Nu Finish Wax
The popular car wax that isn't

Nu Finish wax has long been a popular way to add beauty and protection to your cars paint. In a world that seems to get progressively busier, most of us can appreciate a car sealant that only has to be applied once a year.

But one has to question as to whether Nu Finish can really last a year. Of course any of us want to believe. But I also want to believe in world peace some day and that doesn't hardly seem likely anytime soon. But before we get to answer that million dollar question, how about we deal with the contradiction this product has always represented.

Car Polish, Car Wax, or Car Sealant?

nu finish wax

From where I sit (figuratively speaking of course), it seems the obvious contradiction is not being questioned. This once a year car polish is not really a polish at all; at least not in the true sense of what a polish really is within the context of professional auto detailing.

Polish (polishing)- Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface through some form of rubbing that leaves the surface with a significant specular reflection. In the most simple definition of polishing, than virtually everything would necessarily be labeled as a polish since some form of rubbing would be required during application. But if this were the case then what would differentiate a dedicated, abrasive polish from every other product?

Sealant- While many people will search for Nu Finish wax, it is in fact a synthetic sealant and not a wax. As a rule within the world of auto detailing, a car wax is formulated using natural wax ingredients. Sealants are formulated using synthetic ingredients. Based on this rule, the Nu Finish wax is not a car wax at all but a true synthetic sealant.

"Who cares Darren. Just tell me if it works!"

Nu Finish Wax:
The Once a Year Car Polish

The simple answer is that Nu Finish Wax is a great product and works. The more complex answer is located below as I dissect this world of car care and the endless hype, marketing, and advertising that all of us are required to filter through.

Nu Finish Once-A-Year Car Polish (16 oz) Bundle with Microfiber Cloth Kit (2 Items)

If by "work" you mean relative to other types of car waxes and car paint sealants then yes, it does in fact work. It has worked since it was introduced and continues to work gathering more and more fans along the way.

But does it represent the winning balance of what I consider the necessary things I look for in a car sealant?

  • Does it produce the results you want?
  • Does it have a good user experience?
  • Is it easy to get?
  • Is it economical relative to other similar products?

Once again, the simple answer is yes; Nu Finish wax can add a check to all those boxes above. But for many people the real question is can it last a full year as indicated right on the bottle and is commonly known as the "Once a year car polish"?

The answer is: Who Knows?

And just like every other car wax or paint sealant out there; no body really knows for sure.

"Numbers never lie, but liars always use numbers"

Not to be overly cynical, but experience has taught me that a desired outcome can always be teased out with the use of numbers. And for this reason I don't overthink the "can it protect", and for "how long will it last". Often claims are made due to the beading effect of a product on the paint surface. The problem is that I can take a clean car paint surface that has been stripped of all wax or sealants and the surface will still bead up.

In this case, I could lay claim that the surface is still protected by the simple fact that water still beads up on the surface. Unfortunately this has more to do with water surface tension than anything else.

You can see many claims made by sellers and the manufacturer itself that claims Nu Finish wax will bead, shine, and protect for a full year. Once again, this is a list of metrics that is hard to quantify by any product.

Bead- I can take any car paint surface, clay the paint to remove any bonded contaminants, remove all forms of wax or sealants, and water will still bead on the surface.

Shine- The Nu Finish will definitely shine any paint. Most products when applied will create a shinier surface simply through the act of rubbing during application along with a products ingredients that will add some shine. It will be the mechanical polishing (application of the product through rubbing), combined with the chosen product that will automatically provide an added level of shine.

Protection- Protect? Protect from what? There is no product that will protect your paint from everything. I realize there are many tests that will compare numerous car waxes and paint sealants to see how well they can protect against certain unwanted elements of life: bird droppings, water spots, tree sap, etc., etc. But this is where I would refer back to my quote from above about liars and numbers. I simply have seen too many tests, polls, and surveys only to find out how certain wanted results could be manipulated out by using the right questions along with the right numbers.

So with all that said, I will typically default to the other metrics of what I consider the winning balance:

  • Results: Nu Finish wax will definitely produce the desired results most people are looking for.
  • User Experience: Nu Finish wax has a very good user experience.
  • Easy to get: Nu Finish is very easy to get. (use the link above and you can have it shipped directly to your front door)
  • Economical: Nu Finish is very economical in relation to any other product out there.

In my book, this makes Nu Finish a great choice for anyone who wants to keep things simple and use a product that will enhance your cars appearance, while offering some form of protection.


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