Custom Car Detailing

The first time I heard someone talk about custom car detailing, I had to laugh; I thought to myself that isn't all auto detailing custom?

custom car detailing

The thing about cars is this; every one of them is different in not only shape and size, but color and condition. It is because of all these variables that make the art of car detailing a custom process.

One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to custom car detailing, I find that many people have a "one-size fits all" type of thinking. Experience has shown me when it comes to the auto detailing process, the one-size fits all mentality is not going to achieve the win/win combination I strive for as a business owner.

"The Winning Combination"

I know that if I can give you more of what you want, then I will naturally get more of what I want. But you have t come first in this equation. Generally people seem to want many common benefits when it comes to auto detailing and their cars:

  • Paint so shiny people stare at your car
  • An interior so clean it puts a smile on your face
  • Service in a way that builds trust
  • Service in a way that interrupts your life less, not more

I always look for the win/win creation in anything I do. Certainly with my auto detailing business this is a priority. If people truly understand value creation and the win/win philosophy, there clearly is no other way to go about things. Because it is what it is; a win/win for both sides. With all that being said, custom car detailing is just that:

It's custom!

  • Not all cars are created equal
  • What you value as a person it unique to what the next person may value
  • Your budget is your budget
  • our expectations are your expectations
  • Detailing service should be tailored to you and your world

Custom Car Detailing:
Things to Consider

porsche custom car detailing
  • What kind of care does your car get in between visits?
    Is your car parked in garage at night?
    Is your car exposed to sun all day long?
  • Is your car washed weekly?
  • Do you live in a coastal community where there is a high level of moisture?
  • Do you tend to keep cars longer than 3 years?
    Are you leasing or purchasing your car?
  • Do you care about resale value?

The reality is this...

"I am the professional. If you let me do what I do best, I will do my best for you."

I will take the time to discuss all your needs and educate you in the process. I think an educated customer is a better customer.

As I have said elsewhere on this site: I am not the detailer for the masses. I am the custom car detailer.

Use the contact page or call me directly and we can go from there as the custom car detailer.


Darren Priest

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