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debadging chevy truckDarren as he professionally removes the emblems and badges from this Chevy truck

"A mistake is just that: a mistake. Are you ready and willing to deal with the consequences if you make a mistake debadging your own car or truck?"

Many people (mostly guys) who decide to remove the car or truck emblems are generally the do-it-yourself type of guys.

The problem is that debadging your car or truck is a job that looks really very simple and straight forward at a casual observation.

I even have videos on my YouTube channel that go into great detail on how to remove the badges and emblems from your car and truck.

But for every step of the process (and there are in fact many steps), there is an opportunity to really mess things up; be it a little scratch here, or a major paint blistering moment there.

Debadging Car or Truck:
What You Need to Know

Every step of the way represents unique challenges you will not fully appreciate until you are actually attempting to remove these car badges and emblems yourself.

It is one thing to see someone with decades of experience do this in a video; entirely different when you are suddenly facing your brand new (or slightly used) car or truck with a certain tool, and you find yourself overcome with a healthy level of fear and uncertainty of due to your lack of experience.

"Darren, now that I see you doing this first hand right before my eyes, I am so glad I decided to pay you to do it. It looks so easy on the videos. Now that I see it first hand I can fully appreciate the skill and patience that goes into the debadging process!"

GMC debadging and emblem removalThe GMC truck with emblems and badges removed for a "cleaner" look.

Debadging Car or Truck:
The Steps and Why They Matter

You may have already come to the wise conclusion to hire a person like myself to remove the badges from your car or truck.

In the event you are still on the fence, I have learned through decades of experience that most people truly don't understand each step and the potential for problems until they see it first hand.

Performing the debadging process countless times has given me a unique perspective: the ability to now communicate to you, the different points of view my own customers have shared with me. 

The idea of doing this yourself is a very real and serious mental debate due to the potential consequences that are a reality.

  • Removing car badge/emblem with heat gun.

Using the heat gun alone freaks many people out! Visions of blistering paint dance through many onlookers heads. And not to over-dramatize; but a valid reality as it is easy to become hyper-focused during this step and heat up areas of the car/truck and do permanent damage.

  • Using eraser tool to remove double sided tape.

To this day, the 3M eraser tool still baffles all sense of logic and reason! How a semi-hard wheel can burnish off double sided tape that is meant to last a lifetime and not damage the paint is completely perplexing to me. Honestly I still get nervous using it as I am waiting for the day (that still has not come) that it finally does some form of damage. Imagine that if I still find this part of the car debadging process after decades of doing this, how truly nerve wracking it is for an inexperienced individual.

  • Removing the residual adhesive.

Most people think that the eraser wheel is going to remove everything. It simply doesn't as there is always going to be a thin layer of adhesive remaining that now must be removed as part of a separate step of the process. And this is exactly one of the most common steps that people will fail when debadging car/truck themselves. At this point impatience sets in and people rush to remove the trace adhesive and end up abrading their car paint. Not necessarily visible if you are working on light colored paint; but on a dark colored car, this becomes very apparent after the fact. After the damage has been done.

  • Polishing the area with a buffer.

Not all debadging car jobs will require the use of a car buffer. But for complete perfection, it is a definite bonus. Especially if working on a dark colored vehicle. Often when people have gotten this far into the process, they will reach for an abrasive car polish and try to polish the area by hand only to reveal that now they have left a definite swirl pattern from using the wrong type of polish and attempting to polish by hand. Another common mishap.

  • Applying wax for protection/enhancement.

This is about the only part of the equation that is a no-brainer. Simply choose your favorite car wax and apply after you have achieved perfection with debadging car or truck.

debadging honda accordDebadging a Honda Accord for a "cleaner" appearance.

Debadging Car or Truck:

"Due to my global following on YouTube and the many debadging car videos I have, many people want to know WHY!"

So let me answer that question in the event that you are simply investigating the process or contemplating having this done.

