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Welcome to car wax ratings where this Expert is going to help you become an informed consumer. As consumers, we have been buried to the point of inaction by thousands of products; all of which claim to be the best this or the best that.

Like every other area of life, rarely can we get everything in a single product. There are people at both ends of the extremes when it comes to car care; some guys look for excuses to wash and polish their cars, others simply look for ways to do as little as possible.

But searching through all the car wax reviews can be an endless mind game with all the hyped up advertising and misrepresentation!

It would seem to appear that the search for the best auto wax, or the best rated car wax is like trying to hit a moving target!

Ratings Based on Real World Experience

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Imagine car wax ratings that actually come from first hand, real world experience. Straight from someone who actually has to perform in the real world of professional auto detailing, required to deliver superior results to an audience made up of picky and finicky people.

The kind of unforgiving world where you either learn to deliver exceptional results, are you become completely irrelevant! How is that for the cold harsh world of reality. But my business struggles only mean your gain. Follow along by clicking on any of the links to learn what this Expert can teach you about getting the kind of results normally reserved for veteran detailers!

Most Popular Wax Review Pages

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10 Best Car Waxes
Most people want to over-simply car paint care to a fault; let the Expert show you what works with specific products matched for specific results.

Best Auto Wax
learn the basics between choosing wax for paint protection or paint enhancement.

Teflon Car Wax
Read this comprehensive question and answers of Teflon wax so you can decide if this is hype or fact and let Darren show you the professional alternatives.

Nu Finish Car Polish
Despite being mislabeled, this popular car paint sealant remains a popular choice. Let the Expert show you alternatives for better results and a better user experience.

Mothers Car Care
See how Mothers car care products can keep your life ultra simple while delivering the results you are after.

Car Wax Ratings Reports

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Colored Car Wax
A concept that has been around for a long time; but is it a concept that actually works. Follow along this question and answer session and conclude for yourself.

Black Car Wax
Is there any truth to the concept of colored black car wax?

Turtle Wax Color Cure
A popular brand of the colored car wax concept, find out if this works or not.

Turtle Wax Ice
Find out if this new product by Turtle Wax is any good.

Turtle Car Wax
Darren reviews the Turtle car wax to help you understand the winning balance of features and benefits he likes to use in finding a top rated car wax.

Nu Finish Wax
See what Darren has to say about this car wax that isn't.

Car Wax Ratings Summary

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The links on this page are many. Simply pick and choose the link most closely related to a subject on all things car wax related.

I promise if you take the time, there is more information on this website than most professional detailers I have come across out in the real world.

You are now part of the informed and educated!

I wish you much success with your efforts in making your ride sparkle and help renew that love affair between you and your car!


Darren Priest

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