket versions, or OE (I do not sell nor provide new emblems or badges. I only install the emblems or badges you provide)?
  • How old is your vehicle? (the older the vehicle the more work is involved from the removal process to the final paint polishing)
  • Are emblems attached with double sided tape only with no pins through sheet metal of car, or a combination of double sided tape and aligning pins?
  • Are you looking to replace with exact replacement, or switching to a different sized emblem for an updated look to your car/truck?
  • What color is your car/truck? (the darker the paint the more work involved)

Darren's Note: I do not sell nor supply replacement emblems. My experience has shown that OE (original equipment) replacements have always been the best with regards to quality and fit.

If you can get the replacement car emblem or car badge from the local dealership, then this is best.

Often replacement emblems and badges can also be purchased online through the car manufacturer's website.

There are many companies that claim to be selling OE parts, but in fact are simply replications. It is a case by case based on your vehicle and which emblem or badge you are wanting.

I leave the decision as to where you purchase your replacement emblems and badges up to you. In most cases it is not a real issue and I can work with most aftermarket parts, but I recommend OE if available.

In many cases I am able to finesse aftermarket parts so they not only fit better, but look better due to inferior production quality of some aftermarket parts.

This is where experience comes in and that is what you get with me and my services: a lot of experience!

Car Debadging and Emblem Removal Tools

how to remove car emblems

If you are here as a "DIY-er" and are thinking about performing the emblem removal or debadging yourself, this is only some of the tools and products I use on each car debadging or emblem removal jobs I perform professionally.

As a side bar, there are numerous terms that are used when discussing this topic:

  • Car debadging
  • Badge delete
  • Emblem removal
  • Car badge removal

There are (4) separate steps to removing the car emblems or badges that are required so that when the job is complete, the car will look as though the emblems or badges never existed:

  • Removal of plastic emblem or badge itself
  • Removal of double sided tape that is used to secure car emblem onto car/truck
  • Removal of adhesive residue left behind from double sided tape
  • Polishing paint to remove any "shadowing" or slight imperfections left from emblems or badges

Whether you want to debadge your car or truck yourself, or hire a professional like myself, you now know the different steps involved.

Each of those steps require specific tools/products, and each step represents unique challenges.

Darren's Note: I am not attempting to put the fear of defeat into you. I am simply responding to the many attempts made by DIY-ers who have found out the hard way they got in too deep for their skill set.

2024 BMW MX60 i Badge Swap

2024 BMW X6 Badge replacement
  • Remove OEM chrome badges
  • Install black OEM black badges

2024 KIA Telluride

2024 KIA Telluride that has had all the car badges removed
  • Remove KIA logo badge
  • Remove TELLURIDE
  • Remove Xpro badge

2022 Ford Mustang

2022 mustang emblem swap
  • Remove OEM 2.3L fender badge
  • Install updated Ford Performance badge

2022 Chevy Corvette C8

2022 corvette front hood badge removal
  • Remove OEM front hood badge

2019 Chevy Silverado High Country Debadge

chevy truck highcountry debadge

Since no standard exists when it comes to these jobs, every job is treated as a unique situation and priced accordingly.

The checklist above illustrates the many factors that go into pricing out your specific requirements.

The best and most immediate way to get a price quote and check  availability is by texting me at:

(714) 624-0804

I have to screen all my calls or this hard working guy would never get any actual work done so don't even attempt to call me, just send me a text.

Please text the following info at a minimum:

  • Make and Model of vehicle
  • Pictures of all/any emblems or badges you want removed
  • Pictures of your new emblems I would be installing ( I need pics of both the front and back of how the emblems arrived to you. I need to verify the type of "template" or backing paper they are positioned onto ).

