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Price Shoppers Take Note!

Car detailing prices of Orange County are among the highest in the nation; any resident of Orange County can verify that everything here in Orange County is expensive!

Most of us are taught from an early age to shop price based on a "number" rather than understanding value.

Shopping value is very different than shopping by reducing everything to a dollar amount.

Follow along as I teach you the principle of shopping value that can be applied to every area of life, not just the cost of auto detailing here in Orange County, CA.

"Nowadays it seems that people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing."

If you already understand what it means to shop value versus price, then you can go straight to my detail pricing page at the link here:

Car Detailing Prices

But before you go running off to compare simple numbers of mobile car detailing services, perhaps you should take the time to become an informed consumer rather than a hasty consumer.

Let's investigate together all the many intangibles that lay below the obvious when it comes to shopping value when comparing car detailing prices in Orange County.

The Secret of the Wealthy

car detailing prices orange county

"The wealthy buy things once, the poor buy the same things over and over."

Financial Intelligence

Like anything else that must be learned and developed; financial intelligence is no exception.

The reason wealthy people are wealthy is that they have learned the rules of money and wealth. The foundation of this is shopping value, not price.

This is not to suggest that the price of something is not to be considered or factored into the overall value of something, but it is not the only determinant when making a purchasing decision.

This is why you will see poor people run around looking for the cheapest price and use this as the only factor in making a purchasing decision. As the adage goes:

"We get what we pay for".

When you buy the cheapest, you get the cheapest. Which generally means you get the cheapest service, the cheapest warranty, the cheapest everything else!

Shopping Value with Car Detailing Prices Orange County

What you value may not be what the next person values. Cost is only one of the many factors that should be considered when shopping auto detailing prices here in Orange County; many other points should be factored into the final decision.

" After 30+ years of experience I have found that many people don't even know the right questions to ask when it comes to detail services."

Follow along as I speak from experience and answer questions you may not even know to consider.

"Time is Money"

car detailing prices orange county

Most of us are very familiar with the above adage. What most people aren't familiar with is attaching an actual value to their time.

  • How much time are you willing to spend all in the name of finding the cheapest detail service out there?
  • Have you factored in the cost of your time to drop off and pick up your car from a fixed location detail shop?

Quality Detailing Products

Any quality detailer or detail shop knows through experience that buying cheap products and tools only hurts in the long run.

Cheap products and tools end up costing more in wasted time and also delivers poor results. At Auto Fetish Detail we know that it is only through the use of quality products that we are able to deliver superior results.

Professional Detailing Experience

In many ways, experience can be king when it comes to shopping detailing services here in Orange County.

Just as experience in life develops wisdom, so can the experience in professional detailing develop wisdom when it comes to detailing products and techniques.

Experience allows me to give you more of what you want, and allows me the ability to do it both more effectively and efficiently.

Superior Detailing Techniques

car detailing prices

Superior techniques can only be developed with experience and knowing that the end does not justify the means.

I am a results driven person. And some people can be driven by the simple result of money in their pocket. Which leads to the proverbial

"The ends justify the means"

There are many ways to get from point A to point B, but to do so in ways that are less than ethical or even damaging to a customers car all in the name of profits will only hurt both short term and long term relationships.

Consistency in Detail Services

"What most people don't realize is that products and technique will only take a detailer so far. It takes high levels of developed discipline and patience to deliver great service not just the first time, but each time and every time."

Operating in a Way that Creates Trust at Every Level

Ultimately trust is going to be king. Trust not only affects every area of any relationship, but is the very foundation of any relationship.

I operate business as though I was the customer and deliver the type of service that I so rarely get in my own life.

From the moment I answer the phone, to my candid answers to your questions, I already accept that I am not the detailer for everyone.

Like I said above; many people don't even know the right questions to ask.

Together I will help you determine if we are in fact a good fit, and that the business relationship will be a "win" for both of us.

Car Detailing Prices Orange County

auto detailing services orange county

If you are a person that already shops value then perhaps most of this is a repeat. By performing due diligence with shopping car detailing prices here in Orange County you are becoming part of a select group of people known as the informed.

As a professional I know that informed people always make better customers. Here at Auto Fetish I make it a goal to help you become as informed as possible, and learning the intangibles of car detailing prices in Orange County is no exception!


Darren Priest

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