Armor All Wash and Wax:
Time to ask the right questions

The Armor All wash and wax is "good", but is it great!

After all, why would you want good, when you could have great. Wash and wax car washing products are certainly not a new concept when it comes to car care.

The simple quest may be to find the best wash and wax product, but what if you are asking the wrong questions? What if I started asking questions that you have never thought to ask.

Questions that would deliver different answers that would lead to better results?

At the end of the day you have to ask yourself if you are really looking for the best wash and wax product, or are you really looking for the best end result?

Armor All Wash and Wax:
Asking "Better" questions

  • Do car wash and wax products really work?
  • Can you just use Dawn dish soap to wash your car?
  • Is there a way to get better results?
  • What results are you really after?

chemical guys car washing kit

Regardless of whether you have ever questioned the concept of car washing and waxing products, I want to take any of your current questions, and go a little deeper.

While I realize there are many people who want what I call overly-simplified solutions to their needs, it is in the deep end of any topic where you will find better answers to your needs.

All you have to do is start by asking the right questions. But my professional experience has shown that most people lack the experience to even ask the right questions.

And if you can't ask the right questions, how can you expect to start getting the right answers?

Car Washing and Car Waxing:
Needs and wants

I know that my website has an extremely diverse audience. Each of you will come to this page with varying degrees of experience and knowledge.

The fact that you likely searched for something related to or very specific to Armor All wash and wax strongly suggests that you are likely a beginner.

Beginner or not, most people really do want simple answers to basic needs of life. Right now you are likely looking for a simple answer to meet the demands of two, very specific needs:

  1. You know you need to wash your car
  2. You know you need to wax your car

These are (2) distinct needs. Basic requirements of owning a car and maintaining the health and beauty of your cars exterior.

And it is by fulfilling these needs that you get what you want. which means that you don't really want the Armor All wash and wax. What you really want is the benefits that using a product like the Armor All product will deliver.

Armor All Wash and Wax:
A simple answer to your basic needs

Armor All Car Wash & Wax Spray Bottle, Cleaning for Cars, Truck, Motorcycle, Ultra Shine, 16 Fl Oz, 25178

  • Perfect car wash and wax product for anyone not wanting to over-think things
  • Would never be my first choice
  • Will do in a "pinch" if you must

If you are a person looking for the Armor All wash and wax who has already made up your mind, then I am going to serve your needs first by offering up my professional tips if this represents you.

If you decide you want greater understanding in the hopes of getting better results, then you can keep reading.

Armor All Wash and Wax Alternatives:
What Would Darren Do (WWDD)

So often I am asked what I would do as a professional, or if it was my car I was working on. I know you may be one of those people who would prefer to cut to the chase. You accept that I know what I am talking about, and want to follow my lead.

And for that reason I am offering the following alternatives. If you want to go in for the "deep dive" of this subject where I will answer more of the probing questions, you can continue reading down this page.

Car Washing Made Simple

Chemical Guys HOL133 Best Detailing Bucket Kit (5 Items), 16. Fluid_Ounces

  •  Perfect car washing bundle
  • Citrus formulation will a gloss level that outperforms many waxes
  • Comes with most everything needed to wash like a pro (see drying cloth below)
  • The exact wash bucket I prefer (this lid snaps easier in place than other wash bucket and lid systems)
  • Includes my favorite type of wash mitt: chenille wash mitt

meguiars water magnet and chenille wash mitt

Darren's Tips: I personally don't feel it necessary to overthink your choice in a wash and wax for your car, but I also know that updated formulations will prove to work better for safer washing, while producing better end results.

This car washing kit brings some of the top rated products you will need to take your car washing to the next level. An ultra simple way to maximize your efforts to achieve better results!

I love everything about this kit. Each product and "tool" f this kit makes it on my list of favorites!

Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel, 1 Pack

  • The perfect drying cloth
  • As safe as safe can get
  • As absorbent as absorbent can get
  • Say good-bye to that annoying lint of 100% cotton towels

Darren's Tips: If you are still using bath towels to dry your car off with, you really need to catch up to new ways of doing things. Do not underestimate how nicely this particular drying cloth will work!

I love this water magnet! And all that micro-scratching and lint you are experiencing from those darned bath towels will be  a thing of the past.

Armor All Wash and Wax:
Washing your car and casing your tail

best car wash and wax

If you are new to the world of cosmetic car care then you have not likely become the frustrated person I am! After 30-plus years in this industry I have seen more hype and B.S. than I thought was possible, only to see the industry figure out more ways to dial-it-up even further!

