Mother Car Care:
The Winning Balance

Some people say Mother car care. but officially the company is called Mother's car care.

But the real question becomes that of performance and value rather than the official name of the company.

Does Mothers car care represent the winning balance of products, or is Mothers simply another company that does a good job at separating you from your money without delivering real value?

My first experience with Mother car care products started way back when I was in high school. It was my auto shop teacher that first introduced me to their products.

My First Car

Mother car care

When I got my first car (at least my fist car that had any paint on it) I naturally reached for one of my favorite Mothers products; California Gold cleaner wax. I had become familiar with the quality products they put out so I naturally went to one of their well known products when it came time to work on my Baby!

Since then I have considered Mothers car care products to be among the companies that represent a winning balance of benefits.

They are also a company with an extensive enough product line that will be more than adequate for any car enthusiast or car owner looking to maintain and beautify of their ride.

Mother Car Care:
Starting with the Basics

using mother car care

Today is a very different world than when I first sampled my very first Mothers product. In this digital age of endless information we call the Internet, we are now a society of 'Information overload".

Endless opinions, endless voices.

All screaming for your attention with the hopes of separating you from your hard earned money. And any beginner to the world of cosmetic car care will quickly find themselves overwhelmed within this sea of endless information.

"Most of you will find yourselves chasing your tails from one opinion after another. But will reading the endless opinions get you closer to clean, shiny, and protected?"

for this reason I try to encourage guys to simply start somewhere and move forward. Find products or a manufacturer that represents what I call the winning balance of features and benefits.

Understanding two essential facts should help you get started:

  1. If you don't start somewhere, you will never gain experience and you will never be closer to what you really want
  2. You will always be chasing the elusive "best", so don't over-think things at the beginning

Mother Car Care
My Favorites!

Let me lay out my favorite Mothers car care products so you can at least be one step closer to a cleaner, shinier car!

Mothers California Gold Car Wash

Mothers 05632 California Gold Car Wash - 32 oz.

  • A quality product with high customer reviews.
  • Not an area of car care that needs to be over-thought.
  • If you are still using liquid dish soap you need to stop the madness and sing onto a quality car wash soap like Mothers.
  • Everything starts with a great car wash!

Mothers Clay Bar Kit

Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System

  • Another area of car care that simply does not need to be over-thought.
  • A convenient way to decontaminate your paint.
  • Every car will need to be decontaminated to begin with and will also be part of ongoing maintenance.
  • Comes with everything you need for silky smooth paint used prior to waxing or polishing your car paint.

Mothers California Gold Cleaner Wax

Mothers 05500 California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax Paste - 12 oz.

  • The very wax I used on my first car!
  • A massively popular product that will not disappoint.
  • Most people like the idea of a cleaner wax since most people accept that they are not waxing as often as they should.
  • Great results with a great user experience.

Mothers Synthetic Sealant

Mothers 05716 California Gold Synthetic Wax Liquid , 16 oz.

  • This labeled as a wax, but is actually a synthetic car paint sealant (think of traditional motor oil as compared to synthetic motor oil)
  • Excellent durability
  • Great user experience when compared to other synthetic car paint sealants
  • One of the car paint sealants I actually use professionally
  • I was introduced to this product from a fellow detailer

Mothers Instant Detailer

Mothers 08224 California Gold Instant Detailer - 24 oz.

  • One of my absolute favorites of Mothers car care!
  • As easy as easy can get!
  • Can be used in direct sun on hot paint.
  • Can be used to finish windows with, thus eliminating another step and another product. (I simply use the same cloth I used on the paint. I wipe the windows down initially with the "wet" side of the cloth, then flip the cloth over to buff to perfection)
  • Suitable for all materials: paint, glass, chrome, wheels, etc., etc.

Mothers Car Care:
Going from Good to Really Good!

Mothers is not a company that rests on its past successes but stays current with new development in its product line up.

M Tech is their latest with improved advances in chemical engineering and formulating.

Mothers MP-M-TECH-1 M-Tech Car Care Detailing Kit (11 Piece)

  • The latest in chemical engineering.
  • A super easy way to keep your life simple while delivering the results you are looking for.
  • From car washing to car waxing.
  • Add this kit to the Mothers clay bar kit and you are completely armed for all your exterior car care needs.

Mother Car Care Summary

mothers car care products

I hope you have come to some new conclusions if you are looking to not only keep your life simple, but get you on the road to a cleaner, shinier, and healthier car!

Mother Car Care products have long since been a favorite of driveway detailers and car enthusiasts alike. And Mothers continues to stay relevant after all the decades of producing quality products.


Darren Priest

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