Buff A Car
Safely Polish Your Car Like A Rock Star!

You really can buff a car like a rock star even if you are a complete beginner and even if you have never held a car buffer in your hand.

With the latest in car buffer design and engineering, the industry has designed specific car polishers that bridge the gap between complete beginner and seasoned pro like myself.

After reading my recommendations and reviews, you will have enough information to finally make the leap from average, to supreme shine!

Buff a Car?
Your Biggest Mistake!

buff a car

The biggest mistake you are likely making as a beginner is thinking that bouncing from one review to another is finally going to get you somewhere.

In many ways it's not your fault but simply a by-product of this thing called the Internet. The Internet allows anyone with an opinion to become a self-proclaimed expert on any subject regardless of their experience or competence.

So the biggest tip I can give you is to follow my lead as I am going to speak from 3 specific areas that will set what you read here apart from elsewhere:

  • I speak from personal experience having tested all the top rated car polishers.
  • I am a professional detailer with over 30 years of experience.
  • I have taught countless guys how to buff a car safely and effectively to achieve professional level results.

So unlike the Internet trolls or so-called experts, this time you really are dealing with an experienced professional.

I have no personal agenda as I represent no brand or manufacturer, but simply do my best to deliver the type of information I wish I had when I was first starting out.

Wax On, Wax Off
What Do You Really Want To Do

What I need to clarify here is the difference between waxing your car with a buffer, and polishing your car with a buffer.

Using a buffer to apply wax is not the same as using a buffer to restore shine, remove swirl marks, or remove other paint imperfections.

Many guys go looking how to buff a car when really all they want is a car buffer to apply and remove car wax so they don't have to do it by hand.

If you are one of these guys then you really don't need to over-think things and you can choose this top rated, entry level car buffer below.

BLACK+DECKER WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher

  • As safe and basic as a car buffer can get.
  • Super light and compact.
  • Perfect for applying and removing car wax.
  • Not the buffer you want if you actually want to permanently remove paint flaws and blemishes from your cars paint.
  • Definitely not the car buffer if you want to buff a car like a rock star.

Buff a Car:
What Would Darren Do (WWDD)

I love to keep things simple!

Modern day products and equipment now offer simplicity in the form of buffers, polishes, and buffing pads.

Each of the following kits will be the simplest and easiest way for you to polish like a rock star even as a complete beginner.

Each of these kits also comes with the safest and easiest buffer to use whether you are a complete beginner to a seasoned veteran.

car buffer with car polishThere is no limit to the amount of choices you will have to buff your car. From buffers, to polishes, to polishing pads, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed to the point of inaction!

Best Car Buffing Kits for a Beginner

If you want to keep things SUPER simple then you will appreciate a comprehensive polishing kit like either one of these.

Rather than shopping for all the various "tools" you need to buff a car, you can get everything in a single kit.

Chemical Guys Car Buffing Kit

  • The perfect machine polisher for beginners to intermediate enthusiasts
  • The safest most user friendly car polisher you can get: Dual action, random orbital polisher.
  • 4 Different grades of polish: you get to customize your car buffing needs based on the specifics of your car
  • Different buffing pads you can custom match to your needs and polish type

Adam's Polishes Swirl Killer Car Buffing Kit

  • Quality at every step of the way!
  • When you are ready to buff a car, you will buff like a true professional.
  • One of my favorite car polishing kits!
  • The last car polishing kit to buff a car you will ever need (remember: need and want are two different things)

Buff a Car:
So many choices!

If you have been on the fence for awhile and have yet to execute, then let me add some advice.

My rule is to start with a quality random orbital car buffer and get your feet wet. You simply never know how far you will take the whole car polishing thing.

You may catch the bug and find yourself buying one car buffer after another. Or may simply buff a car once and call it quits for the rest of your life.

The car buffing kits on this page are ideal ways for you to get finally commit and get what you really want when you buff a car:

Really shiny paint!

Buff A Car Like A True Professional

car polishing for beginners

Darren's Professional Tips: As a beginner you will most likely be working on a budget. And even if you have money to burn, nobody likes disappointment. Just know that either of these kits will perform for you.

Not only will you be able to buff a car as a complete beginner, but each of these kits contain the car buffers, pads, and polishes to restore the depth, shine, and gloss to your ride.

There is plenty of fear when thinking of buffing a car for the first time! Just know that these buffers represent the safest and easiest way to buff a car and achieve truly lasting and satisfying results!


Darren Priest