Best Auto Wax:
Finding the Silver Bullet of Waxes!

Looking for the best auto wax will prove to be a never ending quest that any car fanatic will likely find themselves on!  I can't speak for you but I know that I am not really looking for the best car wax; what I am really in search of is shine and protection.

I simply accept that finding a top rated auto wax needs to be applied to my car in order to produce that shine and protection I am really on a quest to find.

In this digital age we are now living in, we are drowning in a sea of endless opinions from so-called experts and so-called professionals. The problem is that the Internet offers a free platform for everyone and anyone who wants to voice their opinion.

And here I am voicing my opinion! The big difference is that I am speaking from decades of professional experience. Experience not only using products, but using products that must perform to my paying customers I am required to make happy.

Why the Best Car Wax Doesn't Exist

Asking what the best auto wax is, would be the equivalent of asking what the best car is, or what the best food is, or what the best piece of clothing is... are you picking up what I am putting down here?

It's an over-simplified question!

the best car wax in the sun
  • Are you looking for the longest lasting wax?
  • The easiest to use wax?
  • The wax that will produce the best gloss and shine?
  • A wax that will not stain black trim?
  • A wax that can be used in direct sunlight on hot paint?

The Best Auto Wax:
What Would Darren Do (WWDD)

One of the more common comments I get from my long term followers usually goes something like this:

"Darren, just tell me what you would do!"

Guys have come to trust my candid opinions and expertise. Opinions based on my years as an experienced detailer. They are not interested in reading the endless reviews that exist, but simply want an answer to their questions or problems.

Because there really are so many great auto waxes on the market these days, often the final choice for you will be found within the nuances of a particular car wax.

With that said, I can only tell you what I think is the best auto wax to me and my world as a professional.

CSI Q-7 Wax 16oz 62-204-P

The ultimate reason I choose the CSI Q-7 as my "best auto wax" is that it represents what I consider the winning balance of features and benefits.

It is  this winning balance that not only includes the features of the actual product, but the benefit I call the user experience that many guys often forget about until it comes time to actually wax their car.

"What good is the best car wax in the world if that wax never makes it onto your car!"

I bet that if most of you reading this were to go out into your garage you would find a rather extensive assortment of car waxes you have bought and tried in the past. I know my father-in-law has two full shelves of different car waxes. Men are like women when it comes to car waxes!

Always seduced into buying the next latest and greatest offering from the industry as to what the next best auto wax has been determined to be.

Once again I will repeat myself: the best auto wax is the wax that makes it onto your car more often, not less often!

csi q7 wax best auto wax

Personally I would rather have a single car wax product I call my "sure thing", apply it to my car as needed, and enjoy my shiny protected car. But that is me...

I know many guys who can't help themselves (like my father-in-law) who have this strange obsession reading one review after another, spending more and more money on more and more car waxes.

Sometimes being delighted, but often being disappointed. I don't enjoy disappointment. I just want shiny! And I want it in a wax formulation that I am willing to use rather than a wax formulation that sends me into a tail spin at the thought of all the effort required to get it onto my car.

The CSI Q-7 wax is that wax for me. The winning balance!

  • Easy on, easy off
  • Can be used in direct sunlight on hot paint
  • Non-staining formulation (won't stain black trim)
  • Not only is it non-staining, but when used on black trim it will enhance and protect just like it will your car paint
  • Nano-emulsified (this means it has been engineered at the nano level. This produces a tighter, more refined formulation)
  • Carnauba wax formulation (unlike many other auto waxes that label their product as being a carnauba based product, they are so thin in consistency I am forever wondering how much wax is actually in the product. I have come to learn that many manufacturers simply add a trivial amount of carnauba wax to simply meet the demands of labeling)

Best Auto Wax:
Taking it to the next level!

csi Q-7 car wax on Ferrari

Many companies refer to their product line as a system. meaning each product is meant to only be used with their specific other products in what is called a systemic approach.

The cynical person that I can often be used to look at this as simply a way for companies to convince us good little sheep of buying more of the companies products instead of another companies products.

Kinda like "If you are going to use our wax, you need to only use our quick detailer because they are part f our system".

Having done extensive research myself I have come to learn how occasionally this is in fact a valid point based on how products are formulated and he chemistry used in formulated these car care products.

CSI (ClearCoat Solutions, Inc.) is one such company. All the chemicals are not only body shop safe, but literally formulated to work in complete harmony with each other due to very unique chemistry.

