Micro Fiber Detail Cloths:
Could these be the 9th wonder of the world?!

Micro fiber detail cloths are at the top of the list of the most critical and industry changing "tools" according to most detail professionals!

But despite these textiles wonders, I am amazed at how many driveway detailers and enthusiasts are still using old school terry cloth rags, bath towels. and even baby diapers for the many steps of the detailing process.

using micro fiber detail cloths for detailing

What Makes Micro Fiber Detailing Cloths So Amazing

I could write a book on micro fiber, how it was developed, the endless varieties, etc. until you were bored out of your mind. With that said, there are a few critical points that any car enthusiast should now about micro fiber detailing cloths.


What Is Micro Fiber: Officially, it is any fiber with a diameter of less than ten microns (a stand of silk is approximately ten microns in diameter, a human hair is approximately 50 microns in diameter). Most micro fiber is made of polyester and polyamide.

Split Fiber Micro Fiber: The really magic comes with split fiber cloths. The picture above is a cross section of a split fiber micro fiber cloth. This is the kind of fiber used to make virtually all micro fiber detailing cloths. The beauty of the split fiber is its ability to pick up dirt within the gaps created in the split fiber versus a s more solid, single strand of fiber as in the case of cotton cloths and towels.

Split Fiber Micro Fiber Detailing Cloths

micro fiber versus cotton

The illustration just above illustrates how effective split micro fiber cloths are at removing dirt and dust far more safely and effectively from any surface.

So whether you are choosing to use a micro fiber to apply a quick detail, remove polishes and waxes, or clean the upholstery of your car, the micro fiber cloth will be far safer and more effective than any other type of cloth you could reach for.

Electrostatic Charge: Due to the millions of fibers rubbing together,  an electrostatic charge is created that actually attracts dirt and dust. Once the micro fiber is washed, this electrostatic charge is broken and the dirt is released and then the dry micro fiber cloth can begin the process all over again.

No Lint: Unlike natural cloths (think of your bath towel and baby diapers) that leave loads of lint, micro fiber cloths are lint free. This is a dream come true for any detailer! (micro fibers will eventually break down through normal use or improper cleaning/drying. This can show up as tiny fibers that are left behind as you are working)

Incredibly Absorbent: While many versions exist, not all micro fiber is created equal. You have micro fiber that can be made using different raw materials to be soft, but actually repel liquids. Then you have micro fiber that is made to be soft, pick up dust and dirt safely and effectively, and to be highly absorbent. To achieve all the benefits of the micro fiber detailing cloths, the micro fiber needs to be made using not only the combination of polyester (cleaning abilities) and polyamide (absorbent abilities), but needs to be split fiber. It is with all three of these factors that we have the amazing capabilities of today's micro fiber detailing cloths.

Micro Fiber Detail Cloths:
So many choices!

When it comes to selecting from among the top rated micro fiber towels and cloths, it is not a one-towel-fits-all moment. Since micro fiber detail cloths can be made in endless versions, I will recommend the micro fiber cloths so you can match up the right cloth for the job!

Micro Fiber Detail Cloths:
Darren's "Go-to"

Like virtually every other topic of detailing and cosmetic car care, micro-fiber cloths is a subject filled with way too much hype and bad information.

micro fiber detail cloth on red Ferrari

Many "wanna-be" detailers on the countless social media platforms will have you believe you need to spend a small fortune on micro fiber detail cloths. Just like the endless hyped-up detailing products, these wanna-be detailers parade their collection of different micro fiber cloths like bragging rights.

But the reality is that about 80% of you car care or detailing requirements do not need to be over-thought when t comes to micro fiber detail cloths.

Darren's Tips: I have used the Kirkland brand of micro fiber detail cloths for as long as I can remember. There are plenty of "wanna-be" professional detailers that claim these are inferior micro fiber cloths and that no true professional would ever use them.

But this simply is not true. As I say: "I could use the most expensive, top rated micro fiber cloth and still figure out a way to use it to scratch car paint if I tried". And the same holds true with these micro fiber cloths; I can use them appropriately and have great success with them.

