Car Washing Tips
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Car washing is as basic and essential as any part of the detailing process. Dirt and sun represent the two greatest insults to your cars paint.

While you may not have much control over how long or often your car is exposed to the sun, you generally have far more control over the dirt on your car.

  • How long do you go between car washing
  • How do you wash your car?
  • What kind of car wash soap is best?
  • What is the best method to wash a car?

These and many other questions will naturally arise as you start considering the act of removing dirt from your car in the context of performing a car wash to your ride.

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While many people consider spending half a day on the weekend washing and waxing their car as a form of therapy, far more people consider washing their car a necessary evil.

My goal will be to help you regardless of how you view the willful act of car washing.

Just know that with new technology in chemistry and manufacturing, the products and tools available to perform your car washing duties are better than ever and have the ability to actually inject some level of pleasure into the equation even if you are the type of person that considers washing a car a necessary evil!

Car Wash Tips and Reviews

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Washing your car is as basic as basic can get. But removing the dirt off your car can be done in a risky way or a safe way. Use the following links to help you source the best car wash shampoo and car washing tools to help you achieve professional results.

Mr. Clean Car Wash Kit
Most of us have heard of Mr Clean, but what can this Mister do to help you in washing your car. See the Mr Clean car wash kit review to see if this is a good option for you and your world.

Turtle Wax Car Wash
Turtle Wax is virtually a household name. This brand has been around as long as most of us can remember. But how does their car wash shampoo stack up against the competition and should you be using the Turtle Wax car wash product to wash your own car.

Dry Car Wash
How can you really dry car wash your car. What is dry car washing anyways. Learn how you can remove the dirt from your car in a very unconventional way that is embraced by many professional detailers as well as hard-core car enthusiasts.

Basic Car Care Tips

turtle wax car washing products

Use the following links to help in what I call basic car care tips that are beyond simple car washing, but are still essential tips of cosmetic car care and will help you in maintaining the love affair with your car while retaining as much resale value as possible.

Car Paint Care
Nobody wants a dull, dingy car. See how you can improve the appearance of your cars exterior while maintaining the health of your cars paint. From washing your car, to decontaminating your car paint, to choosing a quality car wax.

How to Wax a Car
One of the most accepted requirements of your cars beauty and value is waxing your car. A page designed to help you choose a quality car wax as well as using the latest in micro-fiber technology to improve your car waxing efforts, this page will help you achieve professional results in your own driveway on your own car.

Car Washing Summary

I have gone to great time and effort to supply you with the many links found on this page. helping you become a much more informed car owner and consumer.

Whether you are simply attempting to undertake the challenge of washing your car for the first time, or seeking additional expert tips to make car care a simpler and easier task, it is my sincere wish that my tips help you!

Much success in your detailing efforts!


Darren Priest

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