No 7 Rubbing Compound 10oz.
Easy, Simple, and Effective

Eventually any car owner like yourself is going to come to the conclusion that their cars paint is looking "less-than". No 7 Rubbing Compound 10 oz. polish is at the top of the list for many people due to its popularity and great reviews.

Whether you are looking to spot treat paint blemishes, mishaps, and small paint scratches, this version of a popular rubbing compound is going to be your simplified answer to the removal or diminishing of these superficial flaws. For the real committed and tenacious car owners, it can also be the answer to a complete rub down of your car paint to restore shine, luster, and depth.

No 7 Rubbing Compound 10oz.
First Point of Entry

No7 White Polishing Compound, 10 fl oz

Not all rubbing compounds are created equal. And what I mean by that specifically is more about aggressiveness versus any of the other features of a particular rubbing compound.

The rule in the professional world of detailing, especially when it comes to polishing paint or removing paint flaws is to go with the less invasive or aggressive method. The no 7 rubbing compound 10 oz size above is your first point of entry when following this rule.

It is still very effective, but mild enough for any true beginner with a hefty level of fear and anxiety at the thought of touching their car paint with any kind of abrasive rubbing compound.

  • Use to remove superficial paint flaws and blemishes
  • Use to remove or diminish car paint scratches
  • Use to restore overall depth and luster to neglected or older paint
  • Use to remove fingernail scratches around door handles
  • Use to remove paint transfer or various skid marks on your car paint

No 7 Rubbing Compound 10oz.
Second Point of Entry

Niteo Products 08610-EACH Single No7 Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound

Since we have learned that not all rubbing compounds are all created equal, you may need or want something more aggressive than the entry level product from above. This is where the heavy duty rubbing compound comes in.

This version of the same product has more "bite" to it in the form of abrasives and chemical cleaners. Still very safe for any beginner, this heavy duty version will do more heavy lifting than the original No 7 rubbing compound 10 oz size.

  • Same uses and features from above
  • A more aggressive level of performance
  • When heavier lifting is needed

Let me state the obvious by closing with some words of encouragement. Even if you are a complete beginner you really don't need to overthink this area of car care. While I am not a fan of trying to "rub out" your entire car by hand and with rubbing compound, these products do represent an excellent solution to the random and isolated areas of concern when it comes to your cars paint finish.

All of the benefits of choosing a top rated rubbing compound as stated above remain true to this day and can be resolved or improved with one of these products.

I wish you much success!


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