No 7 Rubbing Compound 10oz.
Easy, Simple, and Effective

Eventually any car owner like yourself is going to come to the conclusion that their cars paint is looking "less-than".

No 7 Rubbing Compound 10 oz. polish is at the top of the list for many people due to its popularity and great reviews.

The problem is that just because this product was popular twenty years ago, does not mean it remains popular.

The truth is that it has now become crazy expensive and I suspect this is due to a shortage in demand.

The industry simply has too many  alternatives to this once popular rubbing compound such as the Turtle Wax product below.

No 7 Rubbing Compound 10oz.
First Point of Entry

turtle wax rubbing compound 10oz

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Not all rubbing compounds are created equal. And what I mean by that specifically is more about aggressiveness versus any of the other features of a particular rubbing compound.

The rule in the professional world of detailing, especially when it comes to polishing paint or removing paint flaws is to start with the less aggressive method.

The Turtle Wax rubbing compound is a perfect fit for this basic starting point: 

  • Use to remove superficial paint flaws and blemishes
  • Use to remove or diminish car paint scratches
  • Use to restore overall depth and luster to neglected or older paint
  • Use to remove fingernail scratches around door handles
  • Use to remove paint transfer or various skid marks on your car paint

No 7 Rubbing Compound 10oz.
Second Point of Entry

Niteo Products 08610-EACH Single No7 Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound

Since we have learned that not all rubbing compounds are all created equal, you may need or want something more aggressive than the entry level product from above. This is where the heavy duty rubbing compound comes in.

This version of the same product has more "bite" to it in the form of abrasives and chemical cleaners. Still very safe for any beginner, this heavy duty version will do more heavy lifting than the original No 7 rubbing compound 10 oz size.

  • Same uses and features from above
  • A more aggressive level of performance
  • When heavier lifting is needed

No 7 Rubbing Compound 10oz Summary

turtle car wax products

I have offered a couple of alternatives to the once very popular No 7 rubbing compound 10 oz. product. Not only are these tow alternatives more affordable, but one of them is made using updated chemistry and science.  that represent updated technology.

This is likely the most specific keyword page I have ever offered my two-cents worth of professional advice on! Clearly this is a product that continues to be relevant among a topic of car care that is extremely competitive since people keep searching fopr it.

I wish you much success in your car detailing efforts!


Darren Priest


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