Armor All Wipes
Why these are a must have!

Don't get me wrong, Armor All wipes are no "Detailer in a Bottle". No handy all-purpose wipe is ever going to replace the professional grade results of dedicated products and techniques. But don't let this diminish the versatility and usefulness these handy wipes are at tackling the endless irritations of dirt, grime, and spills that are so common with car ownership.

At least half the battle of keeping your car reasonably clean is the hassle of busting out the necessary products, cloths, and tools just to perform basic clean-up jobs.

armor all wipes

each time you are presented with basic clean-ups, it is simply to easy to dismiss these due to the hassle of dedicated products. These basic clean-up jobs do not remain isolated moments, but combine with all the other isolated moments until your car is a mess!

And if you thought the inconvenience to spot-treat these isolated moments were challenging enough, allow enough of these isolated moments to accumulate and see how this new and unwanted picture overwhelms you!

Armor All Wipes:
An ounce of prevention, really is better!

I don't care what subject matter of life we are discussing, I think it safe to say that each of us recognize the benefits of basic maintenance.

Maintenance is about avoiding the more costly and painful cures that you invite into your life by deferring necessary maintenance.  But if we all recognize the merits of preventative maintenance, then why do most of us find it so hard to perform basic and necessary forms of preventative maintenance?

I will tell you why, just as I am going to tell you why the Armor All wipes step up to provide a solution that is not only simple, but very easy!

Armor All Wipes
The Verdict

Armor All Car Wash Wipes - Interior Cleaner for Cars & Truck & Motorcycle, Ultra Shine, 12 Count, 18240

These handy wipes get a thumbs up from me for a variety of reasons:

  • A very simple answer to the many dirty moments of life
  • Amazing versatile in cleaning endless surfaces and materials of your car
  • Carry them in every car for quick touch-up's for both exterior and interior use
  • Subtle scent, pleasing scent
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Over-sized handy wipe
  • Excellent dispenser that works better than most disposable wipes

Darren's Note: I really love these Armor All wipes! The more I use them, the more uses I find for them. Not only are they bigger than other household wipes, but they are very durable and don't fall apart at the first sign of dirt.

Even though Armor All wipes come in many dedicated varieties, you can simplify your life with the purchase of these wipes that are packaged as exterior wipes.

The Armor All wipes are infused with are gentle cleaner that works both for exterior an interior use. I find them every bit as useful for maintaining the interior surfaces as I do for exterior s surfaces despite these being labeled as an exterior wash wipe.

Why You Fail and How Not to Fail:
Armor All Wipes

armor all wipes to clean car interior

Regardless of how therapeutic washing your car and obsessing over the endless details might be for you as an individual, the truth is that it still remains as work. Work is called work for a reason...because it's work!

And work is something all us have a natural dislike for! Because, once again it is work!

So if we accept that work is naturally hard on its own merits, then anything that adds additional work and effort will make the "normal" amount of work, that much harder. And the harder a task is and becomes, the easier it will be to kick that can down the road.

The more often we kick necessary maintenance down the road, the more these accumulate into a mind bending moment of inaction due to an oppressive feeling of grief! (Did I make that dramatic enough for you?!)

"Armor All wash wipes: simple answer to many of life's dirt"

Now instead of letting this endless little messes of life with your car, that build-up to become bigger messes, now you can deal with them effectively and easily with the Armor All wash wipes.

car detail wipes

But I also maintain realistic expectations. Which is simply another way of saying I don't have unrealistic expectations.

  • I do not expect the Armor All wipes to perform miracles
  • I do not expect to clean a car that has accumulated months and months of dirt
  • I do not expect Armor All wipes to clean up a pool of chunky vomit from a four legged animal to the two legged version we refer to as our offspring

But what I do love is having a very convenient pack of disposable wipes that can handle the nuances and unwanted messes that are a natural part of life with my cars.

From unwanted spills, to basic dusting on the interior, to uninvited bird droppings that can damage paint, and a very basic wipe down of my cars paint. As stated above; the more I use these the more uses I find for them.

And one of the additional uses I find these Armor All wipes great for is on my own body. Specifically when I make a mess of my hands or spills on my clothes while either driving, or simply noticing a spill on myself after I have started to drive away from my house.

Armor All Wipes:
So many uses, so many places

Let me share with you some of the many uses of these all-purpose wash wipes that I have found.

Car Interior:

  • Basic wipe down of literally any surface in your cars interior
  • Plastic, rubber, leather, cloth, velour, etc.
  • Spot treat to clean up finger prints, small liquid spills, make-up, pet saliva, etc.
  • Cup holders, change holders, arm rests, steering wheel, dashboard, side dor compartments, etc.

Car Exterior:

  • Wipe down of light dust from paint
  • Bug guts, bird droppings, bee pollen
  • Gasoline spills during fill-ups
  • Water sprinkler water spots

Your Self:

  • Spills form coffee, soda, latte's, etc.
  • Food spills on your shirt, tie, dress, skirt, etc., etc., etc.
  • Make-up smudges
  • Blood from scabs, shaving, etc.
  • Food from your face after eating while driving

I hope I have made a compelling case for these ultra-handy wipes that are not only terrific for intended use, but can be repurposed for many other uses.

I am always looking for ways to maximize my time and effort. I enjoy a clean car more often, not less often. But enjoying   clean car does not happen automatically, so these Armor All wipes are a perfect solution for many of life's inconveniences.

I wish you much success in your car care efforts!


Darren Priest

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