Colored Car Wax:
Fact or Fiction

Even though Colored car wax has been around for many years, it is a concept that has not gained any traction due to its inability to perform as many people had hoped. Most people go looking for these tinted car wax products as an unrealistic fix for scratches of varying degrees in their car paint.

While most would agree that car wax with color appears as an obvious solution over traditional car waxes, the reality is that these colored auto waxes don't offer any better solution than what traditional car waxes already offer. Even beginners should find it "curious" that only a select few companies market these products labeled as colored car wax.

Does Tinted Car Wax Work?

While the car wax industry has brought us many amazing products through the advancements of chemical engineering and manufacturing, the industry still remains less than transparent in its marketing and advertising. Let's weigh in on some key points with regards to the topic of car waxes with color added to them to see if they represent a viable solution for you and your world of car care.

zymol colored car wax

Question and Answers

Q - What exactly is colored car wax?

A- Car wax that has been made using color additives to match a few select car paint colors; eg. red, black, yellow.

Q - What is the concept behind colored car wax?

A- Car wax serves (2) basic purposes: paint protection and paint enhancement. As part of paint enhancement, car wax naturally fills and covers minor scratches and blemishes, while at the same time creating a uniformed reflective surface. While the colored car wax seems like a logical concept, it still remains as a psychological one; this is what I refer to as the "power of suggestion". With casual observation the concept seems perfectly sensible; "If a traditional car wax can improve the appearance of my cars paint by filling and covering imperfections, just think how much better a tinted car wax will do in covering these same imperfections!"

Q - Does it work?

A- Firstly we must remember that the type of scratches we are referring to here are microscopic in size, and therefore it is understandable and realistic to see how

turtle wax color cure colored car wax

traditional waxes can "fill" these micro scratches. Normal human vision would not be able to discern the difference between the use of a traditional car wax to cover these microscopic scratches, and that of a colored car wax that was used to cover or hide the same microscopic scratches. For this reason, some of the manufacturers of these color car waxes have included a color wax stick for those very deep and wide scratches; but this is a temporary fix at best! Traditionally, most people would opt for some car touch-up paint to fill in these bigger and deeper scratches. It is no mystery that the industry has responded with what seems like an effective and easier fix; but unfortunately, most people are disappointed with desired results that were unrealistic to begin with.

Q - Why is there only a few select colors available?

A- I don't have a specific answer to this but it does lead me to wonder that if the concept was truly a viable solution to the problem, then why would a colored car wax not be made for the full spectrum of colors; eg. white, tan, blue, silver, etc., etc.

Q - Why do only a few manufacturers make these types of colored auto waxes?

A- Once again, I think this is very telling as to the validity of this strategy. If it was as effective as we have been lead to believe, why is every manufacturer of car care products not offering a complete line of these colored car waxes?

Expert Recommendations

As we have learned, traditional car waxes by nature will cover, hide, and improve the overall look and shine to any car. My page of best rated car waxes will not only help you become and informed consumer, but will help in your decision process. Any of these car wax products will work for the superficial and micro scratching any car owner will be dealing with.

Colored Car Wax: If You Insist.

If you just can't resist and want to experiment yourself with some of these car wax options, here are my recommendations that have a huge amount of positive reviews:

Meguiar's G6207 Black Wax Paste - 7 oz.

  • Hard to beat a trusted name like Meguiar's.
  • Obviously your choice if you are waxing a black car.
  • Top rated black car wax in Amazon.

Meguiar's G6107 White Wax Paste - 7 oz.

  • Once again; hard to beat the trusted name of Meguiar's.
  • The right pick for waxing a white/light colored car.
  • Top rated white car wax in Amazon.

Darren's Recommendations

  • After washing your car, and before you actually wax your car, be sure to decontaminate the paint surface with a clay bar.
  • Decontaminating your paint surface first with a clay bar will dramatically effect the final results.
  • Not only will your paint feel silky smooth, but it will be easier to apply and remove any wax you choose if you have clayed your car first, prior to waxing.

So quit delaying now that you know more about color car wax than 99% of all people out there, and go apply some of my professional tips to bring your car to a new level of beauty and appreciation!

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