Since these cloths are so inexpensive, I almost consider them as disposable micro fiber detail cloths. I use the cloths new for the most delicate jobs of detailing (applying wax, removing was, removing polish).

As I use a cloth more and more, and as they become stained and worn, I simply downgrade them to jobs that do not require a pristine, micro fiber cloth. After many uses and many washings, they become so stained-up and worn out that I don't even want them going through my wash machine. At this point they are used as disposable rags that I use and then throw away.

Rotating these and downgrading them allows me to get maximum use out of my detail cloths.

Kirkland Signature Ultra High Pile Premium Microfiber Towels, 36 Count (Pack of 1), Yellow - 713160

  • My "go-to" micro fiber detailing cloth 80% of the time
  • Micro fiber cloths that represent the winning balance of quality and cost
  • Perfectly suited regardless of your detailing task (interior and exterior use)

Micro Fiber Detail Cloths:
Chenille Car Wash Mitt

As I said at the beginning, micro fiber comes in countless varieties. From different weaves, different colors, and different "tools".

micro fiber detail cloth micro fiber chenille wash mitt

Micro fiber cloth is such an amazing textile, the industry uses this amazing fiber technology that has replaced all traditional cloths at every level of detailing and cosmetic car care.

If you are still using your outdated wash mitt to wash your car you need to step into the age of fiber technology with one of these amazing chenille wash mitts.

I have never used a wash mitt I consider safer than these wash mitts made using micro fiber technology.

WALTSOM Car Wash Mitt, 2 Pack (Waterproof) Wash Mitt Large Size Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Gloves, Lint Free, Scratch Free, Double Sided, Use Wet or Dry, Blue and Green

  • The chenille wash mitt is the safest car washing mitt I have ever used
  • I like having two wash mitts and having them color coded
  • I reserve one colored mitt for car washing only
  • I reserve the other wash mitt for "dirtier" jobs: door jambs, wheels, etc.

Car Drying Micro Fiber Detail Cloths

Chemical Guys MIC_781_01 Waffle Weave Gray Matter 70/30 Blend Microfiber Drying Towel with Silk Edging (25 in. x 36 in.)

  • One of my favorite drying micro fiber cloths
  • Over-sized cloth so you can get most of the drying done without having to wring this cloth out more than once (25x36 inches)
  • Waffle weave texture is ideal for drying
  • Top rated micro fiber drying towel
  • Superior fabric materials versus cheaper brands
  • No more scratching and no more lint!

Meguiar's X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

  • Number one rated micro fiber drying towel.
  • The winning combination of soft and absorbent.
  • A must have if you are washing your car at home. (if you are still using bath towels slap yourself at least twice in the face!)
  • Say good-bye to lint forever!
  • The winning balance in size for many people (not as large as the Chemical Guys drying towel above)
micro fiber detailing cloth and chenille wash mitt

Darren's Tips: Like every other place in life, everything is going to present itself with trade-off's. Often products are tools are not necessarily better than that of a competitors, and the difference will simply be in the nuances of a product.

What you prefer as a person my not be the best for another person simply based on the subtleties of a product or tool.

Micro fiber detail cloths come in so many varieties it would be hard for any one person to test all of them. I make my recommendations based on my own personal experience, as well as the feedback I get from endless sources.

When it comes to a top rated micro fiber drying cloth you won't know what is best for you until you are actually suing it. What I can promise you is the following:

  • Micro fiber drying towels are absolutely better than your bath towel you may still be using
  • Softer, more absorbent, and truly lint free drying!
  • There are numerous sizes in these drying towels: some prefer smaller and the ability to wring them out easier. Some people prefer bigger so they can dry off entire car without having to wring the towel out.
  • I guarantee you will prefer one of these micro fiber drying towels over any traditional household towel you may be using

Window Cleaning Micro Fiber Detail Cloths

Bulk Pack [No Streak Freak] Microfiber Window and Mirror Waffle Towel (16"x16") White - 10 Pack

