Turtle Wax Color Cure:
fact or Fiction

Turtle wax color cure is one of only a few versions of colored car wax on the market. There are a few other companies who do their best to leverage a concept that makes sense at a very casual level.

But most people with an ability for critical thinking should be able to see through this hyped-up marketing strategy rather easily.

I am going to cover a few key points to this topic of colored car wax if you are willing to become a more educated car owner:

  • Does colored car wax work?
  • Is colored car wax better than regular car wax?
  • What would Darren do as a professional?

Turtle Wax Color Cure Alternative

Despite how ridiculous I think the colored car wax strategy is, Turtle Wax still continues to figure out updated ways to sell this hyped-up strategy to car owners and consumers.

Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit

  • If you buy into the hyped-up strategy of colored car wax
  • Perfect if you have a black or dark colored car (assuming you buy into the hype, once again)
  • Everything from pre-cleaner to a black detail spray

Darren's Tips: This is only one of the varieties of Turtle Wax Color Cure alternatives. What I consider a rather lame bundle of products, as Turtle Wax could have reduced this down to two products: The pre-cleaner and the wax itself.

Since society loves the more is better mode of operation, then 4 products is certainly better than 2 products.

Does Colored Car Wax Work?

Yes. And no. It all depends on who you ask and what you mean by "works".

What you may not completely understand, but what you certainly need to know is the purpose of ANY type of car wax or paint sealant (car waxes are products with natural wax in them, sealants are products made with synthetic ingredients) are these two specific benefits:

  • Wax offers a form of protection
  • Wax adds gloss, while helping to diminish paint blemishes and flaws like wash-scratch, spider-webbing effect, and other paint imperfections

Any car wax or car paint sealant will do both tasks to varying degrees. And since we are talking about a micro-thin layer of wax or sealant, it is a something so thin that even a colored form of this wax would be so transparent that any color added would render the color indecipherable.

Since colored car wax is a wax product, it will certainly work regardless of having color in it or not. But as far as does it work any better because it has color added to it, largely depends on your expectations as to how you define "works".

No car wax in the world regardless of cost or color, is going to magically transform your neglected or abused car into a glorious gem of perfection just by applying some wax to it.

Car wax of any kind will only improve what is already there.

Turtle Wax colored car waxThe latest version of the colored car wax concept. Part of Turtle Wax and their newest Hybrid Ceramic Solutions

Is Colored Car Wax Better Than Regular Car Wax?

No. This question is as easy as that.

But once again I will take you a little deeper down this rabbit hole of a subject. Whether you are asking me about Turtle Wax color cure or the countless other ways this industry hypes-up their products, the subject makes my head want to explode in frustration!

Turtle Wax themselves is at the top of the food chain when it comes to hyped-up marketing. Not only do they participate in the worn-out hype that most every other company uses, but they dial it up even further with made up terms, words, and claims.

Literally fabricating new words and terminology that doesn't even exist in the English language. or terms that have been ripped off from other industries that have zero relevance to this industry.

Darren's Note: While I could elaborate till your eyes glaze over, I will add a couple of my favorites:

  • Polishing Platelets
  • Smart Shield Technology

How Does Colored Car Wax Work?

This concept is an easy one to wrap your mind around as it instantly seems almost like an obvious trick. Add color to a wax that matches the color of your car.

If regular car wax makes your car look better, think how much better colored car wax will work to make your car look better. And what a great way to avoid the consequences of neglecting your car than with a colored car wax that will fill and hide all those nasty imperfections in your paint.

Society is always been easily seduced by quick fixes of all kinds. Fad diets, "get rich quick" schemes, to colored car wax.

What Is The Best Car Wax:
What Would Darren DO (WWDD)

Now we have the million dollar question. I am unsure if I have a million dollar answer, but I think I have a really good answer:

"The best car wax is the wax that makes it onto your car more  often, not less often."

Since I don't buy into the endless hype of the marketing used by most companies to separate you from your money, I generally don't over-think most of the hype used to sell car waxes of all kinds.

CSI Q-7 Wax 16oz 62-204-P

  • My "go-to" wax for the past 15+ years
  • Non-staining formulation (won't stain black trim)
  • Can be used in direct sunlight on hot paint
  • Thicker than most other spray waxes and will enhance black trim better
  • Contains actual carnauba wax
  • True waterborne technology (the water molecule is the "carrier" of the active ingredients)

Darren's Tips: This is my sure thing when it comes to car wax. Not only will it enhance and protect my car paint, but I can use it on all those other materials you normally would be fearful of getting wax.

colored car wax alternative

From black vinyl trim to rubber door handle gaskets. I use this on headlights, tail lights, window gaskets, carbon fiber, door jambs, hood cowls, etc.