Additional Useful Notes:

  • Most jobs people just wait and watch while I perform the work.
  •  Jobs can range in time from as short as 15 minutes, to as long as 2 hours (removal of emblems only? Removal and installation of new emblems?)
  •  I perform all jobs at my location in the city of Placentia. (Orange County, CA)
  • You are welcome to watch, or you can relax in my place (watch T.V., work using my wi-fi, relax, clean my house, whatever works for you)
  • I am on a cash only basis. (this means the green, paper stuff as opposed to any written checks or digital payments)

2023 Genesis GV70 Badge Removal

2023 Genesis GV70 badge removal
  • Remove GENESIS badge
  • Remove GV70 badge
  • Remove 4wd 3.5T badge

2023 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD

2023 silverado badge delete
2023 Chevy 2500 HD badge removal
  • Remove Silverado and LTZ from tailgate
  • Remove 2500 HD from each door

2014 PORSCHE Cayenne Badge Replacement

2014 Porsche cayenne gts debadge
  • Remove OE chrome PORSCHE emblems
  • Replace with OE matte black emblems

2023 Chevy Bolt

2023 Chevy Bolt badge delete
  • Remove Bolt and EV

2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Badge Replacement

  • Remove OE chrome car badges
  • Install new black car badges

2022 Tesla Badge Replacement

tesla front hood T replacement
Tesla rear badge replacement
  • Remove OE chrome Tesla badges
  • Install black replacement Tesla badges

2019 Audi S Q5 Badge Replacement

2019 Audi S Q5 front grill badge replacement
2019 Audi S Q5 car badge replacement
  • Remove front and rear OE chrome emblems
  • Install Black replacement emblems

2022 Toyota RAV4 Debadge

RAV4 2022 debadge
2022 RAV4 hybrid debadge
  • Remove RAV4 badge
  • Remove XLE and HYBRID badge

2022 Lexus LC500 Badge Delete

2022 Lexus LC500 badge delete
  • Delete LC500 badge

2018 Porsche Emblem Replacement

porsche car emblem replacement
  • Remove chrome Porsche car badges
  • Remove chrome Cayenne car badge
  • Replace Porsche emblem with black version
  • Replace Cayenne badge with black version

2022 BMW X5 Badge Delete

2022 BMW X5 Badge Delete
  • Remove stock X5 badge
  • Remove stock SDrive 40i badge

2022 Alpha Romeo Stelvio Q4 Badge Swap

alpha romeo stelvio debadge
alpha romeo Q4 badge replacement
alpharomeo stelvio emblem replacement
  • Remove chrome STELVIO badge
  • Remove chrome/red Q4 badge
  • Install Grey Fox OEM replacement badges

2022 GMC Yukon Denali Emblem Swap

2022 GMC front grill emblem swap to black
  • Remove OE red GMC emblem
  • Install OE black GMC emblem
  • Including back GMC emblem on rear hatch

2022 Chevy Z71 Badge Swap

2022 Chevy Truck Z71 badge swap
  • Remove OE red and chrome Z71 fender badge
  • Install aftermarket red and black Z71 badge

2022 GMC Sierra Badge Removal

2022 GMC Sierra Badge Removal
  • Remove SIERRA badge

2021 Audi S3 Sport Badge Swap

Audi s3 badge replacement
  • Remove chrome Audi rings
  • Remove chrome/red S3 car badge
  • Install black Audi rings
  • Install black/red S3 car badge

2020 Toyota Tundra B-pillar Tape Removal

2020 Toyota Tundra B pillar black tape removal
  • Removal of all extraneous truck badges
  • Removal of black tape overlay on B-pillars

2022 GMC Logo Swap

2022 GMC logo badge swap
  • Remove OE GMC logo badge
  • Install black GMC logo badge

2021 Chevy High Country

2021 chevy high country badge removal
  • Remove High Country truck badge

2018 Porsche 718 Badge Delete

Porsche 718 car badge delete
  • Remove 718 Car Emblem

2018 Audi S3 Badge Plasti Dip Removal

2018 Audi S3 badge plastidip removal
  • Remove Audi front grill rings (coated with Plasti Dip)
  • Remove S3 badge (Coated with Plasti Dip)
  • Install new OE Audi rings and S3 badge

Top Image: New badges

Bottom Image: Plasti Dip badges

2018 Audi Badge delete swap
  • Remove deck lid spoiler (coated with Plasti Dip)
  • Remove Audi rings (coated with Plasti Dip)
  • Remove S3 Badge (Coated with Plasti Dip)
  • Install new spoiler, Audi rings, and S3 badge

