Mothers Clay Bar Review:
Does it stack up against the rest

Mothers car care products are a well known choice, but does the Mothers clay bar stand up against the stiff competition when it comes to choosing the best detailing clay in the market.

This area of auto detailing and car paint care does not need to be over-thought, but simply picking and choosing a quality clay bar can be over-simplified in a hasty moment. I am going to offer some professional tips when deciding upon detailing clay that will save you time, money and aggravation.

Why Detailing Clay is More then Just Clay

mothers clay bar

It is true that unless you are a professional auto detailer looking to do hundreds of cars, your choice in actual detailing clay is not that significant. But with that said, you also don't want to make a hasty decision as the actual clay bar itself is only part of the overall equation when it comes to the removal of pollutants that are stuck to your car's paint.

Important Clay Bar Tips:

  • Every car will need to be clayed from the beginning and done so as ongoing maintenance. (even that brand new car of yours)
  • There are airborne pollutants that attach to the surface of your car and embed themselves deeper and deeper until you take the time and effort to remove them with use of a quality clay bar. (Mothers clay bar is by far not your only choice)
  • Using detailing clay will require the use of some form of clay lubricant in order to lubricate between the clay bar and the surface of your car (be it the paint, glass, chrome, etc. Any hard surface is suitable for using the clay bar and every surface will collect these airborne pollutants to create a rough or texture feel)
  • Traditional washing and waxing will not remove these embedded pollutants; only by using a clay bar can you properly prepare the paint surface prior to waxing and/or polishing.

Getting Your Mothers Clay Bar Kit

If you are already a huge Mother's fan and don't need to look any further, then you can use the link below and get your own kit from Mothers that includes everything you will need to remove all those unwanted forms of contaminants from your car's paint in preparation to wax and/or polish your car paint.

Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System

  • Unless you are a professional detailer planning to do hundreds of cars, you really needn't over-think your choice in clay bars.
  • With that said, the Mothers clay bar would be last on my list of choices; there's just too many other quality choices in detailing clay.
  • But, if you are committed fan of Mothers, then I would certainly get a clay bar kit as it contains everything needed for the job.

Darren's Professional Recommendations

As I have said in many cases within this website, detailing clay is not an area that is going to make or break your world regardless of brand you choose; it will be more about other things. Use this checklist to get a bigger picture of additional points to be considered:

  • The actual clay bar itself is only the beginning.
  • In order to use the clay bar to remove fall-out (a glorified name for airborne pollutants) from your car's paint, you will also need some form of lubricant. No sense in buying them both individually when you can get a clay bar kit that will be more economical in the long run.
  • Use the following links below to go from adequate to professional grade results when it comes to overall performance and user experience:

Meguiar's G1016 Smooth Surface Clay Kit

  • The king of clay bar kits on Amazon based on number of reviews and quality of reviews.
  • Comes with two 80 gram detailing clay bars.
  • Also comes with clay lubricant and a micro fiber cloth.
  • Everything you will need for silky smooth paint ready for polish or waxing.

Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit

  • What most professionals and enthusiasts consider "enthusiast grade" versus retail products like the Meguiar's or the Mothers clay bar.
  • Comes with full sized detailing clay bar.
  • Everything you will need for the task.

Chemical Guys CLY_113 OG Clay Bar & Luber Synthetic Lubricant Kit, Light/Medium Duty (16 oz) (2 Items)

  • Another clay bar kit consider enthusiast to professional grade.
  • A quality kit from a trusted and reputable industry leader.
  • Comes with a full size clay bar and clay lubricant.

Mothers Clay Bar Summary

mothers clay bar tips

Let's do a review so you have complete understanding of the critical step of proper paint preparation prior to your polishing or waxing efforts:

  • Every car will need to be initially clayed. (the process or removing contaminants stuck to, and embedded into your car paint) Even a new car that has been sitting on the dealer lot for who knows how long.
  • Since the air we breathe is full of pollutants, your car will continually build additional amounts of contaminants that will need to be remove as ongoing maintenance; this may mean using the clay bar every other month or once a year. It all depends on your standards you require for your car and the air quality of your particular city.
  • The actual clay bar choice itself will not make or break your efforts, they will all perform adequately for any driveway detailer.
  • Since every version of clay bar will require the use of some form of clay lubricant to use, it makes sense to shop one of the many clay bar kits available.
  • Since you are now going to be shopping a clay bar kit, why not raise the bar with professional grade detailing clay and enjoy a much greater overall experiencing and results.

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