  • My favorite set of window cleaning micro fiber detail cloths
  • Quality materials superior to many of the other inferior cloths
  • Waffle weave texture is perfect for doing the difficult task of window cleaning
  • I fold two times when using to make a prefect square that is easy to manage and creates a perfect, padded window cleaning cloth
  • Some people like the white colored cloths simply as a mental game (kind of like an association with white and clean windows)

THE RAG COMPANY (3-Pack) Dry Me A River Professional Korean 70/30 Microfiber Waffle-Weave Drying & Detailing Towels (16x24, Navy Blue)

  • Another quality micro fiber window cleaning cloth
  • Many guys prefer this larger size (16x24 inches)
  • I like both these brands: the weave, and the quality of both versions
  • These are also a darker blue that will hide staining as you use them more and more

The Rag Company (2-Pack) 16 in. x 24 in. Waffle-Weave 370gsm Microfiber Detailing, Window/Glass and Drying Towels - LINT-Free, Streak-Free

  • Another quality micro fiber window cleaning cloth
  • Larger size many people prefer when using in a folded manner (16x24 inches)
  • Overlock stitched edge
  • Made by the well known Rag Company
  • Excellent Amazon reviews
  • Dark blue many people associate with window cleaners that are often blue in color

Micro Fiber Detail Cloths:
Edgeless micro fiber cloths

Like every other area of detailing and car care, products and tools constantly evolve. When micro fiber detailing cloths first came onto the scene, they virtually all came with edge trim of some kind.

Now they make what are called edgeless. Micro fibers made with no piping edge or finished edge in a traditional sense.

many professional detailers prefer the edge versions of detail micro fiber cloths as they feel these are even safer due to having zero edge that they feel has the potential to scratch paint ( I personally don't over-think this and think it is more of a preferential call on the part of the user)

Only you can decide ultimately with the biggest factor in my opinion is more about the user experience rather than the safety factor.

Korean Plush Edgeless Detailing Towels 16"x16" 4-pack (Grey)

  • True premium grade.
  • Quality, plush, and edgeless.
  • As good as good gets when it comes to a micro fiber ideally suited for removal of wax, polishes, or application of quick detailers.

Premium Microfiber Towels by Armour Car Care | Professional Grade Car Detailing Kit Cleaning Products | Super Absorbent, Thick, Swirl & Scratch Free | 16 x 16 inches | Pack of 6 Towels

  • Quality, plush, and edgeless.
  • Not the same level of quality of the one's above, but still an excellent micro fiber.

Ultra Thick Micro Fiber Detail Cloths:

Extra thick micro fiber detail cloths are perfect for waterless washing, wax removal, quick detailers, or any time you want extra plush and extra soft detail cloths.

Keep in mind that we as people always lean into the "more is better" mentality. But sometimes more is not always better, it might just mean "more"

When it comes to a top rated micro fiber detail cloth, if you get too much "more", you may find the detail cloths so thick, they prove cumbersome and difficult to manage.

The extra thick micro fiber detailing cloths are definitely recommended, but only you can decide what the winning balance is for you and your world.

(3-Pack) THE RAG COMPANY 16 in. x 16 in. EVEREST 1100 White Ultra-Plush Korean 70/30 Professional Microfiber Detailing Towels

  • Extra thick and plush ideally suited for waterless washing, no-rinse washing, or spray detailers.
  • I definitely recommend the extra thick micro fiber towels when performing any rinseless, waterless detailing.

Super Plush Microfiber Auto Detailing Towel, 1200 GSM Professional 70/30 Blend, 16 in. x 16 in, Orange (3pack)

  • Extra thick and plush ideally suited for waterless washing, no-rinse washing, or spray detailers.
  • I definitely recommend the extra thick micro fiber towels when performing any rinseless, waterless detailing.

Micro Fiber Detail Cloths Summary

best micro fiber detail cloth for washing car

Like just about every other area of detailing, micro fiber detail cloths is a topic that appears simple and straightforward; until it's not!

The good news is that you have so many choices and you can truly choose the perfect micro fiber cloth for the job you need to perform. The bad news is that you are overwhelmed by too many choices and too many opinions.

My goal has been to bring this convoluted topic into a more manageable understanding with limited choices that you can move forward with, rather than being stuck with an inability to take action!


Darren Priest

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