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If you are shopping price only, likely we will not be the service for you. If you shop value instead of price, then most likely we are for you! If you are unsure of this distinction, then you need to become both an informed consumer as well as an informed car owner by learning the difference between cost and value:

Shopping Value with Car Detailing Prices

auto fetish detail prices

Darren's Direct Approach:

"As owner of Auto Fetish Detail I have learned much in the course of my 30+ year career as a professional detailer here in Orange County, CA.

In a world of ever-increasing technology, I still prefer the direct, candid, and honest approach in answering your questions and operating business.

While I have taken great lengths to provide more than enough information so that you can make an informed decision, I still welcome a direct phone call to answer any of your questions that may still arise. My direct phone number is located on every page in both the header and footer.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!"

Car Detailing Prices

The truth is that every car is truly unique and a "one size fits all" approach to detailing is unrealistic.

The reality is that a seasoned professional like myself could literally spend an entire week detailing your car to complete perfection.

This is both unrealistic and inappropriate for virtually everyone and every car.

Experience has taught me that every person comes to the table with very different understanding of what detailing is and their expectations typically match their understanding.

For some people, this can mean a glorified wash and wax.

For others, it means restoring a car to mint condition regardless of time and effort required to do so.

I can only help you  arrive at the best "detail service" based on you, your world, and your expectations.

Full Detail


  • Hand Wash.
  • Clean Wheel Face, Tire Sidewalls, Inside Wheel Wells.
  • Paint and Glass Decon: The "Decon" process is the decontamination process. Not all "air" is created equal and there are airborne dirt particles that will "bond" to the paint and glass of your vehicle. The decontamination process is a specific and deliberate process that removes these bonded dirt particles that cause your paint and glass to feel gritty. Normal washing and waxing will not remove these dirt particles that accumulate over time. A dedicated process is required to remove these bonded contaminates and prepare your paint to be waxed or "sealed".
  • Rocker Panels: The rocker panels are the lower half of any vehicle. These areas collect specific types of road grime and road tar that requires special attention to clean and prepare prior to waxing or sealing the paint.
  • Wax/Seal Paint: We use a synthetic premium grade paint sealant for maximum durability and shine.
  • Clean Windows.


  • Pre-Vacuum: All fabric and carpeting are pre-vacuumed to remove dry dirt before any shampooing. (NOT including trunk- see below)
  • Meticulously clean, shampoo, and detail all interior materials and surfaces including but not limited to: floor mats, carpeting, seating, door panels, cubby-holes, dash gauges, vents, etc., etc.
  • Heavy duty cleaning of all interior leather.
  • Removal of all door entry scuff/skid marks due to transfer from shoes, etc.
  • Leather conditioning using light, non-greasy, non-shiny leather treatment.
  • Clean windows, navigation screens, gauge lenses, vanity mirrors, etc.

Cars/Mini-trucks/Compact SUVs:  Starting at $350.00

Full-size Sedans, Compact SUVs: Starting at $400.00

SUVs/Mini-vans/Mid-Size Trucks (Plus-cabs): Starting at $400.00

Full-sized SUVs/Full-sized Vans/Full-sized Trucks: Starting at $500.00

Understanding My Prices:

No two customers, jobs, or vehicles are ever the same. My prices "start" at the above prices and then I tailor them to fit you and your world.

Every customer of mine has priorities, budget, and expectations that are uniquely theirs.

This may be your first time shopping for professional detailing services and your only point of reference may be what your local car wash charges.

I are not that, and my prices reflect this.

My goal as a professional is to help you arrive at the winning balance of cost and results. And sometimes this includes arriving at the conclusion that your budget and expectations do not align with my services.

I am of the opinion that informed people make better decisions. By asking and answering questions you would not necessarily know to ask nor consider, I can help you arrive at this winning balance.

Winning Balance:

My goal as a professional is to help you arrive at the best combination of cost and results. And sometimes this includes arriving at the conclusion that your budget and expectations do not align with my services.

I am of the opinion that informed people make better decisions. By asking and answering questions you would not necessarily know to ask nor consider, I can help you arrive at this winning balance.

Mobile vs. Shop

The biggest difference between my professional mobile service and a professional detail shop is convenience to you. This convenience comes with added challenges to me as a mobile detailer since I am not able to see your vehicle in advance.

It is for this reason I must perform a verbal Pre-Inspection over the phone so I can arrive at a very good understanding of the scope of work your vehicle will require to meet your expectations.

