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"Do you want to learn how to do it, or find who can do it?"

Looking to remove Chevy Bowtie emblem yourself or hire out a professional like myself is a difficult decision for most Chevy truck and SUV owners.

When it comes to Chevy owners, there seems to be a theme of DIYers. And if you are what you consider yourself to be a DIYer than I get the temptation to take on a job that can often be made to appear very simple and straightforward.

remove chevy bowtie emblemSwapping out the gold Chevy bowtie for an updated and color matched black Chevy bowtie for an updated appearance.

Remove Chevy Bowtie Emblem

I get it!

Not only I have performed hundreds of these Chevy bowtie removal and replacement jobs over the last two decades, but I have seen countless guys struggle with the decision facing them as to whether to take the job on themselves or hire a perfectionist like myself.

The struggle is both real and significant!

Chevy bowtie replacementHere I have successfully removed the existing gold bowtie on the front of this Chevy to replace it with an updated black bowtie

My goal with this page is to not teach you the exact steps to remove the Chevy bowtie emblem or badge yourself (You can see that at Removing Car Emblems) but to help you become an informed Chevy truck or SUV owner so you can make the most informed decision as possible.

I will start out with the two biggest factors that most guys don't factor into the equation:

"The older your Chevy truck or SUV is, the darker the paint color, the more challenges you will face in trying to debadge your Chevy yourself."

And as a professional, I too have to factor the age and color of your Chevy into every equation. But age and color are not the only things you need to factor in when making this decision.

car badges emblems removalHere is another example of the emblem removal that is very popular along with the Bowtie removal and replacement.

I will bullet point the determining points you should be made aware of:

  • Professionals are professionals for a reason: EXPERIENCE!
  • You may have seen a video that makes these jobs look ultra easy and straightforward (they can be if the truck is new enough, the color is light enough, and the person performing the work is experienced enough)
  • Every stage of the Chevy bowtie removal and replacement has its own unique risks.
  • If you are willing to get the right tools, the right products, and follow the right directions based on the age and color of your specific Chevy truck or SUV, then you can also have success.

Debadge VW GolfHere is additional debadging I have performed. As is the case on this Volkswagen Golf.

"Sometimes you just need to step back and accept that maybe this is not a battle you want to invite into your life right now when you consider the cost and regret associated with a fail at your own hands!"

Don't hate me; I am just the messenger. But this comes from years of dealing with people as well as being hired to fix the mistakes of guys who now regret moving forward in trying to remove Chevy bowtie emblem themselves.

removing side moldings chevy truckHere I removed the aging side moldings or rub rails from this Chevy truck which took years off its age.

If you have come to the conclusion that you are ready to sign on to any and all risks associated with the removal of your Chevy bowtie, then you can use this link at Car Emblem Removal.

But if you are ready to simply hand this job over to a perfectionist as well as a professional with decades of experience, then you can shoot me a text and I can provide a quote to you via text.

I will need the following information if you do decide to reach out:

  • Year of your Chevy truck/SUV
  • Color of the paint
  • What Chevy emblems/badges do you want removed
  • Do you want me to remove Chevy bowtie emblem only, or are you going to have me install the new Chevy bowtie emblems

And along these same lines, I will add additional noteworthy points:

  • I am on a cash only basis.
  • Most people travel to me to have this work done (City of Placentia in Orange County, CA)
  • Cost can range anywhere from $60-$300 based on many factors.
  • Jobs can take as little as 20 minutes on up to an hour and a half based on many factors.

When and if you are ready, simply reach out via text and we can go from there!


Darren Priest

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