The Best Car Wax
Simplified Approach

Finding the best car wax will be a frustrating job for most of you. The problem started by how you found this page in the first place by doing a search for the best car wax.

In order to find the best of anything, first you must define what "best" means to you. Regardless of the area of life you are talking about, the best really comes down to the fine balance that will represents what I call the "winning balance".

The Best Car Wax:
The winning balance

If you are reading this then it is a good chance that you understand that everything in life comes with trade-off's. You trade one feature or benefit for another feature or benefit you find more appealing.

You accept that no single product (in this case it's a car wax) will ever have every single feature and benefit you could imagine.

best car wax on ferrari 458 spyder

Certainly when it comes to choosing the best car wax you will be forced to determine what your priority list looks like:

  • Durability.
  • Ease of use.
  • Natural or synthetic blend.
  • Paste, liquid, or spray.

Best Car Wax:
What Would Darren Do (WWDD)

Many of my dedicated followers don't really want all the foundational information regardless of the topic. They simply want to know what I use or what I would do. If you are one of these people then you will find this first part helpful.

CSI Q-7 Wax 16oz 62-204-P

  • What I consider the winning balance of features and benefits (and my personal pick as the best car wax)
  • Formulated using non-technology (this allows for a "tighter" consistency and formulation since the development is done at such an extremely small particle size)
  • Actually contains "real" carnauba wax ( I put "real" in quotations only because of all the endless misleading and false labeling I see on many car care products that claim to be formulated with carnauba wax. I have personally confirmed this Q-7 wax has carnauba wax formulated into it, and you can actually see it within the formulation as it naturally collects around the top of the inner container. For this reason it is recommended that you shake the product before your application)
  • Non-staining formulation means you don't have to worry about getting it on black car trim
  • Can actually be used on black car trim to enhance and protect as you would on car paint (This was a very confusing concept for me when I was first introduced to this wax over 15 years ago. The formulator explained that modern day paint jobs (clear coats) is a form of plastic. He formulated this wax to work on modern day clear coat paint; which is a form of plastic. With that said, it is a natural byproduct that this wax cab in fact be used directly on black trim to enhance and protect it)
  • Thicker in consistency than most other traditional spray waxes (You feel like you are actually applying a product of substance)
  • Can be used in direct sunlight on hot paint (this is due to the product being formulated using true waterborne technology)

CSI Q-7 wax on Ferrari

Darren's Tip: If you are looking for additional pop and protection to your cars paint when waxing (and who isn't right?!) I recommend using the CSI Q-7 Detailer as what I call a primer coat to use prior to applying the Q-7 Wax.

  • Before applying he Q-7 Wax, use the Q-7 Detailer just below as a primer to not only enhance the shine, but to create a more lasting bond to your car with the Q-7 car wax
  • Apply the Q-7 Detailer to the applicator sponge (shown below) and then apply directly to your car paint PRIOR to any wax
  • Allow to haze up but don't remove
  • Now with a second applicator sponge, apply the Q-7 wax to the applicator sponge then directly on top of the Q-7 Detailer haze
  • Allow to haze and dry completely before removing with a clean micro-fiber cloth

CSI Q-7 Detailer Quart 62-205-Q

  • Excellent stand alone quick detailer for quick touch-up's of all your cars exterior surfaces
  • My "go-to" interior detailer for quick touch-ups safe for all non-porous materials
  • Excellent window cleaner
  • When used in conjunction with the Q-7 wax, acts as a primer to add additional shine and more lasting protection

Adam's Hex-Grip Pro Tire Dressing Applicator - Ergonomic Design Makes Detailing Your Tires Easier - Mess Free Application Tire Dressings - Durable, Washable, and Reusable

  • Use to apply the Q-7 Detailer and a separate one for the Q-7 wax
  • Spray either products onto/into pad face then spread onto car surface

Darren's Tips: One of the ways in which I decide what the best car wax is will be a car wax I am willing to use more often, not less often. I don't care how great a product may be; if I am unwilling to use it then it doesn't matter how "good" it is.