Top Image: New badges

Bottom Image: Plasti Dip emblems and spoiler

2021 KIA Brenthon Emblem Removal/Replacement

KIA emblem brenthon swap
  • Removal of KIA front and rear logo's
  • Replace with BRENTHON logo's
  • Remove TELLURIDE  logo's both front/rear
  • Remove/Replace all KIA wheel logo's to BRENTHON

2022 VW Atlas

vw car badge delete
  • Remove SE V6 chrome badges
  • Remove 4 MOTION badge

2020 Nissan Nismo 370Z Emblem Replacement

nissan 370z emblem replacement
  • Removal of old emblems
  • Replace using aftermarket carbon fiber underlay and chrome emblem

2021 GMC Sierra Badge Swap

2021 GMC badge swap
  • Remove red and chrome GMC badge
  • Install black and chrome GMC badge
  • Front and rear GMC badges

2020 Chevy Silverado Truck Debadge

2020 chevy silverado truck debadge
  • Remove chrome Silverado truck badge

2011 Porsche Carrera Emblem Update

Porsche car emblem swap
  • Remove old Carrera S emblems
  • Install updated emblems that replicate a newer model Porsche

1999 Porsche Carrera

porsche emblem replacement
  • Remove OE Carrera badge
  • Install black PORSCHE emblem
  • Install black 911 Carrera badges

2018 Porsche Macan Emblem Remove/Replace

Porsche Macan emblem removal
  • Remove chrome OE PORSCHE and Macan emblems
  • Install new OE black PORSCHE emblem

2018 Honda Civic Type-R Badge Replacement

honda civic type r badge replacement
  • Remove stock Honda badge
  • Install Type-R badge

2020 Chevy Z71 Badge Remove/Replace

2020 Chevy Z71 truck badge replacement
  • Remove Z71 Chevy chrome and black truck badge
  • Install aftermarket Chevy Z71 red and black truck badge

Chevy 2021 Z71 Badge Remove/Replace

chevy z71 badge swap
  • Remove Z71 Chevy chrome and black truck badge
  • Install aftermarket Chevy Z71 red and black truck badge

2019 Mercedes Benz Car Debadge

mercedes benz CLA car debadge
  • Remove CLA 250 chrome emblem

2022 Ford Edge

2022 Ford edge car emblem removal
  • Remove original EDGE car emblem

2018 Chevy Silverado Bow Tie Swap

debadge 2018 chevy silverado
  • Remove gold Chevy bowtie
  • Remove SILVERADO and LT emblems
  • Install black OE Chevy bowtie

Auto Fetish has been debadging cars and trucks since 1988 when we first started servicing Orange County as one of the premier auto detailing services. I have performed literally countless car emblem/ debadging jobs over the past 2 decades. I could fill this page with picture after picture, but please see following pictures and links as additional reference.

2019 GMC Debadging

car badges emblems removal
  • Remove CANYON V6 AND SLE emblems

2021 GMC Canyon Badge Removal

GMC canyon truck badge removal
  • Removal of GMC truck logo
  • Removal of CANYON emblem
  • Removal of V6 emblem

2020 Ford Super Duty Tremor

ford superduty tremor truck decal removal
  • Remove TREMOR sticker from truck bed

Whether you are simply looking to clean up and personalize your car or truck by having the car badges and emblems removed, or replacing the stock emblems and badges with updated versions, we are your first stop as Orange County's leading service with over 25 years of professional experience.

Toyota TRD 4x4 sticker removal
  • Toyota TRD 4x4 OFF ROAD sticker removal

Our attention to detail is not limited to professional detailing services, but extends to any of the debadging and emblem removal jobs we do.

After all, one wrong move during the numerous stages of the debadging process and permanent damage can be the unwanted result.

2016 Audi A5 Debadge

debadging and removing car emblems from audi a5
  • Original A5 removed
  • Original 2.0T removed

2020 Audi Q5 Car Emblem Removal

Audi Q5 car emblem removal

Whether you are looking to simply remove a single emblem or remove all car badges emblems and stickers matters not.

"Experience is KING!"