Between trying to stay up on the new terms and marketing the industry continues to parade around on their latest and greatest products, and answering the endless questions of my followers, I often feel like I am chasing my own tail.

While the topic of car washing, car wash shampoos, and car wash-n-waxes is filled with its share of hype, it happens to be an area you don't have to overthink. But I would like to clarify some of the misinformation that continues to circulate from many people that embellish and distort the facts.

Car Wash Soap:
Soaps, Shampoos, and Wax

To label a product as a car wash soap or car wash shampoo in many ways is a misrepresentation that gives many people a false sense of hope.

best car wash soap

What is Car Wash Shampoo:

These products as a rule, contain no actual grease cutting or dirt cutting detergents. If they did, these products would also remove or strip away any wax that may currently be present on your car. (imagine ashing your hands repeatedly with a grease cutting hand soap with true detergents in it. Your hands would eventually become so dried out due to the continued use of the detergent hand soap)

Most car wash soap simply have chemicals that had as a lubricant that is designed to make the washing experience feel good as you use it, as well as lubricate the dirt particles so as to scratch less during the car washing process.

These products are like candy to a child: brightly colored, highly scented, and chemistry to produce mounds of suds. The brighter the colors, the better the smell, the more suds created, the better we think the product is.

Is it Safe to Use Dawn Dish Soap to Wash Your Car:

Yes. And no. It all depends on your goals. The critical thing to know about using Dawn dish soap to wash your car is that this is an actual grease cutting agent. If it can cut grease, it can also cut wax. This means that each time you wash your car with Dawn dish soap, you will continue to remove any wax or silicones or "polymer" sealants on your car.

dawn dish soap vs armor all wash and wax

Many people already have some type of liquid dish soap around the house and therefore, it makes an easy product to use for anyone who simply doesn't care about their car and just wants it clean.

It is a great product to use if you, for whatever reason, want to remove any "old" wax or sealants from your car. Consider more of a "deep cleaning" of your car when you wash it. But I would not recommend it as your default car washing soap as it will continue to dry out your car paint the more you use it.

Are Car Wash and Wax Products Legit or Nonsense:

They are legit. While it seems counter to basic logic to have a wax mixed in with water (that is like trying to mix oil and water), this is where chemistry comes into action. Car wash and wax products like the Armor All wash and wax are formulated with "binders". These are chemicals that at a molecular level, bind water molecules to the wax or silicone molecules. These are called emulsions and it is how these products are able to work.

I recommend them and if you have never used a car wash soap that has gloss enhancers or wax to them, you are in for a real treat!

Top Rated Car Wash Soaps:
Better alternatives to Armor All wash and wax

If my straight forward strategy from above does not seem like a perfect fit for you and you want to chase down something from the top rated car wash shampoos, then you can see my top picks here:

Chemical Guy's Extreme Body Wash

Chemical Guys CWS_107 Extreme Bodywash & Wax Car Wash Soap with Color Brightening Technology, 16. Fluid_Ounces

  • Wash and wax all in one
  • ph-balanced blend of lubricants and polymers
  • Foam technology that uses suds to isolate and suspend dirt particles while washing
  • True gloss enhancer for that just wax appearance
  • Formulated with both synthetic and carnauba wax

Mothers California Gold

Mothers 05674 California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax, 64 oz.

  • Wash and wax all in one
  • from the trusted name of Mothers car Care
  • High-suds formulation
  • Biodegradable and ph balanced car wash

Darren's Tips: Despite the Armor All wash and wax and other car wash shampoos largely being labeled as glorified candy for your car, these products do have a valid place in your car care arsenal. If you are still using outdated car washing shampoos, you will be delighted with any of the products on this page.

Don't underestimate how far chemical engineering has come with car wash shampoos. Now you can wash your car safer than ever, create additional gloss, and add a subtle film of protection and enhancement all while washing your car.

Any of the products on this page are ideal for regular washings, but do not think this will be all that is needed for your car paint. regular waxing with a dedicated car wax is still a must. But these car washing products like the Armor All wash and wax will extend the life of your dedicated car wax, while adding some additional gloss in the process.

Armor All Wash and wax Summary

Chemical Guys Extreme body wash

If you have made it this far you should have a whole new level of knowledge and awareness. You can now consider yourself as part of a select group of people in the world called "the informed"!

Most people want a quick-fix answer to everything and the results in their life will show this. Unless you have very low standards, a quick-fix will rarely produce the results you are after,

I hope I have helped in your quest to make better decisions and get better results into your life.

Happy detailing!


Darren Priest

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