Additional Items to Consider:

  • Trunks: Most people prefer any time that could be spent vacuuming and detailing a trunk that is used mostly for utility purposes, to be spent on all other more important areas of the vehicle.
  • Pet hair. (this can be a nightmare to deal with and largely depends on the type of fabric and the actual pet hair)
  • Trucks: Truck come in many sizes and many varieties (standard cab, extended cab, crew cab, bed liners, tonneau covers, shells, lift kits, off-road tires, etc.
  • SUVs and Mini-Vans: Many mini-vans and SUVs have removable seating. You want any removable seating removed so floor tracks and hardware can be detailed.
  • Cigarette smoke. (cigarette smoke will/can greatly increase the amount of time to properly clean and deodorize your cars interior. No single solution can completely remove the residual smell of cigarette smoke.)
  • Heavy duty headliner cleaning. (As a rule, headliners and sun visors are spot cleaned. If your headliner is exceptionally dirty, additional cost may be required.)
  • Children: We love kids! They represent job security in the form  of consistent and excessive "dirt".
  • Convertible Cars. (If you own a convertible and actually drive with the top down, the same dirt and dust that collects on your paint also collects and accumulates on the inside of your car adding a greater level of dirt that must be cleaned in the interior detailing process. This may result in additional cost of the detailing process.)
  • If your car is 5 years and older and has never been detailed.
  • Road Trips: Have you just used your vehicle for an extended road or camping trip: excessive dirt/mud/snow/bugs on both the exterior and interior.
  • Your car has been detailed by a low budget detailer or the local car wash that has applied "industrial strength" dressing to the interior that has now accumulated "extra" dirt and dust. Or maybe the low-budget detailer left wax or polish in all body moldings, body seams, or stained the black trim.


I operate on a CASH ONLY policy for all first-time customers. (Yes, the few have ruined it for the many)

Just What is Auto Detailing?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for a more comprehensive list of commonly asked questions to become even further informed.

First Timers: If you are new to the world of auto detailing, you may be asking yourself just what is auto detailing?

happy detail customer

Detailing in a simplified explanation is the art and science of putting your car back into showroom condition; you know, just like the day you bought it brand new! ( or better than the day you bought it if you happen to have bought a previously owned car) This involves polishing, waxing, shampooing, vacuuming, cleaning, scrubbing, etc., etc. What ever it takes to restore your car back to that show-room like condition.

All Detail Customers: Aside from the specifics I lay out within the pages of these car detailing prices, people still want to hear more of a descriptive view of what exactly is in a detail. I will simply speak from experience that draws from over 25 years of professional detailing:

happy auto fetish detail customer

  • If your car is considered dirty, (your wife/husband thinks it's dirty, your neighbor thinks it's dirty, everyone agrees it is dirty, and you have suddenly come to the awareness yourself that indeed your car is dirty), then imagine it extremely clean; just like the day you bought it brand new kind of clean! From making your paint feel silky smooth and shiny, to everything in your cars interior being cleaned and detailed; seating, carpeting, floor mats, threshold plates, vents, gauges, dash, cubby holes, etc., etc. You get the point; your car looks showroom fresh once again.
  • While we offer different levels of car detailing prices, the reality is that not all cars are created equal and not all cars are equally dirty. With that said, we always strive to over-deliver. But we cannot over-deliver on unrealistic expectations. Part of my professional service is to manage peoples' expectations. If your car is what is considered excessively dirty, we can still maintain the pricing schedule from above, but will have the ability to pick and choose as to what will make the most impact based on you, your expectations, priorities, and budget. For this reason I ask numerous questions when scheduling appointments and this helps me assess you and your expectations.

Key Points To Consider as a Potential Customer:

  • How old is your car and how many miles are on it? The older/more miles on it the more likely it is to lean towards the dirty side of clean.
  • Have you ever had, or when was the last detail job performed on your car?
  • Does your paint have visible problems that concern you such as scratches, swirl marks, spider-webbing, etc.
  • Do you smoke in your car?
  • Do you allow pets in your car and have pet hair through-out your car?
  • Any significant liquid spills or stains in your car's interior?
  • Excessively dirty leather?
  • Do you have multiple kids with their accompanying food and drink spills?
  • Have you driven through wet road paint and have paint splatter along the side of your car?
  • Have you driven through fresh road tar and have excessive black road tar splatter along your car's paint?
  • Do you have paint over-spray on the outside of your car?

Any of the above listed conditions or variables may or may not effect the final price of your detail service. Once again for these reasons I ask initial questions on the phone when scheduling appointments.

I am simply trying to assess your particular situation so together we can conclude the most appropriate service for you and your world.

What we often hear at Auto Fetish from our Customers:

  • Wow, my car looks amazing!
  • My car didn't look this good the day I bought it.
  • I didn't realize my car was so dirty.
  • This is the best money I have spent in a long time!
  • (Insert your favorite hyperbole, appropriate adjective, and/or statement here.)

Additional Car Detailing Prices:

See the below sections regarding additional services that may be a different area of car detailing in general, or are what is considered add on's to the above car detailing prices.

