Auto Detailing Prices:
The Fine Print

Smart people always read the fine print, so let's get started with auto detailing prices and the fine print...

Clearly, you are among the group of "smart people" as here you are reading the fine print of my auto detailing prices. I have nothing to hide so I have included this for people who take the time to do necessary "due diligence".

Every car is different just as every person is different. It is for this reason that a certain amount of communication is important to assess what your expectations are so that I may deliver upon those expectations. What you value as a person in the form of mobile car detailing services, will be different than what someone else values. As a general rule, the previous car detailing prices reflect pricing that will suit 95% of situations, with the remaining 5% falling into a price category that is either below or above the prices I quote at my auto detailing prices page. If you are most concerned with price and are looking for a quality detail job, then these prices are for you. If you are most concerned with getting the best detail possible that is appropriate for you and your situation, then we can decide together what that requires based on our phone conversation.

As a general rule, most people do misrepresent the condition of their car. I am not passing judgement here, but I must respond to what has been taught to me by twenty years of experience with people from all over. As I have stated many times within the pages of this site, I operate on a business philosophy of win/win. This simply means I don't win unless I create a win for you; this only comes by delivering a quality product and service to you.

As a rule, I only do house calls. It has become so complicated in complying with city ordinances, that it seems that within the city system, “the right hand can’t seem to exist on the same page as the left hand” and this makes it extremely difficult at best to work within the rules and laws of a particular city. The exception exists within residential neighborhoods where the rules and laws are different. So I have chosen to work within the limitations of the different cities, and limit my work to residential accounts.

Like all rules though, there are always exceptions. So if required, and the specifics of your particular business location lends itself to favorable circumstances, I can set appointments at your office.

If all this auto detailing prices fine print makes your head spin like it does mine; just call me and we can talk. I promise I am informed, personable, and honest.


Darren Priest

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