NuFinish Car Polish
The polish that isn't!

While NuFinish remains as a blatant example of misrepresentation and faulty labeling by the industry, it also continues to remain a very popular product. This product is neither a car wax nor a car polish, and simply represents only one example of a long list of cases where the car care industry continues to muddy an already confusing area of car care.

Correctly labeled, this product would be labeled as a car sealant, due to its synthetic ingredients. Perhaps the greater question at this point is whether this once a year car polish actually delivers acceptable results or not. And if not, what alternative exists to this sealant that does deliver professional grade results.

The Once a Year Car Polish


Of course the misrepresentation does not stop with the mislabeling of the product itself, but adds additional insult by calling it the "once a year car polish". This is simply a case of the industry pandering to our lazy tendencies as people and creating a false sense of security. Of course once again, NuFinish is not the only offender of this false sense of security as many sealant manufacturers claim anything from 6 months to 12 months of protection when using their paint sealants.
I realize that we all want to believe and many people do, but I can assure you no paint sealant is going to last 12 months! But with that said, many experts in the industry insist that synthetic sealants will in fact out perform natural based car wax products with regards to durability.

Keeping it Simple

If you are like many car owners and really don't want to overthink the moment, then you will not go wrong with NuFinish. It is a good product and it does work; you just have to accept it may not completely live up to its labeling just like many other car waxes and polishes don't.

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

  • Rated number one among consumer rating groups.
  • One of the top rated car sealants on Amazon.
  • Can be used in direct sunlight.
  • 100% synthetic ingredients. (think synthetic motor oil versus traditional motor oils)
  • Most professionals accept and agree that synthetic sealants will outlast traditional wax based products.
  • For anyone who wants to keep it super simple and cut-to-the-chase and get some form of protection on your car.

Paint Sealant vs. Car Wax

Now that we have clarified the fact that Nu Finish is a paint sealant and not a wax, why would a person choose a paint sealant over a car wax product. Let me break the pros and cons down for you.


  • Most "experts" accept that synthetic sealants will outlast natural car wax products.
  • If you accept that fact, then sealants represent a way to wax less often rather than more often.
  • Create a slicker feel to that of a natural car wax product.


  • Typically more dusting during take-off than traditional car wax products.
  • Does not hide and conceal like a traditional carnauba paste wax does.

NuFinish Alternatives

While Nu Finish does indeed work and represents an easy solution to car paint protection, I do know that alternatives exist that will deliver a much better overall user experience. Follow below to see my recommendations from professional grade car paint sealants. So let's go from good to great in our car waxing and protecting efforts!

CarGuys Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax Shine with Polymer Paint Sealant Protection! - 16 oz Kit

  • Top rated paint sealant on Amazon.
  • Labeled as  wax, but is an actual synthetic sealant.
  • Labeled to last 6-12 months.
  • Patented additives that boost durability.

Chemical Guys WAC_118_16 JetSeal Anti-Corrosion Sealant and Paint Protectant (16 oz)

  • Unique anti-corrosion sealant originally developed for aerospace industry.
  • Top rated car paint sealant on Amazon.
  • 100% synthetic sealant.

Why The Industry Mislabels

Now would be a good time to address a very common problem within this industry; and that is the incessant mislabeling of products. This page has a fair share of the common labeling misrepresentations.

Most of it has to do with the fact that the industry doesn't want to "reinvent the wheel" as the saying goes. If society at large is familiar with car wax products and they go in search of the best car wax, but the industry knows that a synthetic sealant will actually last longer, then they simply label it as a wax that the world is familiar with, rather than try to convince the world of the benefits of a synthetic sealant.

Laying the Foundation

Before you go rushing off to apply your choice in car paint sealants, let me add a note about preparing the foundation first.

Even if you choose to not follow any of my professional recommendations and still used Nu Finish car polish, you will get better results if the paint surface has been prepared first by using detailing clay to remove any form of embedded pollutants.

You can refer to my page on the "clay bar car" which features my Q. and A. session.

Darren's Application Tips

Any of the above recommended paint sealants will work beautifully for you; it is not an area that needs to be over thought. The good news is that many products exist today that will deliver superior results to traditional retail products of the past, and finding the winning ticket for yourself will often come down to the specific nuances of any given product. So don't over think and pick from any of the quality choices from above. In case you are wondering, I use the Meguiar's product from above as my NuFinish alternative in my professional world of auto detailing.

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