Best Rated Car Wax:
Finding the "best" just became easier!

Finding the best rated car wax seems to be an exercise in futility at times; so many voices, so many choices. As an auto detailing professional, I know that when it comes to finding the best auto wax, we don't get everything in one product.

As a professional, I must keep multiple car wax types on hand in order to have the perfect car wax for the moment!

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Each moment requires me to make the best selection for the specific car I am working on, and this selection process can only be done with years of first hand experience! And it is my years of experience that you stand to benefit from, for it is an overwhelming proposition to know which product is going to represent the "winning combination" of benefits for you!

Best Rated Car Wax:
Finding the Winning Combination

The winning combination is what we all look for in every area of life! Whether you realize it or not; everything choice comes down to trade-off's

We as consumers trade one benefit or feature in order to gain a more wanted benefit or feature. Nothing is every going to have everything we want.

It's all about finding that winning balance.

What you may consider the best rated car wax may not be the same car wax I consider the best. And for this reason only you can decide what the winning balance looks like for you and your world.

best rated car wax
  • Durability
  • Visual Performance
  • User experience
  • Price Point

Car Waxing Made Simple:
The "under-rated" user experience

I have found that many people go chasing the most durable car wax, the best car wax, the best car wax for black cars, etc., etc. But in chasing this moving target I find that many people forget how important the user experience is when it comes to finding that winning balance.

"The best car wax in the world is not going to do you any good if it never makes it onto your car paint!"

what is the best rated car wax

Darren's Note: Many people have unrealistic expectations when shopping a top rated car wax. Applying a quality car wax to your car will certainly add protection while adding a level of gloss and shine, but if your paint has been neglected or abused, no car wax exists that will magically transform your beaten down car/truck into a show piece.. One step in the process you truly need to consider is decontaminating your paint before applying any chosen car wax or sealant. Do not underestimate this very critical step. If you are unsure about this process, I highly recommend you become an informed car owner which will serve to deliver better results once you have decided upon a car wax.

See my detailing clay/clay bar page to become part of the minority of people known as the "informed".

Stop Chasing Your Tail

If you enjoy endless car wax reviews then by all means continue the quest. But if you are looking to cut to the chase with products proven to perform without breaking the bank, then use my samples below that I personally use at a professional level.

Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax

Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax - 16 oz.

  • Cross-linking synthetic polymer technology.
  • Meguiar's most advanced wax product.
  • Maximum protection and durability.
  • Hydrophobic advanced technology. (this means water-fearing and is what creates the water beading effect)
  • Excellent user ratings.
  • Consumer/enthusiast grade wax product..
  • Apply every 4-6 months for protective base and visual enhancement.
  • Won't leave white residue or stain black trim.
  • Can be used in direct sunlight.
  • A no-brainer for anyone looking for an ultra simple answer to paint protection and enhancement.

Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

  • For those that prefer the experience of a paste formulation.
  • ThinFilm technology for ease of application and removal.
  • Non-staining formulation; no white residue.
  • Can be used in direct sunlight.
  • Apply every 4-6 months for protective base and visual enhancement.
  • Consumer/enthusiast grade wax product.
  • Cross-linking synthetic polymer technology.
  • One of my personal favorites especially considering the price point.

P21s Carnauba Paste Wax

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

  • Natural carnuaba-beeswax formulation.
  • Non-staining formulation (won't stain black trim)
  • Enthusiast/professional grade.
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight (despite what labling says)
  • One of my personal favorites.
  • Excellent reviews.

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax

Wolfgang Füzion Carnauba Polymer Estate Wax 3 oz. Mini

  • For those that simply demand the best. (hence the price difference)
  • Don't be mislead by the smaller 3 oz. size. (This not only makes it more expensive when doing a comparison, but you might be concerned that it will limit you to only a couple applications. Most beginners apply far too much wax and end up removing most of it after it hazes up. All you need is a very thin film and this 3 oz. size will be more than ample for many applications despite its smaller size)
  • Non-staining formulation that will not create a white residue or stain black trim.
  • Hand-crafted blend of carnauba wax, German super polymers, and proprietary ingredients.
  • Enthusiast/professional grade wax product.
  • Amazing reviews.

Trust me when I say this: any of the best rated car waxes from above will prove to deliver exceptional results. And because of the superior advances in chemical engineering and formulating, it often comes down to subtle nuances that will determine as to what you will ultimately determine as your pick as the top rated car wax.

Darren's Professional Tip:

Allow me to add some additional recommendations and tips I have learned along the way in my professional career that spans over 25 years.

Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Spray Wax

Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax

  • Regardless of which brand of car wax you choose from above, the Meguiar's Ultimate Quik wax is a must have!
  • Use with any of the best rated car waxes from above as your last step product (LSP) to remove any trace streaking you may encounter based on the color of car you are working on, as well as the weather conditions in the moment.

best rated car wax
  • Will also take your efforts to that last level of perfection after applying one of the waxes above.
  • Use after you have applied and removed any of the waxes above. (Think of it as a spray detailer that is formulated with actual wax/polymers in it)
  • Use as a wax extender as often as you are willing to both extend the life of your base coat, and for that "just waxed look" in a fraction of the time. (I use this on my freshly washed car each week because it is that good, and that easy!)
  • I apply right on any black trim to add a subtle enhancement and an added layer of protection. (I know this goes completely counter to conventional thinking; but trust me on this one!)
  • Can be used with any car wax product of your choosing from above regardless of manufacturer.

Best Rated Car Wax Summary

Porsche best rated car wax

I hope I have helped you to not only become an informed consumer, but also helped you to decide on the best rated car wax based on you and your world!


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