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As a person I am ballance between both logic and creativity. SO when it comes to design, marketing, and advertising, I have always been self-reliant when it comes to crating a new logo for my auto detailing business.

I started Auto Fetish Detail back in 1988 and thought I would highlight the progression of the many detail logos I have designed throughout the years.

In the Beginning:
My first Auto Detailing Logo

first auto fetish detailing logo

This is where it all began more than 25 years ago! This was back before the Internet as we know it today or even all the high-tech graphics computer programs. I literally laid this out with vinyl transfers that came on sheets of transfer paper.

I don't recall how many times I had to do one up in order to get everything perfect, at which point I turned it over to my computer designer who took the concept and transformed it into a digital version that then had to be made into old school negatives and printed on a press.

Auto Detailing Logo#2

If I thought the first logo was difficult, this one was 10x the effort of the first one:

  • I designed the hyper-stylized font of the "fetish" myself freehand.
  • Had graphic artist convert to digital.
  • Wanted the logo not only embossed, but foil stamped using a purple foil.
  • Cost me about $1.00 per each card by the time I was done; that was $500 for 500 cards. Crazy expensive! But I want what I wanted even back then. As the saying goes, "It's all about the details".
  • The rest of the card text was traditional print with black and half-tone for the drop shadow.

Auto Detailing Logo #3

This card appeared during the 90's when I opened a brick and mortar shop in Santa Ana, CA where we did wholesale and retail detailing. I also had about 3-5 fully contained mobile units servicing the Orange County area doing mobile washing and detailing; talk about the headaches!

I went back to traditional printing with the exception of printing on glossy black card stock and silver ink.

Auto Detailing Logo #4

This  was my next crazy design I came up with where I literally drew out the stylized font of the FETISH. I also changed graphic designers at this point and the guy freaked when I showed him my ideas; he loved it! Of course it took him many hours to draw out my exact font into a computer graphics program.

But once again, I knew what I wanted and wasn't going to give up till I was happy.

I also loved it so much that I and ended up doing company T-shirts with this logo on them. At the time I think the outrageous font was appropriate for the name.

Auto Detailing Logo #5

At this point I would have been into the late 90's and then some. I reverted back to a more conservative font, but kept things provocative with the added tag line; once again I wanted to stir the pot with some added layer of innuendo.

This was also the point where I started to add the bullet point within the design of the logo.

Auto Detailing Logo #6

auto fetish detail logo

This next logo was the most comprehensive logo I had ever designed up to this point. It required more time on my part than ever before to finally nail down a design that matched my vision at the time.

Ironically, it was also the shortest lived logo I had ever used; perhaps a total of two years if I had to guess. This was a compilation of various designs I put together in order to complete my vision.

Present Day Logo

auto fetish detail business card

And here we have been brought up to the most current logo; well almost....

I have actually recently redone my logo yet again and have to update this page as soon as I get the digital file onto my computer.

I will keep you posted as soon as I get it.....

And here it is just below!

Amazing how long things take to go from the unmaterialized to the materialized. The thinking to the actualization.

”Serving Orange County, California for Over 25 Years”

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