Clean Vomit From Car

"Darren, I've got throw-up in my car and it smells putrid! I am going to vomit myself. HELP!"

clean vomit from car

Having been in the world of professional car detailing now for over twenty years, I have had the "pleasure" of cleaning up many of life's messy moments; many of which are the "organic" kind like vomit or throw up. Cleaning vomit up is not for the faint of heart, and is more complicated than most people realize. Whether you are looking for immediate help, or help once you realize that your initial vomit clean up job was less than thorough; I can help.

The Car Vomit Cleaning Expert

The pictures here are the misfortune of someone drinking too much alcohol, and loosing his lunch in the back seat of his friends car; what are friends for right?

clean vomit from car

Typically what happens is most people take immediate action and clean up the obvious "chunks" of the vomit mess; the thought of vomit lingering in your cars interior even one second longer than has to is usually not an option! When it comes to liquid messes of any kind, most people greatly underestimate just how far liquids travel. It is not until you are knocked off your feet at the smell of fermenting vomit a few days later, that you realize you were less than effective the first time around with your clean vomit from car efforts.

You Call in a State of Panic

After almost vomiting yourself from the horrendous lingering smell of vomit, you decide to call for help; which is exactly what I can do. Not only do people underestimate how deep or far the vomit has seeped into every fibrous piece of cloth and carpeting, but also don't realize how this bodily product is able to penetrate the tiniest of cracks and seems of your car; all of which make vomit clean up so difficult in the first place.

Regardless of the stage of this vomit mess you find yourself looking online for help, use the following points as a guide with your smelly predicament vomit misfortune:

Do not dump a bunch of baking soda onto the vomit thinking this is a smart move; it is not.

Often vomit will be colored with bright colors from wine, candy, food, etc. This almost assuredly will create a stain in your upholstery, so time is of the essence.Clean up "chunks" first by scooping with spoon.

Do not be overly concerned with rubbing or grinding the vomit deeper into the carpeting or cloth; that moment has passed. Use soda water by pouring onto area and then blot up excess with rag; repeat as many times as necessary to remove coloring from vomit clean up.

These are the first and obvious steps to clean vomit from car only.

Clean Vomit from Car Prices

Regardless of when I get the call does not matter. The following charges apply as listed:

24 Hour Emergency Response

$150.00 for the service call including the first half hour of work; $95.00 an hour there after.

A.S.A.P. Response

$100.00 for the first half hour; $85.00 an hour there after.

Cash is required payment for these services


Let me add some additional "clean vomit from car" points for help.

  • A certain amount of disassembly of interior pieces is usually required for thorough vomit clean up.
  • There will always be a point at which access is not a possibility as part of the clean up process.
  • Treating with antimicrobial agents will always be required for areas that are inaccessible, as well as the fibrous materials of cars interior.

clean vomit from car
clean vomit from car after vomit cleaning

Clean Vomit from Car Summary

I will also add that depending on your situation, you may simply need consultation services in assessing as to whether you want to go an even more comprehensive route and that is replacement of carpeting, upholstery, interior parts. This is often debated when dealing with overly expensive and/or brand new cars where staining may be excessive. I can work with insurance to discuss options based on your coverage and carrier.

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