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"When you are ready to NOT screw-up your car or truck by attempting to remove the emblems and badges yourself!"

car truck debadging orange countySome of the necessary tools of the "art" of debadging cars and trucks

When You Are Ready for the Professional

You can use the following number to text me:

714/ 624-0804

I will need the following information so I can provide you with a quote:

  • Make/model and year of vehicle
  • Pictures sent that show any/all emblems you want removed

I perform all these jobs at my location in Placentia (Orange County, CA) and can set weekday or weekend appointments.

I am on a CASH ONLY  basis and have a very flexible schedule. Most people wait and watch as I perform the work.

I can also tell you how long the job will take approximately when you text with the information needed.

Why Debadge/Delete Emblems?

Chances are you are here looking to debadge your car or truck but still have a few questions streaming through your mind.

While the reasons people remove car emblems and truck badges are numerous, many people still ask why a person would want to do this:

  • "Cleans" up the appearance of your car and truck by removing redundant and extraneous decoration.
  • No more car emblems and badges to wash, polish, and detail around.
  • Personalizes your car or truck from the rest of the herd.
  • Allows you to go into "covert mode" by removing classifying trim levels or model levels of your particular car or truck.

Debadge Car or Orange County

Having removed the emblems and badges from cars throughout Orange County for over 20 years, I have performed this service to perfection more times than I can count.

You can see just a tiny fraction of the endless cars and trucks I have personally removed, as well as some that I have often replaced with updated versions.

2024 BMW X6 M60i Badge Replacement

2024 BMW X6 Badge replacement
  • Remove OEM chrome car badges
  • Prepare paint for new badges
  • Install OEM black car badges

2023 Genesis GV70 Badge Delete

2023 Genesis badge delete
  • Remove GENESIS badge
  • Remove GV70
  • Remove 4wd 3.5T badge

2023 Chevy 2500 HD Silverado

2023 silverado badge delete
2023 Chevy 2500 HD badge removal
  • Remove Silverado and LTZ from tailgate
  • Remove 2500 HD from each door

2023 Chevy Bolt

2023 Chevy Bolt badge delete
  • Remove Bolt and EV

2022 RAV4 Badge Delete

2022 RAV4 badge delete
2022 toyota rav4 badge delete
  • Remove RAV4 Badge from tailgate
  • Remove XLE HYBRID from tailgate

2021 KIA Telluride Debadging

debadging KIA telluride orange county
  • Remove KIA badges
  • Install KIA Brenthon badges
  • Remove Telluride badges ront and rear

2019 Audi S Q5 Badge Replacement

2019 Audi SQ5 badge swap
2019 Audi S Q5 front grill emblem swap
  • Remove OE chrome badges (rear)
  • Install black badges
  • Remove OE chrome badges (front grill)
  • Install black and red badges

2020 Lexus Debadge

lexus debadge orange county
  • Remove F-sport emblem
  • Remove RC 300t emblems

2014 PORSCHE Badge Replacement

2014 Porsche cayenne gts debadge
  • Remove OE PORSCHE badges
  • Install OE matte black PORSCHE badges

2014 Porsche Panamera Badge Replacement

  • Remove OE chrome car badges
  • Install new black car badges

2022 BMW X5 Badge Delete

2022 BMW X5 Badge Delete
  • Remove X5 badge
  • Remove SDrive 40i

2022 Tesla Debadge and Replacement

Tesla front hood T replacement
Tesla rear badge replacement
  • Remove Tesla OE chrome badges
  • Install black Tesla replacement badges

2021 GMC Truck Badge Swap

2021 GMC badge swap
  • Removal of red and chrome GMC badge
  • Install black and chrome GMC badge
  • Front and rear GMC badges

2022 Lexus SC500 Badge Delete

2022 Lexus LC500 badge delete
  • Remove LC500 badge

2018 Porsche Macan Emblem Replacement

porsche macan emblem removal replacement
  • Remove Macan emblem
  • Remove chrome PORSCHE emblem
  • Install black PORSCHE emblem

2018 Honda R-Type Emblem

honda civic type r badge replacement
  • Remove front and rear Honda logo badges
  • Install Honda R-Type badges front and rear

debadge car of orange county truck debdgingRemoving the badges from this Chevy truck for an updated and cleaner appearance to the back end.

The Chevy truck above already had the black bow tie from the factory, but the owner wanted the designating trim level badges removed.

truck debadging of orange county

The owner of this truck wanted everything gone from the back end of his Chevy truck.

debadge car of orange county gmc truck

The owner of this red GMC truck not only wanted to remove the truck emblems, but also the chrome side trim for a complete "clean-up" of his new GMC truck.

Car and Truck Decal Removal

Extraneous and redundant labeling, badges, and emblems can come in many forms. There is no limit to the types of stickers, decals, and emblems we have removed from cars and trucks to satisfy the unique requests from all our many customers.

debaging toyota truck

The owner of this Toyota truck simply wanted the decals removed. Decals always have a shelf life and it is better to remove them at the beginning, rather than waiting for them to degrade and then decide to remove them.

Car and Truck Emblem Replacement

As is often the case with cars and trucks, many people want factory emblems replaced with updated versions for a more custom and color coded appearance.

chevy bowtie replacement

Very often is the case with Chevy truck owners is to not only remove the rear gold Chevy bow-tie, but to replace the gold bow-tie with a black bow-tie.

ford explorer debadge replacement
Ford explorer badge replacement ford logo

Here we have a Ford Explorer owner that does what so many of the Chevy truck owners do to customize their rides. The owner not only wanted the typical redundant emblems removed, but also wanted to swap out the Ford oval logo to a version that matched the color scheme of his Explorer.

Debadge Car of Orange County:

Looking to see me in action at my YouTube channel and see the actual process made to look ultra easy by a person who has performed hundreds of these types of jobs throughout Orange County of the last 2o+ years.

"Many people struggle with the possibility to debadge their car or truck themselves"

While it is very possible, you just have to ask yourself if this is really the best time to take on a challenge. A process that appears very straightforward when you see a professional do it, provides many opportunities for mistakes. And these mistakes are mistakes that turn instantly into regret that will last a lifetime with your car or truck!"

Debadge Car of Orange County

Not to sound overly dramatic, but I think it is best for people to acknowledge their limitations and turn the steering wheel over to the hands of an expert like myself.

I hope I have helped you come to an informed decision when it comes to debadge and replacement of your car or truck emblems.


Darren Priest