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It seems our cars are under attack wherever we go; from freeway driving to inconsiderate people in parking lots. Ongoing advances in auto paint chip repair is just the answer many people are looking for when it comes to repairing, diminishing, or removing the many assaults your car is up against, and here at Auto Fetish we have solutions to keep your car looking its best:

mobile auto paint chip repair
  • Car paint chip repair
  • Road rash repair
  • Bumper repair
  • Door ding repair (paintless dent removal)
  • Paint scratch removal/repair

Multiple Solutions for the Many Car Paint Problems

When it comes to mobile services, generally a company or person will fall into a single category of repair; either mobile auto detailing or mobile car paint scratch and chip repair. While this may not present a problem when dealing with a single or specific type of scratch or chip repair, in most cases each car will have a variety of problems to address, which ultimately means a variety of techniques will be required for optimum results:

  • Rock chips in many forms and sizes
  • Road rash on all front facing areas
  • Scratches in many lengths and many depths
  • Road Debris chips
  • Misc. chips in misc. areas.

Mobile Paint Chip Repair vs. Mobile Detail Services

Follow along below to see how each service provider comes with specific skills, tools, and techniques:

Mobile Chip Repair Service

  • No auto detail experience with regards to color sanding, polishing, etc.
  • Limited abilities with regards to removing or diminishing scratches, blemishes, and chips through the use of skilled polishing techniques.
  • Comprehensive touch-up paint for custom paint matches
  • High level paint touch-up tools including specialty brushes and applicators

Mobile Auto Detail Service

  • High level of polishing skills including color sanding techniques, polish selection, and pad selection
  • Extremely limited paint touch-up color selection
  • Very limited paint touch-up specialty brushes and applicators

Often we oversimplify the decision making process due to limited information. If you took the time to review the different pros and cons from just above, you can see how each service provider is limited to specific skill sets, which in turn means they are limited in performance. Because Auto Fetish delivers service with both skill sets from above, we have the ability to deliver superior results when it comes to fixing and repairing any and all car paint chips, scratches, and road rash.

Auto Fetish List of Services:

See the list of services below to see what service fits the cosmetic needs of your car:

Car Paint Chip Repair

Over time your car will likely accumulate numerous chips to the paint. These assaults can come in unlimited ways, and when it comes to these small paint chips most people do not even realize when they happen; they just somehow seem to magically appear. From road debris flying up from the road, to run-away shopping carts in parking lots, these chips accumulate over time to diminish the beauty and value of your car. Experience has shown me two things in the course of my detail experience with regards to the chip repair process:

  • People do not realize the dramatic difference this simple process makes to overall appearance of car,
  • People are completely delighted with end result! Especially when considering cost and downtime of the body shop!

With our mobile service we provide the following service to your car, truck, RV, etc:

auto paint chip repair
  • Touch-up paint using PPG urethane basecoat.
  • Ability to fill deep paint chips along with paint touch-up
  • $100-$250 for 80% of cars we do
  • Custom blended colors to match your exact car
  • Includes full car

Road Rash Repair

Road rash is a common problem for most car owners here in Orange County. Debris from the road will chip the paint of your car to create a speckled pattern of chips that over time will result in the dreaded road rash effect!

Road Rash Repair-before

mobile road rash repair

Road Rash Repair-after

mobile road rash repair

Anyone who has ever attempted the disappointing result of traditional car touch-up paint applicators will appreciate the professional results available from advances in touch-up paint systems such as the one we use at Auto Fetish. Now the annoying road rash can be dealt with inexpensively and with professional results.

  • $100-$250 for most cars
  • Front end only for this quoted price including side mirrors, and roof line.
  • Includes road rash and rock chip repair/touch-up

Bumper Repair/Repaint

Between the cost and down time of the traditional body shop experience, this will have most people running for cover! Mobile bumper repair and repaint is a viable alternative to the body shop experience.

The picture below represents a bumper repair job that could accept any of the repairs below depending on budget and desired finished results

mobile bumper repair orange county
  • Bumper touch-up repair $10-$250 (typical cost)
  • Bumper spot repair $250 (typical cost)
  • Bumper full repaint $350 (typical cost)
  • Side panel repair/repaint (starts at $250 depending on repair)

PDR-Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is truly an art. To see the end result of a true master of the art is something hard to believe unless seen first hand. Don't take chances with unskilled paintless dent removal technicians with limited experience. Our technicians come with over 15 years of experience whom doing nothing but PDR. Period!

paintless dent removal-orange county
  • Door dings start at $80 for a single ding
  • Discount for multiple dings

Auto Paint Chip Repair Summary

  • From polishing techniques to touch-up paint techniques, we always have the ability to improve any damage, flaw, chip, or scratch on your car; from end to end, from top to bottom!
  • Combine our detail services with any car paint chip repair or road rash repair and receive 20% discount on selected chip repair or road rash repair.
  • We believe informed customers make better customers, so please feel free to call with any questions.
  • Cash required from first time customers (yes, the few have once again ruined it for the many!)

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