Debadge Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

When you are ready to debadge Dodge Ram 1500 Truck with professional attention and experience. Follow along as we highlight the steps to removing the emblems from this Dodge truck. If you are looking to do this type of job yourself, you can see my professional car dabdging tips here.

debadge dodge ram 1500 truck

There are numerous reasons people choose to remove the emblems from their cars or trucks:

  • Removing excess badges or emblems creates a "cleaner" or less busy look to your car or truck.
  • Less exterior trim work to wash, wax, or detail around.
  • Gives your car or truck a more personalized look that sets it apart from the masses.
  • To replace or update current car/truck badges or emblems.

Points to Consider When Removing Car or Truck Emblems

Many people will look at the car/truck badge removal process at a casual level and consider doing it themselves. Others will knowingly accept the fact that it is a job left to professionals with plenty of experience. In an effort to help you make an informed decision, I have laid out numerous car/truck debadging jobs on this site so you may come to the most appropriate decision for you and your world.

Step 1: Removing Plastic Chrome Emblem

debadging ram 1500 emblem

The first step of the process is the easiest part of the entire processing of debadging your car or truck. With that said, it is also the point where many people make their very first mistakes and damage the paint with hasty attempts of removal.

Step 2: Removing Double Sided Tape

removing double sided tape from car emblem

There will always be some kind of adhesive underneath that holds the actual car/truck badge or emblem to the body panel; this is usually double-sided tape. It is spongy and comes in various thicknesses. So depending on the type of car or truck being worked on, this spongy double-sided tape will vary. This are some important points to consider with this part of the debadging process:

  • Do you or the detailer you have hired know how to remove without any form of paint damage to the underlying paint?
  • Not all removal methods are created equal; with the right tools and techniques, this process can be rather straightforward. It can also be very time consuming and do much abrading of the paint if the incorrect techniques are used.
  • On light colored vehicles, it is easy to cover up improper removal techniques and you as the customer may be in for a rude awakening days or weeks later when this area hits the right light only to reveal that the detailer you hired left your paint scratched.

Step 3: Removing Residual Adhesive

adhesive removal from car debadging

Adhesive left underneath the double-sided tape will always be present regardless of the type of removal technique used to remove the double sided tape. It is hard to capture in a picture,but you should be able to see the remnants of adhesive and tape in the above picture. Just note that every step of the way leaves room for error for either permanent damage to your paint, or scratching that is not necessarily permanent, but would need to be fixed by a professional.

The Final Product of Removing Your Car/Truck Badges

removing badges from dodge truck

As you can see, the final product looks perfect and really "clean" this Dodge truck up without the Ram 1500 emblems. No more washing/waxing/detailing around these embellishments.

Removing Emblems from Truck Tailgate

This particular Dodge Ram had additional badges/emblems the customer also wanted removed; in this case it was an SLT badge and a

Dodge Ram SLT Badge

dodge ram slt badge removal

Dodge Ram Flex Fuel Badge

dodge ram flexfuel badge removal

When it comes to debadging cars or trucks, it really comes down to a case by case judgement call as the the exact techniques you use in each step of the way. These bigger, more solid truck emblems actually can represent more difficulty in the removal process due to the size of the many badges one might find on a car or truck.

The SLT badge was hard, chrome plastic and must be lifted off carefully as it is a solid bigger piece with plenty of double-sided tape that holds this more firmly than the individual lettering.

The Flex Fuel badge was actually the soft, rubberized plastic material that is flexible and can be pryed off with your finger tips.

Debadge Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Summary

Since debadging a truck or car is generally about personalization by the truck/car owner, often people will pick and choose as to what they what car/truck emblems they want removed or not. I highlight these jobs to help people with a few key points for them to consider:

removing badges from dodge truck

  • Which badges or truck emblems do you want removed for customization.
  • How old is your vehicle; the older it is, the more difficulty in removing and a permanent shadow may be left behind due to sun fading of surrounding paint.
  • Has any section of your car or truck in which you want debadged ever been repainted as extra care must be taken for repainted areas.

Debadge Dodge Ram 1500 Summary

If you are ready to have the badges removed from your Dodge Ram professionally as you have come to the conclusion that this debadging job is better left to a professional, you can visit my Emblem Removal Page and follow the instructions there


Darren Priest

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