Auto Engine Detailing

auto engine detailing prices

As a rule, an additional charge of $35-$100 to degrease/detail your engine in addition to the quoted car detailing prices from above. But just like car detailing in general, numerous factors should be taken into consideration when assessing whether you want your car engine detailed. I can do a quick degreasing and call it quits, or I can spend the time to detail the underside of the hood and meticulously detail not only the engine itself, but the surrounding bay area.

Rock Chip Repair

car paint chip repair prices orange county

$100.00- $150.00 per car (average cost per car, truck, SUV)

It's a jungle out on the roads here in southern California and no where does this show more than the front end of your car. With strategic use of custom mixed car touch-up paint, the front end as well as your entire car can be touched-up so these annoying marks will become virtually undetectable when viewing from normal viewing distances. Not to be confused with traditional factory car touch-up paint that creates that unwanted bird-dropping effect, today's car touch-up paint methods are far superior.

For a more comprehensive list of services and pricing for the following:

  • Rock chip repair
  • Bumper repair
  • Road Rash repair

Please see the following page Auto Paint Chip Repair

Paint Correction/Enhancement

car paint polishing orange county

Per Quote:

Paint correction is simply the process of improving the condition and appearance of your cars paint through the use of various polishes, polish pads, and buffers. While many horror stories of car buffers spread from one ignorant person to another, the truth is that paint correction should be left to professionals with years of experience.

It is not car buffers that damage car paint, but the person behind the buffer. Anyone who insists they only do car polishing by hand is either ignorant or unskilled; and probably both. Most of you reading this will require no additional paint correction services and the "Gold Service Detail Package" will work for most of you reading this.

If you are currently un-happy with the overall look of your car paint, paint correction services is the only way to permanently change the overall beauty and appearance of your cars paint. Yes, decontaminating and waxing the paint will absolutely enhance the beauty and appearance of your paint, but it will not remove the micro-scratching, spider-webbing, swirl marks, holograms, etc., etc.

For those of you with a critical eye, we can raise the level of your paint to any level of perfection you require. Regardless of the reason, we can improve the visual perfection of your car's paint through skilled use of polishing techniques.

Car Paint Spider Webbing

The picture at the bottom is an example of what is referred to as spider-webbing effect. The left is before paint correction,  the right is after professional paint correction has been done through extensive car polishing techniques. (Yes, the picture just below and at the right is the same actual paint and shows you what truly flawless black paint should look like in the direct sun light. The bold white line separating the two sides is simply masking tape laid down to separate the two sides.)

car paint spider webbing

Car Paint Swirl Marks

The picture at the bottom is an example of what is referred to as swirl marks, buffer tracks, or holograms. These are created through improper use of high-speed car polishers and ironically enough, can only be truly removed through the use of proper car buffer techniques.

car paint swirl marks

Maintenance Detailing

detailing services orange county

Maintenance detailing is different than traditional auto detailing services and will have different pricing from the car detailing prices found here. This service leaves your car in showroom condition every time I come and perform my professional detailing magic. If you are looking to maintain your car in showroom shape, maintenance programs are the way to go.

Prices vary based on the exact car type, and frequency of visits. There is no set rule here as every person is different.

  • Weekly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Once a month
  • Every 6 weeks
  • Every two months

Once again there is no set rule. It is all based on you and your world.

For a more comprehensive description of boat detailing prices, please go to Boat Detailing of Orange County.
Traditional boat detailing: $15-$20.00 per foot based on condition; this includes inside, outside, and trailer. (Gel coat/ fiberglass polishing or restoration is extra and is by quote only.)

If it makes you feel better, I use only the most expensive, and most durable, marine grade sealant on boats. The industry is full of hype and misrepresentation and for this reason, I simply add this description for anyone that needs a little extra confidence based on the endless marketing and advertising that does as much disservice to the industry as it does good.

RV Detailing

rv detailing prices orange county

For a more comprehensive description of RV detailing, please go to RV Detailing of Orange County. Prices are based on condition and services wanted.

If it makes you feel better, I use only the most expensive, and most durable, marine grade sealant on all RV's, etc. (which also happens to be the same, most expensive and most durable sealant I use on all the cars I do)

Spilled Milk In Car
Did you spill milk in your car and attempt to clean it yourself but days later the smell of rotting milk now wants to make you vomit. We can help!

The Fine Print

Smart people always read the fine print of car detailing prices.

If you really are among the smart people as I know you are, then click on the link to take you to the fine print of my car detailing prices.

If you really like to cut to the chase, I say just call! I promise to answer any of your questions in a candid and honest way and help you decide the best decision for you and your world. I promise I am both friendly and polite!


Darren Priest

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