The reality of every part of life often comes down to experience! Many guys can create and maintain the appearances of experience, but don't really have it.

chevy colorado truck debadge

We have performed hundreds of these types of jobs. And despite how easy many people (myself included) can make this look in a video, the truth is that every car is unique. And based on the car/truck with regards to the age, the color, and the specific emblems or badges being removed will determine the potential problems that can arise due to lack of experience.

Cutting corners on a moment when car badges emblems are being removed is not likely the place you want to save a buck by doing it yourself, or leaving it to the hands of the inexperienced

2015 Chevy Truck Side Molding Removal

removing side moldings chevy truckRemoving the aging rub rails off the sides of this Chevy truck

When you are ready.....

dodge charger car emblem removal

If you are ready to have a professional (that's me; Darren Priest) perform this for you please reference the following:

  • You can text me and I can give you a quote.
  • I will need to know the the type of vehicle, the age, the color, and which emblems you want removed.
  • I am mobile and can come to you, but most people will travel to me and save themselves some money as I charge more to travel to you. (I am in city of Placentia of Orange County)
  • Since every car/truck is different, the cost will be based on all variables.
  • As a starting point, a single emblem removal might cost $60, with a full debadging of a truck or SUV with many emblems to remove running upwards towards $200.
  • Once again, there are many factors that will affect the price and I will need to take all these into consideration so you get the results you are after. (remember the part above about experience; experience has taught me how to ask the right questions so I can deliver superior results)
  • I am on a cash only basis (Yes, the few have ruined it for the many)
  • I can set these jobs on weekday or weekend appointments.
  • Your car/truck should be relatively clean prior to me working on it.

2017 VW Golf Debadge

debadge VW golf

If you would like to see additional examples you can see the links below. If you would like a more comprehensive tutorial regarding the car badges emblems removal process, you can click on this link right here: Car Debadging

Vinyl Decal Removal

remove car decals orange county

Are you looking to have your company vehicle wrap or vinyl graphics removed with precision care? Want to become an informed decision maker prior to making an important decision?

Vinyl decal removal/vehicle wrap removal

Truck Debadging/ Truck Side Trim Removal

Chevy Bow Tie and Emblem Removal

remove chevy truck bowtie emblem

See the before and after of this Chevy truck during the Bowtie removal process.

Chevy Bowtie emblem removal

Chevy HD 2500 Car Emblem and Truck Side Molding Removal

car badges emblems 4

The owner of this new truck wanted us to remove the side moldings from his Chevy HD 2500.

Chevy HD 2500 truck emblem and side molding removal

Chevy HD 2500 Car Emblem and truck Side Molding Removal

car badges emblems 7

Follow along as the discolored truck side moldings and truck emblems are removed for a much cleaner look.

Chevy HD 2500 truck emblem and side molding removal

Chevy Truck Emblem and Side Molding Removal

removing truck side molding

See this truck side molding removal project along with the removal of pin striping and emblems.

Chevy truck emblem and side molding removal

Dodge RAM 1500 Emblem Removal

dodge ram 1500 truck badge

See this project where a father wants to add a little customization to this Dodge Ram 1500 before turning over to his son.

Debadge Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Emblem

Dodge RAM 1500 Emblem Removal

debadging dodge ram truck lettering

Peak behind the scenes and follow along as we remove the Dodge Ram 1500 from this Hemi powered new dodge truck for a little personalization for our customer.

Debadging Dodge Ram Truck

Dodge RAM 1500 Badge Removal

dodge ram 1500 badge removal service

Another Ram 1500 removal project for a Dodge truck owner who just took delivery of his new truck and wanted to personalize it.

Dodge Ram 1500 Badge Removal

Car Badges Emblems:
Do-it-Yourself Removal Tips

car badges emblems 5

Set your car apart from the crowd by removing the unwanted car emblems with some specific tips from the Car Detailing Expert including actual tools/products to deliver professional results.

Car Debadging Process

debadge mercedes cla250

See how the owner of this Mercedes CLA250 "cleaned" up the unwanted car emblems from the back of the car with the removal of these car badges along with other examples.

Car Debadging and Understanding the Rules

car badges emblems 2

Can't completely decide if you want to remove the car badges and emblems? Can't decide if you want to have a go at it yourself or hire a professional. Walk through the step s and become an informed person first.

Car Debadging: To Do or Not to Do


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