How to Polish a Car:
How to separate you from your money

Any search on how to polish a car will deliver up a mind blowing amount of results that will cause your eyes to roll back into your head!

This industry continues to teach you outdated ways, with outdated products, and continues to figure out more and more ways to separate you from more and more of your money!

car polishes and compounds to polish a car

In today's world of "Information Overload" the new challenge is not getting enough information, but how to determine legitimate information from bad information.

"The Internet has no standards. Social media has no standards. YouTube has no standards. Any person, any company can promote their product, their tool, or their opinion for free. No real-world experience or expertise needed!"

What you don't realize is how low the bar has been set. There are no standards anymore. Anything can be fabricated out of thin air.

Digital technology allows any person or any company to appear as an expert. The ability to verify information has become virtually impossible...

and you are the target!

You have been jerked around more than you know, for longer than you realize.

YouTube has now become a melting pot of wannabe detailers that simply repeat bad information. People like yourself are eating this bad information up because you lack the experience to tell the difference between real and fake.

Fake out numbers the real.

You are not alone. We all become victims of this digital age where anything can be created out of thin air.

How to Polish A Car:
The Big Lie They Keep Telling!

You don't think you are being lied to?

You are being lied to on virtually every subject of cosmetic car care and detailing. And when it comes to polishing your car, you are being fed bad information based on outdated technology and outdated information.

What if I told you...

  • There is a single polish that replaces all other hyped-up polishes
  • You really don't need multiple compounds and polishes
  • Any car can be polished with a single polish
  • You can go from defect removal to a swirl free shine with one polish alone

How to Polish a Car:
The old way....

how to polish a car with menzerna car polishes

For decades now the industry and so-called experts have continued to sell us multiple compounds and polishes to do paint correction and car polishing.

How to polish a car has required various grades of compounds, various grades of polishes, and various types of polishing pads.

A pretty good marketing strategy if you happen to be a manufacturer of these car polishing products and tools.

A pretty good marketing strategy if you are one of the countless YouTube Detailers that need to use this hype to make themselves appear as some kind of actual expert.

How to Polish a Car:
The only polish you will ever need

What if I told you that virtually every car polish company is doing their best to keep pushing outdated technology and information onto you with the goal of separating you from more and more of your money?

What if I told you that there is a single polish that you can use to polish a car that will work for every person, on every car, in every situation?

What if I told you that you really don't need a

CSI Ceram-X Car Polish 62-203-8 (8 oz) Single Product Polish (SPP) Superior Single Polish Replaces The Countless compounds/Polishes You Think You Need

  • The original Single Product Polish (SPP)
  • True waterborne technology
  • No heavy solvent smell
  • Can be used in direct sunlight on hot paint
  • Easy clean-up (no rock-hard residue)
  • Heavy defect removal to swirl free finish with single polish

How to Polish a Car:
The industry doesn't know what it's doing!

Either the industry doesn't know what it's doing, or the industry wants to dishonestly sell you outdated technology in the form of multiple compounds and polishes.

I want to know which is it!

  • Do they not have the resources to formulate a single product polish?
  • If their single product polish actually does work, then why do they continue to sell you multiple grades of compounds/polishes?
  • Or does their single step polish not really work, so they must continue to sell you multiple grades of compounds and polishes?

"Perhaps the industry is dominated by corporate puppets that have no actual industry experience other than how to market inferior products in the name of profits"

Corporate presidents and CEO's that sit on their thrones playing puppet master as we all get sold of "bill of goods" that don't really solve our problems as car owners and detailers.

We are simple. We are the answer

learning how to polish a car

The founder of CSi (ClearCoat Solutions, Inc.) was founded based on a need. This need was based on deliver real solutions to real problems.

The problem was inferior products that couldn't step up and deliver results in a simple and effective way. Every compound and polish was sold as the answer, yet no compound or polish could deliver.

So the industry kept coming up with more and more products trying to deliver the answer. Now we have company after company with multiple compounds and polishes all trying to answer the problem.

And in the meantime, company after company trying to sell you their single product polish with inferior technology that has been around for over 20 year!

How to Polish a Car:
Why Ceram-X Car Polish

  • Do you want to buy 2, 3, or 4 different compounds and polishes?
  • Do you want to polish each section over and over again each time you switch to the next grade of polish?
  • Do yu not know or understand that time really is money?
  • Do you not place a value on your time?
  • Do you have both money and time to burn?
  • Do you like playing "guess which polish is going to work this time"
  • Do you prefer more "moving parts" in the form of multiple compounds/polishes?

"Are you ready for simple. Are you ready for the answer."

Ceram-X is what I have called my "sure thing" for the past 15+ years as a professional detailer.

Sure I have and continue to test different compounds and polishes put out by other companies. Yes I continue to come to the same conclusions. Yes I still consider the Ceram-X as my sure thing. And yes I know I can always count on it.