What this has to do with finding a top rated car wax is all about the user experience. I want a product with what I consider a great user experience so I am willing to use more often, not less often. The CSI Q-7 wax is just that: A great wax that is easy to use and delivers great results. With that said, I also don't have unrealistic expectations for this wax or any other wax for that matter. I don't expect to think I am going to find some wax the world thinks is the best car wax that I can apply to my neglected car paint and have it magically transform my car in to a show piece.

When I was first introduced to the CSI Q-7 wax I was amazed and perplexed simultaneously. I was amazed at the fact that I can use it in direct sunlight on hot paint, and I was perplexed because of its ability to be used on black plastic trim. I had always known from first hand experience that you keep wax off black trim so it doesn't stain the trim. And this was over 15 years ago that I happened upon this wax. It is only recently that it has become available through Amazon.

using the best car wax

As I began to use it professionally, I began to appreciate its benefits and features more and more as I used it on many types of cars. Every car is unique in the way they are made as well as the materials used in making cars. Some cars have lots of black trim and rubber caskets, while others have little to no black trim and rubber gaskets. This wax not only can be used directly over black trim and any rubber/rubberized moldings/gaskets found on different types of vehicles, but actually enhances and adds protection to these materials.Thus making it a perfect example of what I consider the best car wax.

This wax can be applied or used in two different ways: as a spray wax where you spray onto surface, wipe in and immediately wiped off. (this is the way quick detailers and waterless wash products are used) or it can be applied to a foam applicator pad, then applied to paint surface, allowed to haze up, then removed.  The first method is quicker and slightly easier to apply, but the second method will add more durability as it allows the wax to "cure" or set up.

The point is that this wax is so versatile when it comes to application, ease of use, and the ability to use it on many types of materials.

The Best Car Wax:
If you must...

I accept that many people want to stick with a name they are familiar with. I get this.

For this reason I am going to lay out my other top choices in car waxes that will also serve you well.

Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax - 16 oz.

  • Considered both consumer and enthusiast grade.
  • Thin-Film technology delivers effortless application and removal.
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight.
  • Will not stain black trim and un-painted materials.
  • Advanced synthetic polymer technology.
  • Creates a super hydrophobic (water fearing) barrier that allows for maximum water-beading results.
  • Excellent overall reviews.
  • For any beginner car owner or person looking to get into professional detailing who doesn't want to over-think or over-spend, but simply wants terrific results.

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

  • One of my personal favorites.
  • Considered true professional grade (notice the pricing)
  • One of the paste waxes I use professionally.
  • Excellent for any colored car.
  • As easy as easy gets!
  • Excellent reviews!
  • See video review at my YouTube channel below.

Wolfgang Füzion Carnauba Polymer Estate Wax 3 oz. Mini

  • Professional and enthusiast grade.
  • For those who demand the best of anything (hence the price)
  • As easy as easy gets!
  • Hand-crafted blend of both synthetic polymers and carnauba wax.
  • Smaller size of 3 oz. (trust me; this is plenty for any car owner. A very little goes a long way!)
  • One of the waxes I use professionally for those discerning customers. (that is code for picky)

Best Car Wax Summary

Most people like yourself find you are overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices when shopping for a top rated car wax. You can spend hours researching all the latest car wax reviews and still come away unable to make a decision. For this reason I have done my best to simplify your quest for the best car wax. Please add the following to your understanding when it comes to getting maximum results:

best car wax on ferrari

  • Most people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to car wax and their cars
  • No wax in the world will overcompensate for years of neglect or abuse
  • Use detailing clay first on any car, regardless of condition. Removing the surface contaminants will help you achieve far better results and will be part of your ongoing maintenance
  • I always recommend the least aggressive and easiest route first when it comes to auto detailing; if you are a beginner, try just using the detailing clay and one of these quality wax products first before you try to move forward with any other products
  • If you are ready to take your car paint to an even higher level of shine and gloss and feel you are ready to learn how to take a car polisher to your paint, see my car polishing page and see how a complete beginner can produce professional results

If you have made it this far in your pursuit to find the best car wax I congratulate you! Most people simply are unwilling to take the time to become fully informed before making a decision.

This means you are among the minority of society willing to put in the due-diligence to become a more informed consumer and car owner.

I hope I have helped in quest to get better results in your life when it comes to waxing your car!


Darren Priest

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