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My name is Darren and I am your car detailing consulting expert here to provide you with answers to questions you likely don't even know to ask.

mobile car detailing consulting expertMy paid guest appearance for Milwaukee for their introduction of the first cordless rotary polisher

  • Are you a desperate individual looking to start you on a path to building your own business?
  • Are you an enthusiast looking to learn professional tricks of the trade to use in your own world.
  • Are you part of an organization looking to have a keynote speaker?
  • Are you part of a car club looking to teach your crew the finer arts of detailing. 
  • Do you won a current detailing business and find you don't know how to grow it of even become profitable.

"If you think education is expensive, you should try ignorance!"

That iconic quote is likely not new to you. I have heard it all my life as a youngster but never fully understood or appreciated it until I was much older.

And the older I get the more I appreciate and accept the truthfulness of it.

  • What if your ignorance is preventing you from asking the right questions.
  • What if you are asking the wrong questions and from the wrong source.

"The quality of your questions will largely determine the results you get in your life"

I am hear to help you start asking the right questions so you can find the winning solution within your own world.

Car Detailing Consulting Expert:
Your voice of reason

As I have said in many of my videos on YouTube; we are drowning in information. You are dealing with the exact opposite problem that I was when I first started out in auto detailing:

Too much information, rather than not enough information.

And with today's world of social media, anyone with an opinion can now fabricate and engineer an existence out of nowhere.

  • The appearance of professional.
  • The appearance of expert.
  • The appearance experience.

Add to this the growing inability to actual verify a source. It is becoming easier and easier for a person to completely fabricate a public image that has little to no actual experience or credibility.

People simply go out collecting, borrowing, or outright stealing information, content, and ideas out on the world wide web who now present themselves an an expert.

If you don't have the ability of asking the right questions, verifying the resource, you may find yourself on a path based on another persons agenda that has little to do with your own goals.

If you are ready to take the next step and are looking for an actual car detailing consultant expert, then you can go to my other website and do a full read:

Auto Detail Training

Car Detailing Consulting Expert:
Something for everyone

An Auto Detailing Business:

  • How to attract the perfect customers
  • How to spot the wrong kind of customer before you do work for them.
  • Turn a 5 hour detail into 3 hours; and produce better results
  • Learn the one resource for your website needs.
  • How to start a mobile detailing business on a shoe-string budget.

Car Enthusiast:

  • You want to learn the actual products professionals like I use.
  • You want to learn how to polish your own car.
  • You want to learn the exact products and steps to maintain your own cars that I would as a professional.
  • You don't want to spend days filtering through the endless opinions just so you can learn how to take care of your own cars.

Car Club:

  • You want a guest speaker to educate your crew on a specific subject.
  • You want specific training so anyone in your club can maintain their own cars in show room shape.

Car Dealership:

  • Your staff needs training on being more productive and efficient.
  • You need a more effective and efficient system designed for your staff.

Car Wash:

  • Train your staff for maximum results with minimal effort
  • Learn the exact products that will produce superior results in a fraction of the time
  • Learn how to train your customers to become the perfect customer
  • Learn how to develop residual business from your current customers

I hope this have given you a few ideas and possibilities regardless of where you find yourself currently. When you are ready, simply follow the link above and we can go from there.


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