Every time. Every car. every place.

Does a single product polish really work

Yes! The "ah-ha" moment came when the developer of Ceram-X found that the eye glass industry was grinding plastic eye glass lenses down to the correct prescription requirements, then polishing the grinding marks away to produce a true, optical clarity lense and do so with a single polish. (it was a very messy polish, but it was being done)

Tom Horvath of System One (The name of the original formulation) took that concept and set out to bring this to his word of high-end car restoration. He developed the first Single Product Polish over 20 years ago to answer the problems no other brand of polish was able to answer.

Tom was a body shop owner that dealt with the frustration everyday using inferior products the industry was offering. But that was then, and this is now.

Now there is a difference and now the technology to go from heavy defect removal to a swirl free finish can be accomplished with a single product.

Body Shop Safe Car Polish

There are very few industries that understand the "time is money" factor of operating a profitable business. There is no time to source multiple compounds and polishes. There is no time to train guys using multiple products that only produce marginal results.

This means a product must perform simply, and with effective results so there are no "come backs" from the customer because they had their car washed and found swirl marks.

Swirl marks that had been hidden with inferior polishes, made with inferior chemistry that only masked the problems, not fix the problems.

Ceram-X has no filers, no use of traditional heavy solvents that can actually damage paint finishes if used improperly. (never mind the horrid chemical smell of these other products)

True Waterborne Technology Car Polish

Many products claim waterborne chemistry but this is often a term that is misused. Just because a product has water in it, does not make it true waterborne chemistry.

Waterborne chemistry is when the water molecule is used as the "carrier" of the other active/inert ingredients in a product. All of the CSi products employ waterborne technology and it is one of the qualities of all CSi products that make them truly unique.

The most noteworthy are the following:

  • Easy clean-up

Say good bye to rock-hard residue. Not only does the waterborne technology allow for easy clean-up (literally dissolves with basic tap water), but Ceram-X has a surfactant formulated into it (a glorified term for soap) so it dissolves when water is introduced to it and makes for very time-saving clean-up.

  • Can be used in direct sunlight, on hot paint

This attribute goes completely counter to most any other compound or polish. The chemistry of the water allows the water molecule to act as an insulator against heat build-up. So even while working on hot paint, the Ceram-X will not gum up like most other compounds or polishes that rely on heavy solvents that are used as the carrier.

Polish Cars in Direct Sunlight

As already mentioned, Ceram-X can be used in direct sunlight on hot paint. Other traditional compounds and polishes use heavy solvents as the carrier to the base formulation. These heavy solvents not only have the ability to swell and damage paint, but make it necessarily difficult to polish paint in direct sunlight or on hot paint.

Ceram-X was developed specifically to answer the needs of commercial business with paint and body, collision repair, and high-end car restoration. Most people would think that polishing in direct sunlight would not even be an option or concern with most body shops, but in fact, polishing repaired body panels and sections of a car outside of the body shop itself is very common due to covered space constraints.

As a mobile detailer I always found this quality exceptionally helpful as I never had to worry about working in direct sunlight.

Swirl Free Car Polishing

Most compounds and polishes require the use of multiple products to achieve heavy defect removal and the ability to finish to a swirl free finish. Not only is this outdated technology, but requires people like yourself to buy multiple products to achieve desired results.

ceram X car polish to polish a car

Ceram-X is engineered using Controlled Abrasive Technology (CAT) which is superior to Diminishing Abrasive Technology (DAT). Diminishing abrasives are one of the major problems with these other compounds and polishes and require the use of additional products to go from heavy defect removal down to a swirl free finish.

Depending on how sever the paint defects you are trying to remove, will determine which polishing pad you should start with and which polishing pad you should finish with. But you only need one polish to perform the heaviest of defect removal (Ceram-X can remove 800 grit sanding marks and finish down to a swirl free finish)

If you are removing heavy defects, you start with a wool or foam cutting pad, then switch to a finishing foam pad for true swirl free finish.

Compound Kills

Ceram-X is not a compound. While Ceram-X can perform the heavy lifting of heavy defect removal, Ceram-X is not a compound.

Traditional compounds made with heavy solvents actually damage car paint at a microscopic level. While your eye cannot see this damage, it has been proven through extensive research performed by chemists as Cal Poly Pomona, CA in an unprecedented 20 page research report.

Ceram-X is also mil-guage tested and has proven that it can go from heavy defect removal to a swirl free finish while removing the least amount of material. This is especially significant when working on factory clear coat that starts out very thin to begin with.

How to Polish a Car Summary

best car polish to polish a car

If you have made it this far into this page then you deserve a medal of honor for your determination to learn a better way of polishing a car.

Not many people have the discipline to take the time to learn better ways. Consider yourself part of a select group of people called the informed.

I hope the information on my how to polish a car has opend your mind to new ways that will help you in your world to get better results in a more efficient and effective way.


Darren Priest

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