Clay Bar Detailing Clay
The unique wonder putty!

Despite the clay bar having been around for over twenty years, this modern day piece of "interesting" material still remains unknown to many. Having been in the world of professional auto detailing now for over twenty years, I had to perform my magic of detailing before the time saving performance of detailing clay.

Before the time saving wonder of this magical clay, we had to resort to time consuming fall-out removal powders that had to be mixed with water, then used to wash your car with.

Not only did you have to go through the trouble of mixing this fall-out solution, but you had to allow it to sit on your car paint long enough for it to chemically react to what we refer in the industry as industrial fall-out; a glorified name for air pollution!

Car Paint Care and the Clay Bar

clay bar

Any frequent reader of my sites knows I am a big fan of the KISS philosophy; Keep It Simple Stupid!

There exists very few products that fit into this business model as well as the surface prep bar. This palm sized piece of firm clay is used to remove the surface contaminates that traditional washing and waxing would never remove; truly the answer to silky smooth paint!
Read along as I dissect this marvel of the car detailing world that has detailers around the world singing its praises!

Basics First

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Detail Clay Reviews

Meguiar's Clay
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Mothers Clay
Another big name in the car care industry, Mothers is well known for their quality car detailing products. Read the review on this alternative from Mothers as well as professional tips of use guaranteed to save you time and money.

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