Buffing a Car:
Complete Beginners Guide to Polishing Your Car

Buffing a car is perhaps the greatest concern for any car lover and enthusiast. It is accepted that the only way to achieve remarkable paint is by buffing your car. 

I realize your head may be filled with all kinds of bad stories about guys ruining their car paint because they tried to polish their car themselves.

I can promise you that for every story like this (that in most cases are nothing but a hyped-up story that is unverified), there are thousands of car owners that have successfully created professional level results by buffing their car with one of the exact types of car polishers I have laid out on this page.

"Buffing a car is the only real way you are ever going to create the shine, depth, and gloss in car paint. I bet what you really want is shinier car paint. Buffing your car is your answer!"

buffing your car

Your inexperience is keeping you from even asking the right questions. The added problem is you have an industry willing to give you answers that are right for them, but not necessarily answers right for you!

  • Can you really polish a car if you a complete beginner?
  • Why choosing the best may be the worst?
  • Why you need to act now, not later?

Now that I have laid out the questions that either are or should be at the top of your list, let's find out the answers:

Q: Can a beginner really buff a car without special training.

A: Yes. The random orbital buffers on this page represent the winning balance between safe and effective. Unlike the rotary polisher that is very effect, it can also be unsafe in the wrong hands. The old school random orbital you perhaps you saw collecting dust in your dads garage are good for nothing other than waxing a car. These random orbitals along with the compounds and polishes can actually perform high-level, permanent paint correction.

A: Why is choosing the best buffer possibly NOT the best?

A: Because your enthusiasm to find the best will be a slippery slope that is very hard to get off once you're on it. I get it....who doesn't want the best. But your search for the best car buffer will lead you to a never ending line of opinions from the next so-called expert after another. What you need to realize is a couple things:

  • The more you keep searching, the more you delay fabulously shiny paint.
  • If you in fact embrace the art and science of buffing your car, you will forever be seduced into the next greatest car buffer. You won't be able to help yourself. So why over-think it now. Both of the car buffers on this page represent the winning balance of not only safe and effective polishing, but professional car buffers that won't break your bank account at the beginning of your journey into car polishing.

Q: Why do you need to act now not later.

A: I pretty much answered this in my last answer. Likely you are here because you want shinier paint. So the question becomes this: "Are you any closer to getting shiner paint by reading more and more car buffer reviews?

Or are you really just overwhelmed at this point where you are really just making excuses that prevent you from making a decision?

Buffing a Car:
Your complete solutions kits

I realize that this page is not likely your first attempt at buffing a car and exactly what it's going to take to finally get you off the fence of anxiety and fear to where you are literally buffing your car.

With that said, I want to summarize the key factors in deciding the best car buffing kit for a complete beginner.

Maxshine M15 car buffer for buffing a car

  • The random, orbital buffer is the safest car buffer that you can get that will actually still be able to do paint correction.
  • These polishers are safe as safe can get. Period!
  • Just accept that you need to start now. (your car paint is not geting any shinier without one)
  • Just accept that if you embrace the skill and art of buffing a car, you will forever be searching for the next best car buffer, car polish, polishing pads, etc. , etc (you will catch the bug and you will not be able to help yourself)
  • You just need to get off your butt and act now!  (you can continue to bounce from one car buffing review after another, but that is only going to make you more fearful and frustrated. (you are drowning in opinions. Reading another hundred and one opinions is not going to get you closer to fabulously shiny paint)

Maxshine M15 Pro Polishing Kit

Maxshine M15 Pro Series II DA Dual Action Polisher & Polisher- M15 pro Armory Kit

  • Everything you need to take your car paint to the next level. (almost everything. This kit does not have any detailing clay included)
  • Amazing balance of features and benefits in a performance polisher for buffing a car without the added surcharge for other "brand name" car buffers
  • As safe as safe can get when you are ready to buff your car
  • Super powerful dual-action 15mm throw orbital car buffer that can be dialed down for slower speeds if you are very fearful and a complete beginner
  • Also comes with all your polishing pads and polishes needed to create a level of shine and gloss like you have never seen

Adam's Swirl Killer Car Polishing Kit

Adam’s Swirl Killer 15mm Polisher - Orbital Polishing Paint Correcting Buffer Tool - Car Scratch Remover, Correcting Polish - Use Post Car Wash Clay Bar & Pre Wax or Ceramic Coating (Ultimate Kit)

  • This is another perfect sample of an all-in-one car buffing kit. (This kit even comes with detailing clay to perform the necessary paint decontamination prior to any car paint polishing)
  • Super safe, super powerful car buffer that is perfectly suited for any true beginner to hard core enthusiast
  • All the pads, compounds, polishes you will need to take your car paint to a higher level of love!
  • Incredibly user friendly and delivers the ability to polish like a pro straight out of the box.

Buffing a Car Summary

buffing a car with a random orbital car polisher

In conclusion I hope I have given you a new feeling a hope that replaces all the fear and anxiety that many guys develop along the way in their quest for the perfect car buffer.

The thought of buffing a car likely has you filled with a high-level of anxiety due to the endless "noise" of this very hyped-up topic of car care and detailing. Most of which is unverified information from so-called experts and "wanna-be detailers".

I hope my voice of reason will get you to act now, not later so you can enjoy all the head turning stares your newly polished car will get after buffing your car!


Darren Priest

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