Because this is a non-staining formulation and just as good on plastic and vinyl parts, I also use this on may of the components of my cars interior.

Coated car leather (virtually all modern day car leather is coated with a clear protective coating), vinyl door panels, dashboards, plastic trim pieces, wood veneer pieces, matte aluminum controls, chrome accent and trim pieces, etc.

The more you use this car wax the more versatility you will discover in using it.

Directions of Use: This wax can be used in two ways:

  • Spay wax directly onto section of car, wipe in with micro fiber cloth, flip cloth over and buff to perfection
  • Spray wax onto wax applicator and wipe onto each section of car in any manner of strokes you want. Allow to dry completely and wipe off with dry micro fiber cloth

I deliberately apply this to all surfaces of my car. The ONLY exception is that I choose to use a dedicated window cleaner to do the windows. But every inch of paint, black trim, rubber gaskets, exterior lights, etc. gets waxed.

Turtle Wax Color Cure:
Black colored car wax alternatives

Car owners of black cars are especially prone to the seduction of marketing hype when agonizing over the best car wax for black cars.

The irony is that every car owner is looking for the best car wax regardless of the color of their car. Black cars simply represent greater challenges due to the imperfections that show up more significantly on black paint versus lighter colored car paint.

Due to inexperience or plain ignorance, any owner of a black car knows first hand the dilemma they face, but lack the knowledge of what to do, or how to fix it renders the owners of black cars particularly susceptible to hyped-up marketing.

Turtle Wax Black Car Polish

Turtle Wax 53221 ICE Black Car Polish with Premium Microfiber Towel

  • Another alternative to the Turtle Wac color cure
  • Another product by Turtle Wax built upon this hyped-up marketing strategy
  • Perfect to restore some shine and gloss if you have a black car

Darren's Tips: If you do buy into this colored car wax concept, then this product also by Turtle Wax would likely be an even simpler alternative for you and your black car, as it has a polish and sealant all in one.

Meguiar's Black Paste Wax

Meguiar’s G6207 Black Wax, 7 oz

  • Another form of colored car wax in the form of black
  • Perfect if you have a dark or black colored car
  • A very good product if you buy into this concept
  • Labeled as a car wax even though it has no wax in it

Darren's Tips: If you love Meguiar's and you love this concept, then this car wax (that isn't a car wax) will likely fulfill your needs as a car owner. Shine and protect with a single product.

Turtle Wax Color Cure:
White colored car wax alternatives

White paint is the most common paint color. A popular paint color for all vehicles including trucks and vans.

White is said to be the easiest color to own and maintain. While I am of the opinion that champagne paint color is actually the easiest paint color to maintain (the color of dust), the massive popularity of white paint makes for an easy mark for which car wax companies to market to.

The same distorted logic used to exploit the emotions of black car owners, is also used on white car owners.

Meguiar's White Paste Wax

Meguiar's G6107 White Wax Paste

  • Another company willing to play along with the colored car wax concept
  • Will provide excellent results just like most car waxes do
  • This is labeled as both a polish and a synthetic sealant
  • A product labeled as a wax, but has no actual wax in it

Darren's Tips: If you love Meguiar's, and you love the concept of this colored car wax scheme, then this would likely fulfill your needs as a car owner. Add additional shine with this product labeled as both a polish and sealant.

Chemical Guy's White Light

Chemical Guys Gap_620_16 White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish (16 oz)

  • Another company leveraging the colored car wax concept
  • Designed for white and light colored cars
  • Gloss enhancer and sealant in one

Darren's Tips: Chemical Guy's is a well known product line with many raving fans. They are also at the top of my list of company's that use a healthy amount of hype and embellishment in marketing. So far I have never tried a product of Chemical Guy's that didn't deliver the results, despite any hyped-up marketing used to sell it.

Turtle Wax Color Cure Summary

I hope you have come away benefiting from the tips I have laid out within this page. I take a lot of time to prepare actual information and tips that are taken straight from my professional career as an auto detailer.

turtle wax color cure on white BMW

 I bet you can think of at least one person if not more that could also benefit from this information.

Help me spread the word by sending this link to any of your friends, or simply post this page to your Face Book or Twitter page.

Thank you in advance and for visiting "Turtle Wax Color Cure" today!


Darren Priest

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