CSI Q-7 Detailer Quart 62-205-Q

  • Not just a great detailer for the exterior of your car
  • When used first, before applying the Q-7 wax, it acts as a primer for the Q-7 wax
  • Also my first choice in an interior detailer that is safe for all non-porous materials: plastic, vinyl, rubber, and even coated car leather (all car leather is the coated version. Coated with a clear protective clear coat)
  • Can also be used as an excellent glass cleaner
  • Can be used as a drying agent when drying off your freshly washed car

best auto interior quick detailer

Darren's Tips: If you would like additional pop to your car and you are accustomed to using a dedicated spray/quick detailer anyways, you might like the following strategy when using my recommendation of the best auto wax:

  • Use the foam applicator pad just below and spray the Q-7 Detailer directly onto foam applicator pad
  • Apply directly to the paint PRIOR to applying the Q-7 Wax
  • Allow to haze up
  • Don't remove any of the haze from the Q-7 Detail but use a second applicator pad and apply the Q-7 Wax directly over the haze of the Q-7 Detailer
  • Allow to dry/haze up completely (If using in high-humidity areas of the world, you may literally need to get some air flow over the car for complete drying of this two-step process before removing with a clean micro-fiber cloth
  • Due to the unique chemistry of these two products, they work in perfect harmony to not only add additional pop to your cars appearance, but the Q-7 Detail adds as a primer to the Q-7 Wax that allows it to last longer and give greater protection to your cars paint.

Adam's Hex-Grip Pro Tire Dressing Applicator - Ergonomic Design Makes Detailing Your Tires Easier - Mess Free Application Tire Dressings - Durable, Washable, and Reusable

  • Use a dedicated foam applicator pad for both the Q-7 Detailer and the Q-7 Wax
  • Spray product directly onto/into face of applicator, then apply or spread product directly onto car paint

Best Auto Wax:
Old School, Visual Performance

Best auto wax

There are many people that are slow to embrace new technology. Car waxes are no exception and many cling to the concept that a quality paste car wax is still the best choice.

Perhaps the simple conclusion might be the combination strategy: apply your pick of a paste wax as the foundation, then use the CSI Q-7 wax as your maintenance wax.

We could gather 1,000 of us car fanatics in a group and have a never ending debate on what is the best choice and which type of wax lasts longest. At the end of the day I am always going to default to a wax I am willing to use more often.

Paste waxes have always held the position as being the best at creating depth and shine to car paint. But they are also more troublesome to use and require more effort as a rule.

But if you are a paste wax kind of person, then I have listed my favorites below:

Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

  • Features thinfilm technology that that delivers the easiest application and removal.
  • Can be used in direct sunlight.
  • Will not leave white residue on black trim pieces.
  • Meguair's most advanced polymer technology in a paste version.
  • Is what is considered a WOWO. Wipe on, wipe off. You do not have to allow it to haze up before removal.
  • One of my personal favorites that represents one of the biggest balance of winning benefits of any car wax.
  • Could easily be voted best auto wax.

P21s Carnauba Wax

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

  • Considered enthusiast to professional grade.
  • Exclusive Carnauba-beeswax blend.
  • One of my professional favorites.
  • Won't leave white reside or stain black trim.
  • Can be finessed to be used in direct sunlight.
  • Amazing reviews.

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax

Wolfgang Füzion Carnauba Polymer Estate Wax 3 oz. Mini

  • Considered enthusiast to professional grade.
  • Amazing user experience.
  • Hand-crafted blend of carnauba wax, German Super Polymers, and proprietary ingredients.
  • Won't leave white residue or stain black trim.
  • Amazing reviews.
  • For those that demand the best regardless of price.
  • Smaller container than traditional waxes. (don't be mislead by the smaller size for one. And also know that 3 oz. is plenty of wax to wax your car many times. Very little is needed to wax your car)

Best Auto Wax:
Darren's Summary

best auto wax porsche

Let me end this page with some additional tips in parting:

  • Wash car in whatever manner you choose.
  • Decontaminate your car (see this auto clay bar link for a full description to this very important step)
  • Choose any of the paste waxes from above. ( Many people prefer the paste versions that will become the foundation of protection and gloss moving forward)
  • Or choose the CSI Q-7 spray wax as your only wax or as a wax extender to be used as often as you want to create that just waxed look in less time while extending the life of your foundational paste wax application.

Best Auto Wax Summary

As car owners and car enthusiasts, we are buried in choices when it comes to products. Any trip down the car care aisle at the local retailer will put out into anxiety induced tail spin!

I have done my best to simplify a frustrating area for many, and hope you find the winning combination of your choice as the top auto wax according to you and your needs.


Darren Priest

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