The Why's

  • Many people prefer what is considered a "cleaner" look to their car or truck by removing the redundant car emblems and badges.
  • Many people prefer not to have their car or truck be a rolling billboard with all the extraneous car emblems and badges.
  • Once these emblems and badges have been removed, many people are now delighted by the fact that no longer are these extraneous emblems problematic in washing, cleaning, waxing, polishing, and detailing around.
  • These myriad forms of car emblems collect dust and dirt underneath and around them that create an unwanted appearance.
  • Allows a person to drive in covert mode. Meaning: by removing designating emblems, other people do not know which upgrade/downgrade model they are driving.
  • Allows a person to be "unique" in that most people simply leaves these emblems in place. A very simple and often subtle way of customization to their car or truck.

chevy bowtie replacementReplacing the yellow Chevy bowtie for a matching Chevy black bowtie and removing the extra "advertising".

Debadging Car:
Additional Points of Consideration

Use the following checklist to add additional information that you should or would like to know in advance.

  • I have literally performed hundreds of these jobs. (see below for many examples)
  • Many people travel to me to have this performed. (this will save you money if you come to me. I am in North Orange County)
  • I am on a cash only basis. (And by cash I mean the green stuff)
  • It usually takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes based on exactly how many I remove and if I am also replacing. (I can tell you over the phone if interested.)
  • The best way to schedule this is to text me your info: year of car/truck, how many total badges/emblems you want removed, the color of the car/truck I am working on. (my phone number is at the top of most pages)
  • If your vehicle is older than 3 years, there is a possibility of a permanent "shadow" that will be left behind once the emblems have been removed.  (This is a case by case and many variables effect this)
  • Often people will seek out the "professionals" at your local car dealership to perform this service. Not to disparage car dealerships; but they suck in many cases. Not to self-promote, but I am simply speaking from experience as I have seen some of the worst mistakes come as a direct result of this blind faith so many people have in car dealerships. Debadging a car is not mechanics. Auto technicians are trained to do mechanical repairs, not body type repairs such as debadging cars or trucks.
  • If your car or truck is older, and you are willing to chance having a shadow effect left behind, I am often required to wet sand the areas where I am removing the original car emblems. This is a result of years of dust/dirt accumulating around these emblems and wearing a pattern in the area that can only be diminished/removed through wet sanding and polishing. This is another variable that will effect cost. (this is always a case by case judgement call you and I can make together)
  • If you are wanting to replace your old emblems with new one's; as a rule I recommend getting original equipment (OE) emblems from the dealership. I have seen numerous after market versions and so far they have proven to be inferior. (who would have thought?)
  • As a rule, the manufacturers logo (Mercedes, Ford, etc) will have pins that go through the sheet metal of your car. I have seen exceptions, but that is the rule. Chevy bowties and GMC emblems seem to be one of the few exceptions.(The best way to verify in advance is call the parts dept. of your local car dealership and ask them to look on their computer screen for a replacement emblem to see if it shows pins sticking out from the back of the emblem)
  • I have never actually made ANY mistakes performing these jobs. With that said, what I can't control is factory paint blemishes that may in fact lay in hiding underneath these emblems. This is always a risk, but is RARELY ever the case.
  • I have had a couple cases where someone else had previously tried to remove the emblems and have "messed up".  So the emblems were put back in place to cover the damaged paint. This has only happened on cars/trucks where the owner was not the original owner and had no ability to know in advance....just as I won't until the rude awakening is staring us in the face as I remove the emblems. Obviously I can't control this but you need to be aware of the potential in the event you are not the original owner.

replacing chevy bowtiesRemoving and replacing the Chevy Bowties, along with removing remaining truck badges.

Debadging Cars/Trucks

Trying to lay out every conceivable removal and replacement debadging job would be impossible due to the numerous factors that will ultimately determine the cost.

I have done my best to lay out the many nuances of this process so that you will be as fully informed as possible.

With that said, despite all these many nuances of debadging cars and trucks, every car/truck owner is different and have unique requests. Which means that ultimately, every job will be unique in actual cost to have done what you want done.

So with that said, I will make some broad generalizations so you at least have some context as to what to expect.

Virtually every job has fallen between $80-$350.00. (perhaps your unique situation will fall on either side of those numbers; there is always a first) I realize this is a massive spread in cost, but there is a massive spread in the countless jobs I have done along with the countless requests of the individual car/truck owners. Literally, anything goes. Seriously....

Before and After

Chevy silverado truck debadging
Chevy silverado truck debadging

Car Emblem Removal: Chevy Silverado

Notice how the back end of this Chevy Silverado truck has a new, cleaner appearance after the car emblems and badges have been removed.

Car Emblem Removal Videos


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