Dodge Ram 1500 Badge Removal

You have just purchased your new Dodge Ram 1500 truck and you are looking to personalize it by removing redundant and superfluous badges that come stock on the Dodge trucks.

dodge ram 1500 badge removal

Removing the Dodge Ram 1500 badges or emblems has become increasingly popular here in Orange County. While many people are do-it-yourselfer's, there exist many more people that aren't willing to sign-up for the risks involved with the removal of extra car or truck emblems and badges...specifically when it comes to a black Dodge Ram 1500 as was the case today with the debadging job in Turtle Ranch of the great O.C.!

"Darren, I want to remove the Ram 1500 badges from my new truck and it seems simple enough, but I am unsure as to whether I should make the attempt myself or hire you."

I understand this struggle for many guys. All too often I get the call after a guy has attempted what appears to be simple enough, only to quickly run into frustration which then invites unwanted damage as a byproduct of hasty attempts of removal.

The damages can happen at every step of the debadging process. When you combine inexperience along with lack of patience, unwanted damage is only natural.

Removing the emblems and badges from your Dodge truck is perhaps not the time to take on a new challenge with the possibility of permanent damage.

It is always cheaper to do it the proper way the first time (hire Darren to do the job) than to have to do it over...or actually fix your mistakes/damages.

Dodge Ram Badge Removal:
Informed People Make Better Decisions!

As a rule in life I believe people who are informed with a broader picture and all available facts, make much better decisions; or at least they make informed decisions over ignorant one's.

With that said, let me lay out the variables involved with removing truck badges and emblems; rules or concerns that apply to any debadging job whether it be truck or car.

  • Having the badges. emblems, or lettering removed from your car or truck is better done sooner rather than later. The longer they are left on the more difficult they are to remove and the more chances of shadowing left behind.
  • Most people underestimate the time and effort required in the removal process which is why many people struggle with the decision to make a go at it themselves or hire a professional. (yes, there are endless videos done by guys like myself that make it look super simple)
  • Removing the top layer or emblem itself is the easiest part of the entire process, which is why many people get half way into the project and realize they have gotten in too deep.
  • Considering the value of your car or truck, is this really a moment you want to take unnecessary risks by either yourself or someone with little experience. 

Dodge Ram Badge Removal:
The Steps of Truck Debadging

remove dodge ram1500 truck badges orange county

As mentioned above, many people over-simplify the moment and think that all that is really involved is pulling the top metallic plastic car or truck badge off, and maybe a little adhesive removal.

Everything past the initial removal of the top layers is where things can go south very quickly. Any mistakes or "damages" you have done during the removal process will only be highlighted by darker/black colored trucks.

Steps of Dodge Ram 1500 Badge Removal:

  1. Lift or pry off top plastic badge or emblem. (anything from fishing line, dental floss, finger nails, plastic scrapers to razor blades have been used; not all of which are recommended)
  2. Remove double sided tape used to fasten emblem to car or truck. (anything from rubbing alcohol, acetone, gasoline, eraser tool, adhesive remover, Goof-off, to fingers have been used; not all of which are recommended)
  3. Remove residual adhesive left behind from double-sided tape. (ditto from just above)
  4. Polish area to perfection for a truly professional finished job. (can be polished by hand or machine with chemical or abrasive polishes)
  5. Wax area for protection and visual enhancement.

dodge ram 1500 debadging orange county

Dodge Ram 1500 Badge Removal:
You Call, We Do!

If you have come to the conclusion that you are looking for professional mobile car or truck debadging here in Orange County, I hope I have helped you come to an informed decision.

We are here to serve and come with decades of experience.

Thank you in advance,

Darren Priest

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